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Bareback City, Part 07, Sheriff's back in town.

Bareback City, Part 07

Sheriff’s back in town.

Story by Dick Clinton

The sun had begun to set and the sounds of workmen’s hammers had ceased. Many of the city workers had gone back to the employees’ hotel across from the Blacksmiths barn and stables to clean up before going to the restaurant for dinner or to the bar for a refreshing beer. It was still a few weeks before the grand opening and only invited tourist and guest were to attend. Every employee has been working day and evening to get things in order. The only outsiders were licensed county plumbers connecting gas lines to the street gas lights and some of the public buildings. Most of the other employees were staying here in BBC day and night.

I was still a guest at the BBC jail where I was mistakenly placed because of a misunderstanding, or at least I assumed. The diligent and hunky Deputy Jeff thought I was trying to break into a bookstore, when I accidently set off the burglar alarm when I leaned against a window. However it turned into an afternoon of wild sex by Deputies Jeff and Bo and a hunky and hung jail mate by the name of Larry who is one of the stuntmen and workman at the feed store at the end of the street.

I was resting from ‘taking on’ the two Deputies, Jeff, Bo, and jail inmate Larry. Later three other men mysteriously arrived and took their pleasure with me also. All in all I had gotten gangbanged by 6 delightful men over a period of 4 hours.

When I awoke I was still naked and lying on the mats Larry had thrown on the floor of my cell, deciding we would have more room for our sexual activities and that the bunks were not secure enough to contain our wild fucking activity.

I acquired a strange inter ‘itch’ right after Deputy Jeff fucked me and suddenly caused me to want to get fucked in the worst way. I just couldn’t seem to get satisfied until I was un-merciless fucked and fucked until I was just worn out and my ‘itch’ had subsided.

When I awoke Deputy Bo had re-entered my cell and removed his jeans. I thought Bo was one of the best looking men of all the others that fucked me today. He was carrying a porcelain bowl filled with warm water and a wash cloth. He proceeded to wash my face and body and took extra care washing my ass, balls and cock. He then turned me over and washed the dried cum from my face, chest and cock.

My first instinct was to lift my legs and encourage him to fuck my ass again.

He set the wash cloth down and slowly started kissing my legs, feet, down to my hardening cock, up my abs, around my nipples, over my chest and to my neck and lips. He gave me a tender gentle kiss. I responded in return and our soon our kisses became more passionately. His cock began to get harder as we kissed. I guided his love shaft to the warm opening of my willing asshole. I still had remnants of cum in me, even though one man sucked most of the cum from my ass earlier.

The itch had subsided but his big cock felt so great as he pushed in and pulled out in a gentle rhythmic motion. We kiss as he fucked me. It was an unequaled and lengthy fuck until he was about to cum. He spread my legs like a wishbone on a chicken and impaled me over and over. I was going to cum without touching myself.

My ass muscles tighten and I came all over myself just as he came up my ass. He bellowed with sexual pleasure. I could feel his hot juices shooting into my love canal. My cum blast onto my ads, face and lips. He leaned over and kiss me and licked my cum from my face, then back to my lips to share my cum. It was a good fuck.

I was wondering how Jason would feel if he knew I had been willingly gangbanger by these 6 grateful men. I confessed to him one night I had a secret desire to get fucked over and over by several men at one time, but I never thought this would happen to me so soon.

We heard Deputy Jeff talking to another man in the front of the Jail. The man came back to the cell and saw us clinched together after we had fucked.

“Well I’ll be damned. You Deputies seem to find some hot sex everywhere ya go. I guess I just got back in time. Are you through fucking this hot young punk? I’ve been out in that hot fucken sun most of the day and am ready for some sweet boy pussy.” He said as he started removing his clothes and booths.

“I could ask where you lassoed this cowpoke but I don’t even want to know right now. All I know my dick is getting hard and need some attention.”

Deputy Bo gave me a strange look and pulled his soft cock from my wet hole and blew me a kiss.

“Sure enough Sheriff. I got em roped, branded, and ready to mount. I know you’re gonna like this one. He’s something special.”

I didn’t even get a chance to introduce myself before the Sheriff crawled between my legs, lifted them, and started eating my wet boy pussy.

The Sheriff was a stout looking man about 50, with a thick brown mustache. He had a solid body with a broad hairy chest, and thick muscular arms. His hands were rough and callused but his tongue was sensational. He rapidly tongue fucked my tender hole, slurping out the juices where his young Deputy Bo had dumped his last load.

“Umm baby. Your ass is so tasty. Umm so good. Bo, you sure shoot a sweet load. I love eating out a pussy after you’ve unloaded. It’s so good. Umm.” Sheriff said as he continued to suck on my asshole.

Hate to stop chowing down, but I want to get my thick dick up your nice pussy while it’s still juicy. My dick’s pretty thick so if it hurts well that’s too fucken bad. I like my boys to yell a bit.”

The Sheriff raised my leg and put them on his shoulder. He guided the thick head to my hole and pushed in. Then he pushed in again harder. I felt the head going in….and it did feel big. I reached down to help guide it in. When I felt of his cock I realized it was as big around as a beer can. This one might have to stretch me out some before it goes in. He was determined and hot to fuck. He pushed in one more time and I did yell in pain. If it gave him satisfaction to make his boys yell, I was going to give him what he wanted.

“Oh Gawd sir! Your cock is so big. I don’t know if it will go in. Ohhhhh, un. I think it’s going in sir. Ohhhhh it hurts. Ohhhhh.” I continued to moan in pain even though it didn’t hurt that much. Sure it was thick, but I have been stretched out so much today I was surprise it didn’t just go directly in.

Finally he gave one continuous shove and it went right in. It felt big but it filled me up good. He didn’t wait for me to adjust but started fucking me deep and hard. I continued to moan and pretend it hurt, but to tell the truth if was wonderful and if he kept fucking me like this I would cum before he did.

“Oh yeah son. How do ya like that thick Daddy Dick up your boy pussy? Gawd, that ass is tight. Damn good ass, boy. Give your daddy a kiss. You’re a hot little number. How come I haven’t fucked ya before? Shit! Fuck! This is good. Gonna plow that ass and fill ya with my daddy juice. You like that? Huh? You like my thick cock filling your fuck hole?” he kept talking to me.

“Oh yeah, Daddy, Fuck my tight boy ass. Fuck me, fuck me. Oh yeah. I like your big daddy dick in me. Oh Fuck me and dump your daddy juice up my boy pussy. Oh you feel so good. Hurt me. Fuck me harder.” I responded to him.

He fucked slowly but soon he started trembling and gasping. He was going to cum. I was gonna come at the same time. He gripped my buttocks so hard I was sure he’d leave finger bruises on my cheeks. His cock pulsated several time and cum filled my body and ran out and around his cock and down my ass crack. He gasped a few more times then slowly pulled his thick manly cock from my gushing cum filled hole.

“Ohhhhh, fuckkkk that was great. Just great. Wow.” He responded to the great feeling of a good orgasm.

“Thanks boy. I’m Sheriff Buster, and who might you be?”

“My name’s Clint. I’m Jason’s younger brother and lover. It was a great fuck, sir. I’d like to try that again if I may.”

Suddenly Sheriff Buster’s face turn red and his eyes were wide open. He looked like he was in shock.

“Oh FUCK. I just fucked the bosses’ brother. Shit. We’ll all be canned after this fiasco. Gawd. I was just working with him today fix’en a fence on the west end. He’s gonna kill us all. Shit, Shit. Shit.” He said as he quickly started putting on his clothes and boots.

Deputy Jeff started laughing loudly. Deputy Bo looked weird and confused.

“I just left him at the Salon. He’ll be home soon and start looking for this young dude. Oh Shit. We’re the ones that’s gonna get screwed. Oh fuck.”

“Calm down Sheriff. We can get him cleaned up, dressed and back to the Firehouse before he gets home.” Bo suggested. “Damn it Jeff. You sure got us into a fucken mess. Why in the hell didn’t you check him out before we fucked him. I know you probably couldn’t resist his hot body but why don’t you think with any thing but your dick?”

“You two worry too much. I know that Jason will have a couple of beers then go to the restaurant to have a bite to eat. If we hurry we can have him home and ready for bed before Jason comes home.”

Then they all looked at me.

“You’re gonna help us here Clint. I know we took advantage of you, but I know you loved every minute of it. Please get dressed. We gotta get you home. NOW!”

I was smiling and laughing on the insides. I’ve got these three sexy men right were I wanted them.

“Sure. No problem, But I may need a favor now and then and hope you will all fuck me again when I want it.”

“Oh shit yes, anything, anything you want but please get dressed and promise you won’t let on to Jason what happened to you here today. Oh my gawd. We’re royally fucked. Damn. How could we be so stupid?” Sheriff Buster said.

It was actually funny watching these three masculine studs catering up to me and promising me favors. The only favor I could think of off hand was to organize another gangbang so I could get laid again.

Sheriff Buster stayed at the Jail while Deputy Jeff went over to the bar to see if he could stall Jason while Deputy got me back to the Firehouse without getting caught. We hurried to my home and Bo gave me a quick kiss and said he wasn’t sorry for having sex with me and wanted to repeat it again after things cooled off. I gave him a nice kiss and bid him a good bye.

When I got upstairs I headed to the showers and to the toilet to drain my last two load of cum. Jason didn’t come in until about an hour later. He called out my name and said he brought home some food from the restaurant. He headed directly into the showers and asked me to join him. I immediately agreed and soon we were making love. Jason often fucked me in the showers and it was as good as any of the guys that fucked me today. After he came in me, he jacked me off and I came again for the 4th time today.

We ate the restaurant food, sipped some wine, and talked. He told me about his day fixing the fence and how one of his friends, Sheriff Buster helped him. He said that he’d like to introduce me to him because he was a good friend and like a father to him. He also mentioned he had a cock the size of a beer can and like to fuck younger guys. It was hard for me to keep my mouth shut. I just smiled and listen to Jason, my best friend, my brother, and my lover. Jason was definitely a jewel among men and I loved him very much.

I would wait to tell Jason about the Jail episode, but I figured would find out about it soon enough. Tomorrow is another day and another adventure in Bareback City.

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