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Bareback City, Part 01, Clint goes to Bareback City, AZ

Bareback City, Part 01

Clint Meets His Brother

My name is Clint and I had booked passage on a train out of Los Angles and am going to meet my stepbrother at the train station in Maricopa, Arizona. I am terribly excited because this will be my first time on a train and the first time I have left California.  

I am going to be 18 this month and I have just graduated from boarding school. I am heading off to live with my stepbrother Jason in Arizona.   I can hardly remember much about my stepbrother because Jason had joined the marines when I was only 14, and has been gone for 5 years.

I enjoyed the train ride but was disappointed since it was a night time trip and couldn’t see much of the desert except a few lights from nearby towns.  I fell asleep sometime around 3am and was awoken by the conductor just as dawn was breaking and we were coming into Maricopa.” Maricopa!” the conductor called out as the train slowly came to a stop.  “Maricopa. All passengers for this station please exit at the rear exit.”

I came to a sudden realization I was about to start a new life in a new area, with a man I hardly knew.  I was going to make the best of the situation and when I was old enough and had some money, I would leave this place and go out on my own.  I wondered what Jason looked now, I barely remembered what he was like anymore. I had a vague recollection of a wiry boy but it was pretty vague. He had left home to join the Marines right after I moved in with his family and that was almost 5 years ago.

I got my bag and stepped on the unloading dock at the station. As I picked up my bags, a masculine voice called out to me.  I turned to discover the voice was Jason’s.  There stood this hot macho looking man about 6 feet tall and a solid 210 pounds or better: a real solid ex-marine looking stud!  I was shocked to see that such a wiry boy had turned into a solid hunk of manhood since the last time I saw him. He wore his hair in a butch flattop marine cut.  His sleeves were rolled up exposing his huge muscular arms of steel.  I guess I must have looked shocked as he came towards me.

Hey Clint! It’s me, Jason. How’s it hanging man? Let me get one of those bags dude. My Jeeps parked at the end of the building.  Shit. It’s great to see you after all these years. Looks like you’ve been working out.  You look great. This way.”

Hi Jason.  I wasn’t expecting to see you so buff.  The last time we were together 5 years ago you look so much smaller.”

Yeah.  We’re both bigger, including this.” He said as he gripped the bulge under his tight jeans. 

He threw my bags in the back of his Jeep and we were soon speeding down a black top road thru the desert.  We didn’t talk much except when Jason pointed at certain landmarks and things of interest in the desert.  There seemed to be nothing around for miles.  Soon we came upon a few older building and then down a dusty road until we came to a sign that said. “Bareback City 1 mile

After another mile of dusty road we came to another group of old unpainted building that looked like an old ghost town out of the old west. My God.  I was to live here in this run down town, with nothing to do but watch for snakes and eat dust? I’ll never get away from here.  I’ll be a prisoner with Jason as my jailer.

He drove down the middle of the street until we came to an old fire station and stopped.

Well. What do ya think? Isn’t it great?   Me and a couple of my Marine buddies bought this whole city and another 1200 acres of desert.  We own the place and are turning it into a tourist attraction! This old fire station is my home.  Wait until you see the inside. You’ll love it once you get use to the snakes and scorpions.”   He pushed a button and the station doors opened. We drove inside and parked next to an old  horse drawn fire pump wagon. He grabbed my bag and led me to a wide stairway and up to the second floor.  He opened 2 large stain glass doors and much to my amazement he had converted a large room into his home.

Come on in and look around.  We’ve  converted this place over the past year.  I’m pretty much finished except for a few minor pieces of furniture a buddy is making for me.  We’ve connected the solar panels and have converted the power to run most of the city lights and electricity.  Our windmills are also connected just up on that knoll outside the city.  We have plenty of fresh spring water that’s pumped into a water tank on that other hill over there and gravity gives us pretty good water pressure.  The county has a water canal that runs through our land and has given us water rights to pump water from it to use for our gardens and fire hydrants.  We have developed a self controlled city and have no water or electric bills, in fact the electric company pays us for the extra power we supply from our solar and wind power.  Isn’t it great

The room had high beamed ceilings and 2 large black iron light fixtures centered in the room. At the end of one wall was a large wrap around stone fireplace. An open kitchen with modern appliance was centered to one side of the large room.  One wall was completely covered with glass windows with pull down shade coverings.  On the back side of the kitchen area was a large balcony facing south into the desert with a great view of the nearby mountain range.

I was astounded at the surroundings and the things they had accomplished.  When we first drove down that dusty street and I viewed the unpainted rundown buildings, I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into.  Sure Jason was an outstanding physical hunk with a great personality, but where was I going to fit in his life. I felt so insecure. 

You haven’t seen my bedroom and bathroom suite yet.  Come look at this.  I left the urinals and toilet stalls intact and upgraded the 4 headed showers to suit my purpose, but you can still have half dozen men showering here at the same time.  We’ve done it several times.  I’ve repainted the walls but left the old black and white subway tiles on the floor. I tried to keep it as it was when it was a fire station.  Don’t be shocked at the large round holes between the booths and by the 2 urinals. I thought they were for ventilation, but one of my marine buddies explained to me that they were used for other things.   Can’t imagine how they got there.  I guess those firemen of the late 1800 liked some action as much as we do today.”

Jason then showed me his large bedroom.  The fireplace opened into both the living area and the bedroom. His huge 4 poster California king size bed was centered against one wall and covered with sheep skin coverings.  The other hand made furniture was large and in scale with his bed. Original Cowboy oil paintings by George Quaintence hung around the wall and a painting of a Matador, called Preludio was spotlighted at the head of his bed.  It was overpoweringly a man’s room.  Another opening at the end of the room was set up as a small gym with more equipment than we had at our high school.

Well? What do you think?  Do you think you might be comfortable living here?  You might ask where you are going to sleep.  I have a guest room but am waiting for the furniture to be made.  Meanwhile you’ll have to sleep with me in that king size bed.  I think we can manage.  By the way.  I always sleep naked  and  most of the time I  run around the place naked, so get use to it.  Hope you don’t mind, but I think you’ll adjust”

Sorry I haven’t offered you any refreshments so while I’m getting us a brewski why don’t you put your clothes away and get comfortable.  We can jump in the shower later after I show you my city. We might have to do something about your wardrobe.  If you haven’t got any western gear don’t worry about it.  I’ll take you into town and have our tailor fit you with some gear.  You should wear jeans and boots around here, mainly because of the desert environment.”

Damn, Clint.  It gonna be great having ya ’round.  I think we’ll have a good time together.  We’ll find some sort of job you might like so you can earn your keep.”

How’d ya like the school you were attending?.  I chose that one so you’d get a good education.  I bet you didn’t know that did ya? They were gonna send you to some county school, but I convinced them to send you to that school.  Now you are going to get another type of education.”   Jason grinned.

I continued to put away my clothes and get accustomed to my new surroundings with my macho brother.  I was still adjusting to the unusually fastidiously remodeled firehouse.
Jason came back into the room carrying two beers.

Here’s a beer, Clint. Do you ride horses?  I have a small stable on the lower level stocked with 2 pintos and 2 palomino horses. There’s a corral behind the stable.  The stable was here when I moved in.  Horses were used to pull the water wagon downstairs and when we have tourists, we hook up the wagon and demonstrate putting out a fire.  If you don’t ride I’ll teach you but one thing at a time.  If you’d like to shower before I take you around and introduce you to some of my fellow marines and workers we can do that.  We can also run by the tailor to pick out a few western clothes.  You already have a good cowboy name so let’s get you some duds to match. “

I think I’d really like to take a quick shower.  I feel so dusty from that long ride from the station.”  I stood to go to the showers.

Come on then my young cowboy, I’ll have to show ya how this shower works, so I’ll just jump in the shower with ya.  Okay?”

We headed to the large shower room.  I started undressing and hung my clothes on the wall hooks.  Jason stripped and was adjusting the showers and turned on all 4 heads at once.  Steam began to rise in the cool air.  I was  nervous and timid undressing in front of Jason.  He had such a magnificent body.  I had always been proud of my body at school with my equals but Jason was such a hunk, I felt insecure.  I also feared of getting a boner around him even though I was also proud of my 8 inch cock.  I quickly glanced at his crotch to observe his cock, but the way he was standing I could only see him from the side.

Little brother, your water is drawn.” He said jokingly, then he got under one of the middle shower heads and waited for me to enter.

Get over here and let me soap your back.  I’ll show you the way we do it in the Marines.”

I slowly turned my back to him as he proceeded to run his hands and soap over my tense shoulder and firm buttocks.  I had started getting a hard on before I got in the showers but now that he was so near and touching my body, my cock was standing out like a ball bat.

He continued to soap and back but when he turned me around to lather my chest my hard cock touched his leg.

WOW. I called you my little brother, but you are anything but little in that department.  Good for you.  We can use another stud around here.” He said as he lathered down my chest, stomach muscles and then to my hard cock and balls.  I thought I would cum if he continued to excite me with his hands.  I felt his hard cock against my leg and looked down to see a large uncut cock between his legs. I was only going to take a quick glance but when I saw his beautiful manhood my glance became a stare. 

Yeah, my friend, I have a good size cock also.  Would you like to lather me up too?”  I’d like to feel your hands touching me. . Go ahead.  Take a good feel.  This will be the first step in your current education.”

I couldn’t resist.  I lathered his penis for a few wonderful minutes, then moved down to his big balls.  I had felt some of my buddy’s cocks in the school showers but nothing like Jason’s cock.  It was the biggest cock I had ever seen.  As he became harder the foreskin eased back over the large bulbous cock head. His piss slot was starting to ooze clear liquid. I was mesmerized by such a big and perfect cock.  I wanted to get closer but before I did, he turned me around, held me close and started massaging and rubbing my cock and balls. I could feel his strong arms wrapped about me. His large cock was sliding between my legs and touching my balls.

Here is the way we do it in the Marines when a buddy needs to relax and relieve tension.  It also helps cure his aching balls  when he needs them drained.”

Jason wrapped his large rough hand around my hard penis and began to slowly masturbate me.  He started licking and kissing my neck and caressing my left nipple as he jacked on my cock with his right hand.  It felt unbelievable and I wanted to cum so badly. He continued to jack me very slow at first but when he knew I was ready to shoot, he began moving faster and faster.

The feeling of his hard cock between my legs was a sensuous feeling and I wondered if he would ever try to fuck me with his big man meat.  I was still cherry but had used a small battery operated massager up my ass hole and had shot a big load. What would his cock feel like up my hole?

I was going to cum.  I shook and gasped as my balls released my cum from their prison.  It was so fantastic being jacked off by Jason.  He sure knew what he was doing.  I came so hard that I saw it hit the nearby shower wall 6 feet away.  Just as I had shot the last of my cum, Jason turned me towards him and started kissing me passionately while he masturbated and quickly shot his load right on my drained cock.

We stood kissing for a few minutes then withdrew our  kissing lips and held each other under the warm shower.

Now that is only one way we do it in the Marines.” Jason said.

Let’s get dressed and walk downtown and get you some western duds.”   
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