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Bareback City, Part 06, Jail Lockup Gangbang.

Bareback City

Part 06

Jail Lockup Gangbang.

It was another excellent night with my step-brother Jason. Soon after we showered and went to bed we made love. It eventually completed in a wonderful temperate ass fucking. Mine. However, tonight Jason flipped me around in a ‘69’ position and we sucked each others cock. I had become quite a proficient cock sucker and enjoyed the experience tremendously. I relished sucking a man’s cock, and was pleased when the guy would shoot an immense    yummy load in my mouth for me to savor and               consume.

I must have pleased Jason tonight. because when I had my orgasm, he shot at the same time. We paused for about fifteen minutes then we continued our other favorite sex. Fucking my ass. He is a great fucker and always caused me to cum just as he was cumming up my ass. He always hit the right spots and caused my release and satisfaction. Usually during the night or early morning, Jason inserting his fuck shaft into me again and we had another round of sex. He is a potent lover.

I hoped Jason never get tired of fucking me, because I never got tired of him fucking me. Even after I came I still had the yearning to be fucked again and again. He’d turned me into a sex machine, or better still a Satyr.

This morning we began with our usual routine. We exercised every morning and evening and tried to jog when it was cool enough. Arizona is not a place for much jogging because of the hot weather. By the time we had finished our morning exercise, Sam, the stable boy and house keeper, arrived and had prepared our breakfast.

When I arrived at the breakfast counter Sam would hand me a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, drop to his knees, and satisfy me with one of his perfect blowjobs. If the three of us had time after breakfast, and we usually made time for it, I would suck Sam off while Jason gave me another hard fucking.

I never dreamed there was so much sex available until I moved to Bareback City. It was like a sexual paradise. Conceivably every man that was employed here had absolutely no hang-ups with sex, and if the mood, time, and place was right, someone was offering sex. I never saw a man in the whole place that wasn’t sexually desirable.

One of the best things about Jason and my relationship is that we never got covetous and never had insensitive words. It’s understood that men need more sexual release than women, and this kind of open sex may be the perfect situation. If only the whole world had this attitude, there would be no more wars.

Sam and I did our morning chores, feeding the horses and cleaning the stables. Sometimes after we finished we would take a short ride so I could become skilled at riding and be more secure on a horse.

Jason would usually saddle his mustang and make his daily runs to check the wind mills and the water canals that ran thru the property. This morning he was going to return before noon, and then he and another man, were going to fix a fence at the end of the property. He said they may be gone until sunset so Sam packed them some food and extra water for their journey.

Sam had made a promised to the barkeeper that he would help him with some extra painting in the bar, and would be gone most of the day. He had a’ thing’ for the head barkeeper and wanted to be alone with him for a few hours today. This meant I would have the afternoon to snoop around the shops and buildings that made up main street Bareback City.

After everyone had gone, I started my excursion down Main Street. Most of the shops were still closed except, where repairs were being made and empty shelves were being stocked. Every one was getting ready for the open house and tourist season.

I was casually cruising the boardwalk and gazing into the store windows. I observed a ‘closed’ book shop that took my interest. I began looking into the windows, but they were very smudged and dirty. I tried to clean a spot but I accidently pushed too hard on the glass because, much to my surprise, a loud ringing alarm bell sounded off. I was startled, but remained put. I felt I should stick around until someone showed up to turn off the alarm, and explain that I was the cause for this innocent disturbance.

I didn’t have to remain long because a local deputy sheriff riding a big black stallion quickly galloped up. He looked like the ‘real thing’ out of the old west, except he was in a B.B.C. light blue shirt and pants, white cowboy hat, black riding booths, and fitted with full side arms and handcuffs, and a shinny deputy’s badge.

He was a clean cut, muscular, good looking young man in his late 20’s. I assumed this was part of the city’s local security. He quickly dismounted his horse, threw the leather straps around the hitching post, adjusted his gun belt, and headed directly towards me. I was startled at his sudden movements and moved backwards thinking he was going to tackle me. Before I could speak he started yelling and cursing at me.

“What the hell are you doing, and who the fuck are you? Are you trying to break into the store? Turn around, put your hands behind your head, face the wall, and spread em.” He instructed me.

Before I could gather my senses and figure out what was happening, I was slammed against the wall, and he was kicking my feet apart. Next thing I knew he was searching me for…whatever. He quickly ran his forceful hand up and down my body and made a second lingering feel of my ass and crotch area, then went back to my cock handing down my leg, and groped me for the third time.

“What ya got in there? Is that all you, or are you hiding some contraband in there? Put your hands down. Who are you? Do you have any identification on you?”

“No it’s back at the firehouse where I live.”

“No I.D. Huh? You better come along with me. Keep facing the wall while I hand cuff you. “

“But deputy, let me explain….

“You can explain to the sheriff down at the jail house. Come along with me and don’t give me any trouble, asshole.”

He grabbed my arm and roughly drugged me down the boardwalk to the Jail house a few doors down from the book store. He slammed open the door where we entered into a small building used as a Jail. There was one room in the front with a wooden desk, chair, and wooden bench. There was an opening to a two celled jail in the back of the building.. On the walls were the typical “Wanted” posters and an empty riffle rack against one wall. He instructed me to park my ass on a wooden bench against the office wall, then came over and stood directly in front of me. He cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Huuggh! I’ve never seen ya around here before. Who the hell did ya say you were again. and why are you trying to break in that book store?”

“You never gave me a chance to explain. My name’s Clint Woods. I was just looking in the book store window and when I tried to clean it with my hand the damn alarm went off. I wasn’t trying to break in anything. Now let me go.”

“Don’t get smart with me punk or I throw ya in the cell and you’ll stay the night till I figure out what’s going on. Kick your boots off.”


“I said kick your boots off.”

I looked up at his unyielding face. Even in all this turmoil I couldn’t help notice how handsome he was or hot he looked in his tight blue uniform. He’d removed his gun belt earlier and put them in the desk drawer. While I was trying to kick my boots off, he locked the front door and pulled down the shaded on the door and the two windows facing the street. When he returned he set on the corner of the nearby desk and stared at me.

“I think you better stand up and let me give you a better inspection, for all I know you could be smuggling drugs. Stand up! Step into the back room and lean against that cell bars. I’m gonna remove your cuffs while I check you out again.”

He removed a cuff from one wrist and told me to turn around while he put another cuff on the other hand. Then he secured them around the bars. He reached around and pulled off my belt and directed his hand to my cock and felt it again.

“I’m gonna pull your pants down and see what that thing is hanging down your leg. I bet you’ve got a bag of grass hidden in there, don’t you punk?”

He unsnapped my jeans, pulled my shirt tail out, and slowly edged my pants down over my buttocks and to the floor. He reached under my shirt and rubbed his hands over my chest and nipples. He was making me hot.

While exploring my chest, he pinched my protruding nipples causing me to jump. He unsnapped my western shirt and edged his hands down and over my abs thru my pubic hairs and then to my semi-hard cock. He paused.

“My gawd! You’re packing a big hunk of meat for such a modest dude. And to think I thought that was a roll of drugs.” He caressed my balls with one hand and ran his hand over my smooth round buttocks and slid his fingers up my ass crack.

“You’ve got a nice firm butt there buddy. I bet that gets a lot of action. I better probe your ass to make sure you don’t have some drugs shoved up that poop shoot.”

He put on a rubber glove and told me to bend over and spread em. He put some lube on the glove and dropped to the floor behind my bare buttocks. My cock had risen from a semi-hard to a stiff full mast.

I could feel his hot breath on my ass crack as he carefully spread my butt cheeks. He slowly put one of his fingers to my anus and entered my asshole. I was enjoying his inspection but was not about to let him know but my hard cock was giving me away. He put four fingers in my aperture and then revolved them around a few times, then maneuvered them in and out. I gasped as he finally pulled them out. I didn’t want him to stop. It felt great and now I was getting hotter. A small trickle of my sweat ran down my back and into my ass crack.

He remained on the floor behind me and spread my butt cheeks carefully. Then he put some thing cool around the aperture of my sensitive brown anus. He slowly stood. I looked between my legs and realized he was dropping his pants and manipulating his cock. He was either going to jack-off on my buttocks, or shove his cock in me. I was hopping this hot looking dude was going to fuck me.

“Your ass is free of drugs but it looks like it’s had some use over the past few days. I think you’ve been using your ‘ bung hole’ for a ‘cum dump’ for some big cock. Haven’t you, slut? You’ve been getting’ fucked and just recently too, because you’re boy pussy is nice and wet inside. I like a juicy hole for fucking.”

I’ve just medicated your ‘fuck hole’ with something that will numb it, but will make you so horny you’ll be pleading to get fucked all day. I gonna insert more inside the lining of your fuck canal with my hard cock. It's gonna feel sensational after I finish lubricating my dick with this medication and deposit it inside you. You’ll appreciate it and thank me later. You’re so lucky, my young fuck slut. Bend over because I’m gonna fuck the hell out of your boy pussy.”

Thank goodness he was finally going to fuck me. I couldn’t see his cock but I noticed earlier when he was fully clothed, he showed a nice size budge pressing against his pants. He started guiding his cock to my anus. I could tell he had a good size cock head because he tried to put it in me several times, before he unlocked one of my cuffs.

“Ya gotta help me guide my cock in your pussy.”

I reached around and felt a big thick cock. I rubbed my hand over the head of his cock where precum was generously oozing from his piss slot. I bent over further and guided his prick into the first stage of my anus, then he took control and eased the remaining cock deep into my ass. It was very thick around and I felt him stretching my insides. I gasped as he gripped my buttocks and pulled me back further on his hard cock. It felt awesome.

He began fucking me fast and hard at first, then slowed and put his arms around my chest and caressed my nipples. His breath was warm and sweet. He nibbled at my ears and kissed my neck as he slowly moved in and out of my fuck hole. His hands gently rubbed up and down my abs and down to my hard cock. He jacked it a few gentle times then caressed my balls. I felt I could cum immediately if he jacked on my cock any longer. I didn’t want to cum yet. This dude was a hot and sweet lover and I wanted it to last. I turned my head to his lips and we kissed.

We continued to fuck for about 10 minutes, then he started pounding away at my ass. He leaned back, grabbed my buttocks again, and moved in and out of me like a jack hammer. He gasped a few times then he gave out a grunt. I could feel his hot cum shooting deep into my welcome hole. He planted his seed with the cum Jason had left in me this morning. I jacked on my cock a few strokes and shot a big load into the cell and on the floor.

We stood for a few moments to catch our breath before he slowly pulled his cock out of my hole. I heard a slight slurping sound from my cum filled hole. He stood behind me then turned me around to face him and pointed at his wet cock..

“Get down there and clean off that cock. I don’t want any of your remaining pussy juice staining my pants. Clean it good, bitch.”

I was amazed at the thickness of his semi-hard cock. No wonder I felt that it was stretching my fuck canal. It was almost as large as a beer can. It must have been the meds he put in me that eased the pain. I continued to lick and clean his beauty, when a pounding was heard at the door and someone called out his name.

“Hey Mack, you in there?. It’s Bo. I’ve got a customer for the drunk tank. Come on open up.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Just a fucken minute. Be right there.” Deputy Mack was still putting his shirt in his pants as he opened the door.

“What the hell were you doing with all the shades drawn and the door locked?” Then the other deputy, Bo, saw me leaning against the cell with my pants down around my ankles and my bare ass exposed.

“Oh I understand now. Ya found you some fresh young boy pussy to fuck. How in the hell did he that that beer can size cock of yours? He looks nice. Were you gonna share him with your buddies or keep it all for yourselves?”

“I had to inspect this young fucker before I shared it with anyone. He’s a damn good fuck and I think he’ll be in the mood to take your prick as soon as you’re ready.”

“How come you’re dragging Larry in here anyway? He never gets drunk like this.”

“He’s not drunk, but was causing some trouble with one of the bartenders so I thought I’d bring him in here until he cools off. I’ll put him in the other cell until you get your young buddy un-cuffed and put in the other cell so we can share his ass. Yum, Yum. Sweet little ass. You already fucked him Mack? Looks hot and ready to go.” The other deputy said as he looked me up and down then rubbed his hand over my buttocks. He proceeded to boldly and put a finger to my wet cum hole then put his finger to his mouth to flavor it.

“Get in that cell, Larry. Gonna keep ya in here until you cool off.”

After Deputy Mack undid my other cuff, I pulled up my jeans. He put me in the other cell next to Larry.

“I thought you’d let me go after I gave you my ass. I’ve done nothing wrong so why don’t you let me go? I feel kind of strange. I’ve gotta lie down?”

In the cell were two cots and nothing else. I felt a bit dizzy so I laid down and literally passed out. When I woke someone was pulling my jeans off. I wanted to resist but I was horned up again, so I willingly let him undress me.

I realized it was the other deputy Bo, a hunky looking guy about 30 with a partially unshaven face and a blondish red mustache. He had firm broad shoulders and a trim waist. He was feeling my body and fingering my ass. I wanted him to fuck me right now. I turned over on my stomach and hunched my ass in the air. He stuck his finger to my ass and enters my wet cum filled hole. It felt good but I needed a dick. I needed to get fucked again. I was unusually horney.

“Fuck me cowboy. I need your cock up my ass. Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me.” I keep repeating. “I need dick. Please fuck me.” I said un-shamefully over and over. My insides were tickling and itching like crazy, and I knew the only thing that would relieve my untamed desire was to be fucked.

“Calm down son. Your cowboy Bo is about to ride you and take care of that itch.” Then he crawled between my legs, guided his hard cock to my asshole, and shoved it in me hard. I pushed back to engulf every inch of his dick.

His welcome dick hit home on the first entry and I shot a big load right on the mattress. He didn’t pause but started to work my ass over with his wonderful cock. It felt awesome and relieved the uncontrollable itching inside me. He held me down, kicked my legs further apart, and fucked me the way I liked. Then he started talking as he fucked me.

“That’s it son. Just lay there and enjoy getting your sweet little ass fucked with my hard cock.. Whooee, it’s nice and wet, just the way I like it. Deputy Mack must have shot a big load in your boy pussy. Un Huh.”

“I like fucking a slut after my buddy has used you for his cum dump. Man. You are nice and warm. Gawd, I never fucked a dude that liked getting fucked like this. Shit. You’re a hot little cowpoke. I’m gonna ride you a couple times before I’m finished with you. Get ready son. I’m gonna give you a nice hot cum deposit. Oh Yeah. Take it, Take it now!. Ahh Fuuucccckkkk.”

He banged my ass until I thought the cot was going to collapse under us. He came then fell on me to rest. He slowly got up and pulled his wet cock out of my slutty wet hole. My itch had subsided but I needed more cock to make it stop completely. I turned around to take his cock in my mouth to taste the cum from my ass.

Once again I was surprised at the size of my fuckers cock. He wasn’t even hard and it hung down about 8 inches. I continued to lick him clean. I wanted him to fuck me again but it was too soon for him. He padded my head and promised me he would return later. I looked into his blue eyes as he smiled. I ran my hand up his taunt rippling stomach muscles and hairy chest. He had a terrific body on him and I was looking forward to have him fuck me while on my back so I could look into his handsome face.

Larry, the guy in the next cell woke from his short nap and was aroused by all the noise we were making having sex.

“Shit you two sure make a lot of wild sounds. That must be a good fuck, Bo. Hey Mack. Let me out of this fucken cell. I want to get me some good ass too. I haven’t has any good boy ass since Sam 2 weeks ago. Damn I’m horney. Please let me have some of that ass. He’s a hot little number. He dude. Tell Mack to let me come in there and make love to you. Look at my big cock. I know you’ll love it.” Larry pulled down his pants and pulled out a big 10 or 11 inch cock.

Mack unlocked Larry’s cell and he rushed into my cell. His cock was still hanging out of his pants.

“Take off your pants before you fuck me, Larry. I want you to fuck me on my back so I can watch your face when you cum.”

“Oh Fuck Clint, I’ll get naked for you. I hope you can take my big prick. I sometimes have trouble finding someone who can take my cock. The always complain that it’s too big for them to handle. I’ll be gentle, but I need some of your ass. Oh fuck this is so hot.”

Larry decided one small bed wasn’t adequate, so he pulled both the mattresses from the cots and threw them on the floor in the center of the cell. I lay on the mattresses getting in position to get fucked again, while he stripped off his pants and shirt.

Larry was a short guy with baby face, stocky body and a big fucken dick. His sun-streaked brown hair was longer then the 2 Deputies that had just fucked me. He had a clean shaven face and very little hair on his body. When his cock was soft he exhibited a fantastic uncut piece of man meat, but soon as it got hard, the foreskin quickly pulled back over the head. He also oozed plenty of precum juices. This always makes it easier to go in. I already had 3 loads in me and knew it wouldn’t be that difficult to take his big cock.

My insides were beginning to itch and I needed to be fucked again. Larry mounted me, lifted my legs to his shoulders, aimed his hard cock to my anus, and guided it directly in. He only paused until he knew it was going in, then he pushed all the way in up to his balls. Once again I felt great. I needed his cock to relieve my itch again. He had a cute smile on his face. He looked down at me and took a deep breath as if to speak.

“I’m lost for words. You are unbelievable. Only a few guys can take my dick, especially the way you just did. Your hole is just perfect for fucking. I like a wet juicy hole to fuck. Are you fine with this? Does it feel good or are you just too numb to appreciate my cock?”

“Larry. Stop talking and fuck me dude. It feels awesome. Just take your time and have your way with me. You feel fantastic. Now fuck the hell out of me. I need your cock and your cum, so fuck me, Larry. Fuck me.”

And fuck me he did. He would plunge deep into my love hole, then pull it almost all the way out, then shove it in again and again. Once again my fucker messaged my prostate and made me cum again. Larry didn’t stop when I came but fucked me even harder. He was a terrific fucker and we were both enjoying it to the fullest.

I was so into getting my ass fucked that I hadn’t noticed three more strangers had come into the jail house and was standing outside my cell. They were jacking on their cocks and waiting their turn to use my ass. I was their slut and cum dump to be used as they pleased. I wanted to be fucked by them all.

Larry slowly fucked me until he came. He threw back his head, closed his eyes, and let his cock gush out a big load deep into my asshole. When he was through with me, he leaned over and kissed me on the lips and thanked me for a good time. He told me he worked at the Feed store most of them time and was one of the stunt men that preformed during tourist season. He want to see me again when we weren’t so rushed.

One of the men standing patiently outside my cell called to Larry.

“Come on Larry. You’ve had him long enough. Give some of us older dudes a chance at that young fucker.”

Larry kissed me one more time then shrugged his shoulders. “See ya again soon, I hope. I’m really please by the easy way you took my cock. So long for now but I want to do this again. ”

Larry pulled his big squishy cock out of my wet cum filled hole, and grabbed his cloths from the cot while the other man came into the cell.

“Hot damn Larry! You left a bucket of jizz in this youngens’s ass, and some of it is oozing out. What a waste. Anybody want to eat some boy pussy and suck out some sweet man cum before I plunge my hot prick to this youngens’s hole? If not I guess I’ll have to do it myself. “

The rugged older man about 40, lifted my legs and buried his rough un-shaved face into my wet gapping hole. He first licked around my wet oozing hole then eagerly when for the gold. I thought he was going to turn me wrong side out with the suction of his mouth. He was sucking all the cum out of my love canal. It was so erotic but wonderfully kinky. I got hard again.

Another one of the men stripped off his clothes and got on the mat with us. He started to squeeze my nipples and rub his hand over my chest and abs. He came up to my face and stuck his sweet cock to my lips. I started sucking his cock while the other cowboy continued to suck out my ass.

I licked his balls and nibbled his perineum area. He smelled so hot and musky. He straddled my face and set directly over my mouth. I spread his buttocks and stuck my tongue directly into his tender brown anus. He was elated and began jacking his cock while I was rimming him. It was hot. As he jacked his cock, his aperture would tighten and expand around my tongue.

My ass sucker stopped, scooted under my ass, and put his hard cock deep in my hole. He pushed my legs back over my body and started sucking my toes. He was in the progress of roughly pounding my ass. I was so hot from all the action I started to cum without touching myself. The dude’s ass I was rimming, tightened around my tongue and he started to cum. As my ass muscles tightened around the cowboys cock he started to cum. We all reached a terrific climax at the same time. It was wild.

I was exhausted but pleased with the action that had taken place this day. The two cowboys left me drenched with cum. I turned over on my stomach to rest, but one more cowboy remained and needed release. He kicked my legs apart and rammed his hard cock into my well used hole. It still felt good and I let use me and cum. The itch in my asshole had subsided. When he pulled his cock out of my dripping hole, I fell asleep.

Continued story.

By  Dick Clinton


Word count, 4,876

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Bareback City, Part 05, The Blacksmith

Bareback City,

Part 05

The Blacksmith

Jason, Sam, and I had completed our morning breakfast, and now Sam was going to take me on a tour of the small stables in back of Jason’s Firehouse Loft. It had been my first pleasurable morning with my step-brother Jason, and my new friend Sam, the stable boy. I’d lost my virginity to Jason the previous night, and I'd sucked my first cock of Sam, my new friend. After breakfast Jason fucked me one more time, while I was sucking off Sam. This was the 3rd time I’d been fucked in the last twelve hours.

This was all fresh and exciting to me. I knew that during my puberty I had the longing to be sexually active with men, but had never had the opportunity to pursue my desires until I moved in with my long lost stepbrother, Jason.

Jason had assigned me various duties in Bareback City, and this morning I was going with Sam to attend the horses, while Jason was going to make a tour of the wind mills that generated most of the electricity for Bareback City, and to ensure they were all working properly.

When we arrived at the stables, Jason showed to me how to saddle the Mustang that he was to ride today. Meanwhile Sam started feeding a corn grain mixture and bundles of alfalfa to the remaining three horses in the stable. He noticed one of the horses had a problem with a loose horseshoe and we were required to go to the local blacksmith to have the horse re-shod. We put a harness on the stallion and walked him to the back of the blacksmith’s shop located just a few hundred yards from the firehouse stables.

The barn doors were already opened so we went in. There was a loud piercing, clunking sound of the blacksmith’s hammer pounding against a large steel anvil in the center of the barn. As we approached the interior of the barn, I observed a large…a very large dark man slamming a huge metal hammer on the anvil. The noise was deafening. At one side was a sweltering furnace where he was using an air pump with one foot to increase the heat of the fire. A large container of water was sitting to one side and eccentric metal tools hung from the adjacent walls and rafters. I have only seen short segments of blacksmithing on the History Channel. I was aware of his objective but unfamiliar with names of his utensils or how he employed them to complete his work. It was fascinating, but not as amazing as the huge man that was doing the hammering.

While the man was vigilantly hammering away, Sam told me his name was Joe, but they nicknamed him ‘Mighty Joe’ because of his size and strength. He also was one of Jason’s ex-marine buddies that had served with him and many of the other men now working at Bareback City.

When Joe saw us and the horse we were leading, he set down the hammer, and stuck his hands in the water container to wash his large hands and remove his protective apron. This man resembled one of the muscular men on the American Wrestling TV Show. He was a Negro, but he wasn’t black, but best described as a stunning butterscotch shade. He must have been seven plus foot tall and weighed a solid 300 pounds. He had a shaved head, broad face, with dark brown eyes. His neck girth was as large around as my waist, and had shoulders like a bull. His biceps were massive. I couldn’t even guess at their measurements. Sweat glossed over his whole body causing every rippling muscle to be defined. His structure was well defined and solid as a rock. You could in all probability bounce one of his hammers off his muscular abs without damaging him. I was wondering if his cock size was in comparison to the rest of him, it would be astounding. He was an exceptional giant, but fearsome as well.

I was immobile in his presence, like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Sam poked me, put a hand up to lift my jaw back into place and wake me from my ogling stare before he introduced us. He explained to Joe about the replacement of the horse shoe and lifted the horse’s leg to show him.

“Joe, this is Clint, Jason’s hot young brother from California. He’ll be living and working here, so be nice to him and don’t put him in your sling, at least for now. He’s just ‘came out’ and is still learning and experimenting with man to man sexual contact.”

Joe stood by the anvil, wiped the sweat from his brow, and then nodded to us. His penetrating eyes were observing and inspecting me carefully, then he said in a deep thundering voice.

“Welcome Clint. You're an attractive little hunk. Anytime and any place: and speaking of slings; I need your help to put my new assistant to good use.

Sam looked at me, rolled his eyes, and shook his head.

“I’ve never met your new assistant Joe. What have you done to the poor boy now?”

We followed Joe to the other end of the barn. There was a large open pen build to hold horses while they are being prepared for minor surgery or to support them so they won’t lay down when they are too sick to stand. It resembled a frame work for a king sized poster bed, without the mattress, but it consisted of all sorts of leather and canvas straps and pulleys used for supporting the animal.

“Come here Rodger” Joe called out. “Want ya to meet the boss’ son Clint and the stable boy. Rodger is my newest student assistant. He’s 24 and just graduated from Arizona University last year. He’s well educated with a degree in Animal Husbandry, a degree in Metallurgy and a host of other damn things. He’s my assistant for now, but I’m teaching him how to be a good blacksmith, how to take care of my stud horse, and how to be used in this sling I made for my boys. I need you guys to help me put him in place without cutting off his circulation or cutting him. Here’s how it gonna work.”

Joe continued to pull and tug on the straps and hooks and adjust the pulleys. I still couldn’t figure out why he wanted to put Rodger in this sling, but when he placed Roger to the center of the frame and mentioned ‘Sling’ again, I began to understand. Oh my god! Joe was going to strap Rodger in the sling and use him for sexual purposes. How kinky. Now my interest became more attentive.

“I’ve been working on this new one because the last one was too uncomfortable for my fuck buddy. I’ve had Rodger pad the straps with soft wool and have adjusted the pulleys so my fuck buddy can rest here while I lift his legs to my shoulders, and enter his fuck hole without too much problem.”

I was amazed at the seriousness of the conversation. It seemed so emotionless and cold but I was very attentive and listen as Joe continued.

“This is the only way I can fuck because of my size and weight. I almost crushed my last partner fucking him and cracked one of his ribs. You understand why this will be much better? I can stand here, swing him back and forth, and enjoy fucking without exertion. I sometimes get rough during sex, but don’t want to injure my partner. Rodger was man enough to take me once but it takes him a week before we can do it again. However I need more sex than that. Roger’s a good man and I want to have him around for a few weeks before he’s used up.”

Sam and I listened and watch while Joe and Rodger were getting positioned into the harness. Roger removed his clothes. Joe motioned for us to come closer and handed us a large container with clear petroleum jelly or Vaseline, as I knew it.

“I want the two of you to cover Rodgers body with petroleum jell so he won’t get strap burns this time.” Joe said as we dipped our hands into the Vaseline container and began rubbing the lube onto Rodger’s muscular body.

Rodger had kept his body in damn good shape. He wasn’t’ as muscular as Joe, but he looked exceptionally good. How this hot looking dude could let this giant use his body in this way, was beyond my understanding. This method of sexual stimulation could be very humiliating and abusing, but then perhaps that’s what it’s all about. Sex can be explored and enjoyed in many ways.

I started putting the jell on Rodger’s back, over his taunt buttocks and firm legs while Sam put jell on his well developed chest, arms, shoulder, and legs. It was exciting and stimulating exploring a complete stranger’s body with my hands.

Sam was getting a thrill out of it as well and lubed Rodgers cock and ball until it was fully hard. He had a nice thick 8 inches of cut cock and a fully rounded set of balls. I thought Sam was going to suck him off right then and there, but thought Joe wanted his buddy to be ready and willing to get his ass fucked. I notice as I lubed his butt crack that there was an object filling his anus. I’d heard of butt plugs being used this way so filed it away for further exploration later.

Joe’s stud horse was stirring around in his stall as well as a young filly outside in the barn yard. She was in heat and ready to get fucked. The male horse’s cock was getting hard and was protruding outward about 12 inches from his body.

“Look at the stallion, Rodger. He’s getting horny again, just like his master. Rodger’s been masturbating him each day and collecting his sperm for breeding purposes. He freezes the sperm and can sell it for insemination breeding. Hell I’d just as soon watch my Stud fuck that mare like I fuck my boys. He’s a wild 'son of a bitch' and bites the mare while he fucks. We have to put a muzzle on him to keep him from harming the mare. I like to bite too. But I’m not gonna wear a damn muzzle.” Then Joe laughed.

“Look at that stallion’s cock. He’s got a hard on just thinking about fucking that Mare’s cunt. What a fucking prick he’s toting, huh? Looks like mine when I get hard. I’m gonna let him in the barn yard to fuck that damn bitch while I fuck my bitch.”

‘Would someone help me pull my jeans over my steel toed boots? This dirt floor has all kinds of crap on it, besides I like to fuck with my boots on.”

Joe motioned for me. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulled them down over his legs to his boots and then sat on a wooden bench. I got on the dirty floor between his giant muscular legs to pull the jeans over his boots.

The musky scent of his body was overwhelming but tantalizing. I had my first chance to see what treasure he possessed between his legs. There before me was an ebony colored cock of tremendous size. It was not even hard yet, but it was bigger than any cock I’d ever seen. The head of his penis was fully covered with about two inches of wrinkled dark foreskin. His ebony flaccid cock lay at rest across two large ball sacks. Joe couldn’t help but noticed I was drooling over his cock while removing his pant leg over his booths.

“If you want to touch it you can. You’ll have to help me later on as I guide my dick into Rodger’s tight ass. Go ahead. Touch it and get me hard if you want to. I like young boys to touch and make love to my cock. It’s a beaut’, ain’t it? I call it ‘Homer’, like in baseball: because when I get real hard it gets as big as a baseball bat, and believe me, I’ve hit many a home run with that beauty.“

“Yes sir! It’s a beauty all right. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Now that you’ve got my pants off, why don’t you kiss it and caress my baby makers. I might even have some sweet pre-cum for you if you’ll stick your tongue inside my foreskin. I’ve been horned up all day thinking about using Rodger’s fuck hole. My juices have been flowing all day. Go ahead see if you like the salty taste of my man juices.”

I was still overcome by the sight of his huge cock. It looked more like a horse cock than a human cock. I couldn’t resist leaning in and caressing his cock and balls. I wanted to stick my tongue into the opening of his lacy foreskin. I’d never done this before and my desire overwhelmed my hesitation. I’d become accustomed to his sweaty musky scent. I lifted his cock and place my tongue into the opening of his soft moist foreskin. He was right about an accumulation of pre-cum within the opening. I thought it might be gross but found it rather pleasant to my taste. I milked the moisture from his cock and slurped the juices and savored them in my mouth. I felt his meat move and a soft sigh uttered from Joe’s lips.

“Oh yeah, baby. You like my nasty cock, don’t you boy? If you’re still around later this month, I just might save a space for you on that sling some day. I love the way you worship my cock, but I need to get it geared up to breed my new assistant. I want you and Sam to stick around and help me get Rodger into the sling then we’ll go from there”

I was already excited and wondering how our next plan was going to take place. Rodger was adjusting himself in the sling and Sam was securing his wrists and his legs. He gripped the handles and pulled himself into the sling with his ass positioned at the precise height to take Joe’s giant cock.

Joe had placed a muzzle over his horses head and then opened the gate for his stallion to let him have his way with the new filly waiting in the barn yard ready to be bred. Then Joe took his place to breed his filly waiting in the sling.

Sam and I stepped back to let Joe take over. Joe put a rubber glove on his right hand and covered the glove and his arm with Vaseline. Then he guided his hand to Rodger’s ass and began pulling a large 12 inch rubber dildo from his rectum; the one I thought might be a butt plug. Well, it was a butt plug alright, but it was a 12 inch rubber dick that Joe had place there earlier. He had been preparing Rodger’s ass to accept his large cock.

Both Sam and I were curious as to what other surprises Joe had in store for us. He put the dildo back into Rodger’s asshole and then twisted it around and around stretching his asshole even further. Joe slid the dildo out with an enormous sucking plop, then stuck four of his finger into Rodger’s hole and pushed in a few inches. Rodger seemed to be nervous about this whole procedure but when Joe moved more of his hand into the ass entrance, Rodger gasped and moaned and tossed his head back and forth. He was in pure ecstasy. Joe waited a few moments then pushed his hand all the way in. Just as he did, Rodger’s cock shot out a huge load of cum.

I was amazed that an ass could take a man's big hand like that. Joe moved his hand around slowly then pulled it out again leaving Rodger’s ass gapping open and ready. Joe was prepared to inject his hard cock into his man pussy.

“Come over here boys. Clint. Hold my dick as I guide it into his ass, and Sam hold onto my balls and finger my ass.” I observed Joe opening a small container the size of a sugar packet and sprinkle some powder over his cock. I think it was a stimulant of some sort.

When I felt Joe’s hard dick I realized he was accurate. It was as big around as the size of a baseball bat, and a good 14 inches long. I was so hot holding his cock that I just about shot my load in my jeans. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and whipped out my hard cock.

The feeling of Joe’s huge cock was indescribable. The horse’s cock must have felt the same. I see the reason why Rodger liked jacking off the horse, it was just like Joe’s dick. I’d like to watch Rodger jack off that horse and catch the cum in a vat, but I have no desire to touch a horse’s cock. Joe’s cock is more to my taste.

Meanwhile the horse had mounted the mare and was about to put his cock into her cunt. It had grown to a good 12 inches long. It was a sight to behold.
Joe spoke and gave me more instructions.

“Put my cock head into the opening while I adjust his legs. That’s it, nice and slow. Let the foreskin just ease back as it slides in. In we go, nice an easy. Sweet! Oh fuckin Yeah. Damn that’s good man pussy. So warm and tight.” To my amazement his big 14 inch cock slid directly into the welcoming hole of Joe’s new assistant.

A sound of pain or pleasure came from the mare as the male put his huge horse cock in her. It must have been good pussy for the stud as well for he was making strange snorting sounds as he entered her cunt all the way.

Sam and I were wildly jacking off while we first watched Joe and Rodger fucking, then the two horses fucking in the barn yard. This was entertainment at its finest, watching two scenes of wild fucking at the same time.

Rodger was in a trance. His eyes were closed and his body shuddered. He was enjoying the massive cock being shoved into his ass. Each time Joe shoved in, Rodger’s cock jumped and he would moan.

Joe started directing the sling back and forth towards his body, impaling all fourteen firm inches with every thrust. The rhythmic sound of Joe’s balls slapping against Rodger’s butt cheeks was unmistakable. Joe’s mind wondered into a dreamlike sexual trance. His ball bat sized penis hadn’t been serviced for a relatively long time and needed liberating.

He fucked Rodger with a constant regularity. In and out, in and out. After about 15 minutes of constant fucking, Sam and I couldn’t hold out anymore. We were on the verge of discharging our loads. Joe directed us to guide our loads on his plummeting cock and the aperture of Rodger’s cock filled anus. He relished our two youthful cocks spraying warm loads of sperm onto his cock and abs.

This energized Joe even more. He increased his rhythm and began a more rapid movement into Rodger, which caused Rodger to shudder, moan, and instigate his second orgasm. His gushing cock shot wildly like an un-controllable fire hose. Immeasurable loads of sperm blasted from his untouched cock showering his body and the surrounding area.

As Rodger’s orgasm caused his internal muscles to spasm around Joe’s cock, he also started to cum. He grunted like a wild boar and aggressively used Rodger’s asshole for his cum dump. Cum was gushing from around Joe’s swollen battering ram and down Rodger’s butt crack and onto the floor below.

This was the crescendo to an untamed and sexual gratifying orgy for four exhausted men, and the two contented horses in the barn yard.


Story by Dick Clinton

Friday, June 13, 2014

Bareback City, Part 04, Sam

Bareback City, Part 04,

Introduction of Sam.

“Come on cowboy. It’s time to wake up. You’re in the country now. I’ve already started some breakfast, so take your morning piss, and then join me in the kitchen.” Jason said as he leaned over kissed me on the cheek and grabbed my piss hard-on.

I was not an early riser but the aroma of coffee, bacon, and pancakes filled my nostrils. I was still wondering if I had woken from a fantastic dream. The first day after I arrived at Bareback City I met my fantastic step-brother and had been modified from a LA skater-obi to an Arizona cowboy in under 24 hours. Not only had I been transformed, but I had experienced incredible man to man sexual contact with my amazing studly step-brother.. I was no longer a virgin but had no regrets whatsoever. I was fortunate that my brother Jason was not only a physical hunk, but a sensuous and considerate lover as well.

I got out of the bed, where I’d lost my virginity the night before, and quickly headed to the bathroom to take my morning piss. When I finished I washed my hands and grabbed a large bath towel to wrap it around my waist. I was still timid about parading around the loft naked. When I arrived in the kitchen I sat on one of the counter stools. Jason was preparing breakfast and was dressed in nothing but a large blue denim apron, boots and a cowboy hat. He looked so sexy with his bare ass open to the elements.

He leaned over the counter and planted a kiss on my forehead and poured me some coffee.

“Good morning my young cow poke. Are you in the mood for a big breakfast? We have lots of things to do today. Besides I’m anxious to show you off to my partners and the other crew members.”

I heard the door to the loft open. I looked to the door and there was a young guy about my age with a bag of groceries and supplies tucked under his arm. He was shorter than me, had short brown hair, clean shaven boyish looking face, dark sparkling eyes and a nice trim body. He looked at us and sounded out a cheery hello and projected an incredible smile.

“Hi boss. Here are the fresh bagels and bread you ordered. I also brought some fresh cream cheese and a few other supplies.” He set the bags on the end of the counter and looked at Jason then turned towards me as Jason introduced us.

“Sam. This is my younger brother Clint. He’s moved in with me, but you’re still welcome to have morning breakfast with us as usual. I’m hoping you can teach him a few things about attending the horses and how to ride. He’s a fast learner and perhaps the two of you will become friends.“

“Hi Clint. It’s really nice to meet ya. Jason told me you were coming but never dreamed you would be so damn good looking. I’ll be happy to teach you what I know about horses and soon you’ll be riding just as good as most of the men here. The horses downstairs are very gentle, so no problem. Good to have someone my own age to chum around with instead of these old farts.”

“Old farts? I beg your pardon.” Jason uttered then grabbed Sam around the waist and threw him against the kitchen wall and started tickling him. “I’ll show you who’s an old fart. Now get those clothes off, grab an apron and help me serve breakfast, you fresh young punk.”

I laughed at there horseplay while Sam went into the bedroom and stripped off his clothes and came back into the kitchen naked. He took an apron from the wall hook and put it on. He looked hot. There seem to be no shame or modesty being naked in front of me; a complete stranger. I guess I looked amazed until Jason said.

“I told you we are always naked around here when possible, and by the way, you need to get rid of that towel before we sit down to the table. Sam, take Clint’s towel.”

Sam walked over to me and reached out his hand so I could hand him my towel. I already had a semi-hard on but shyly stood as Sam pulled the towel from my waist.

“Wow! What a great body….and I might add, a big luscious looking cock.” Sam looked at Jason as if he required permission. “Can I just have a taste of him before we sit down to eat? Please boss?”

“Sure. Go ahead. He hasn’t cum yet this morning and I’m still waiting for the biscuits to bake. I’m sure he won’t mind, will ya Clint?”

I was half way sitting on the edge of the high stool by the counter bar. My cock was getting harder by the second. Before I could say anything, Sam dropped to his knees between my legs and gripped my cock.

I was already dripping clear pre-cum juices from just seeing him naked. I looked down at this hot young dude as he stared at my cock and balls as if they were special possessions to be worshiped and loved.

He first ran his tongue over my cock head to savour the oozing juices. Then he stuck his tongue under my foreskin searching for some remaining smegma from a previous orgasm. I heard him sigh with delight; like a kid feasting on a sweet candy cane. He kissed my cock and licked his way down my shaft to my balls. He sucked them into his mouth one ball at a time, then came back up my cock and guided my hard throbbing dick into his warm mouth.

One of his hands held my cock while the other hand slithered into the crack of my ass. He went down on me and started maneuvering my shaft with his hand and mouth, eager to draw out my man juices.

Meanwhile Jason came over to us and began kissing me while Sam was working me up to an orgasm. As soon as Jason started kissing me I sensed I was on the verge of cumming. I gasped as Sam moved quicker and faster causing me to discharge my load. It was incredible. Sam was an excellent cocksucker.

Soon after I came, Jason leaned over and kissed Sam and shared my cum, then returned to me to share the taste of my cum with me. It was a grand way to begin the day.

“Well are you two horny teenagers ready to have a man’s breakfast? You’re gonna need your strength for when I work the two of you over in bed this afternoon. Now sit down at the table and let’s eat.”

We had a nice breakfast and talked and laughed through the whole meal. I noticed how attentive Sam was to Jason. I could sense the love he had for my brother and worried there might be some jealousy now that I had moved in. Yet, I could be wrong because he sure gave me a good blow job directly in front of Jason. However, I also noticed he asked permission before sucking me off. I sensed a bit of dominance here.

Sam continued to serve us during the breakfast and started cleaning off the table while Jason and I sipped more coffee. We all ended up in the kitchen talking while the dishwasher churned away. I had grown accustomed to being naked at last.

Jason gripped Sam by the waist, lifted him up and set his butt on the kitchen counter then looked at me carefully.

“Clint. You have a nice cock to suck and a fantastic ass to fuck and I think it’s about time you learned how to suck cock. Sam has a firm 8 inches of man meat, a nice set of low hanging balls, and a desirable tight ass to fuck, but right now he needs to be drained of his sweet nectar.

I know you like Sam and I think its time you tried sucking him off. Just take your time, watch your teeth, make him feel good, and get him off. You should prepare yourself to take his cargo as well, because that’s the best part. To swallow a man’s precious nectar is an honored thing. Lean forward and make him feel good while I attend to your sweet ass.”

I’d wanted to suck Sam’s cock but didn’t know how to approach him. My brother made all that easy for me. I bent over Sam’s cock as he sat on the counter top. His cock was growing hard anticipating a blow job from me. I had only sucked a cock once and had made a feeble attempted to suck Jason’s big cock in the shower. Now was my chance to learn how to suck cock. Sam cupped my face in his hands and drew me up to his lips and kissed me. His lips were soft and tender. He held my head and kindly said to me.

“Don’t worry. I’m very easy to get off, besides you’re very hot, and I like you, and to watch your hot brother fucking you while you suck me off will cause me to cum more swiftly. Just take your time so we can all enjoy this.” Then he kissed me again and pushed my head towards his firm hard cock.

I had taken a few glances at Sam’s cock earlier and had seen that his cock was cut but not like others I had seen in the Gym at school. He had just enough skin over the head to keep it interesting. I liked the way it had hung down and wondered earlier how it would feel and taste in my mouth.

I gripped his balls and eased my fingers under them to touch the warm area between his legs. I’m sure Jason was fucking him and thought it would be exciting watching him take Jason’s big huge cock. I did love Jason but wasn’t jealous knowing he fucked other men. 

My lips touched Sam’s large expanding cock. The sweet clear juices eased from his piss slot. I tasted it and it was nice. I eased my mouth over the nicely shaped cock and ran my tongue over the smooth silky head. I came back up, took my hand and guided his cock into my mouth and went down on him even further. I relaxed my jaws and went down on him again and again.. I was getting the hang of it and never gagged once. I liked it.

Meanwhile Jason had dropped to his knees on the kitchen floor and was spreading my ass. I knew he was going to stick his firm tongue into my boy pussy and rim me as before. I hoped soon I might have the pleasure of rimming his ass as well. I became aware that my hole was more sensitive this time but I assumed that was because he had fucked me all night and had cum twice in my virgin ass. I liked it and was looking forward to getting my ass fucked again.

I was concentrating on sucking Sam’s big boy cock. It was very tasty and he was leaking more pre-cum juices than I’d expected. The extra juices made it easier for me to take his cock down my throat. I continue to go further and further down my throat until I had almost taken it all. I held onto his balls and braced myself against him.

Jason stood and was about to put his love shaft deep into my ass hole again. He placed one hand on my buttocks and guided his hard dick to my moist, well-rimmed hole, and with one forward movement buried his dick all the way in me. I gasped at his sudden move and fell forward on Sam’s prick. I felt his pubic hairs on my face. I had taken all 8 inches of his cock while Jason buried his huge dick in the other end. Jason shoved in so hard and fast that he took my breath away. I had to pulled off Sam’s cock and take a deep breath.

“Damn that was good cowboy. Your boy pussy is feeling better all the time. Sam you’re gonna have to try some of this ass. Clint’s turning out to be one good sex machine. Mm huh. Good ass.”

I was shocked at Jason’s comments but I was turning into a sex addict. I loved being fucked, getting sucked off, and was now enjoying sucking a good cock.

“Yeah, brother. Ride my ass Boss. Shove that stud cock up my ass. Breed me again like last night, only this time plough me harder. “I said to get Jason turned on even though I did like it when he was rough with me.

I went back down on Sam’s hard juicy cock and sucked for all I was worth. My brother Jason was fucking the hell out of me and I was about to cum. I started shuddering and quivering as I came.

One again Jason was massaging my prostate with his big prick and was causing me to shoot. What a feeling, what a fantastic feeling. I tightened my ass muscles when I came and this caused Jason to start moaning and pumping harder into me. Sam’s cock released his load in my mouth. I was swallowing and consuming his sperm as rapidly as I could. Jason slammed deep into me and started to unload his juices deep into me.

“Oh yeah. Clint, suck my cock. Suck my cock while your brother fills your ass with his cum. Suck it. Suck it stud. Oh my god. I’m still cumming. Take it all. Awe shit. Fuck. Fuck.”

Jason kept pumping his load in me. I could feel his warm juiced filling me to capacity. He slapped my buttocks, leaned his head back, and howled like a wolf. “ Fucking yeah little bro. You’re my pussy boy. Damn good pussy boy. Shit you make me feel so good. Awe 'bro' you are the best. I love ya 'bro'. I love ya.”

The kitchen reeked with sweat and man cum. My mouth was so full of Sam’s cum that some of it dripped from my mouth and onto his balls. Jason’s cum from last night’s fucking was still inside me and when he pumped yet another load into me. The overflowing juices started coming out of my ass and running down my leg. We remained in our present position trying to get our composure and savour the pleasant feeling of good man to man sex.

“That was awesome.” Jason muttered out. “I’m pleasantly exhausted. Next time let’s do it in bed so we can rest for awhile.”

“Right on, boss! I don’t think I can move. My leg has gone to sleep.”

Just then the dishwasher Sam was sitting on let off a hissing sound and we all laughed.
“Fuck. I was just getting into it. Can we change positions and do it again.” I said.

“Aw fuck, Clint, you’re a sex machine…but you can blow me and fuck me any time you want.”

Jason shook his head and said. “Ah youth.”

Story by Dick Clinton at