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Bareback City, Part 08. Desert Rangers

Bareback City,
Part 08

Desert Rangers
Story by Dick Clinton

Jason quietly left the bed and headed to the showers. I thought it was time I got up and did my chores tending the horses in the stables behind the Firehouse Loft. I joined Jason in the shower room. He looked so handsome under the stream of steaming hot water. To me, he looked like a Greek god preparing for another day of guiding and directing his crew of soldiers in Bareback City.

I straight away went to the long porcelain urine trough next to the toilet booths to piss. I had to look away from my naked brother in the shower and concentrate, other wise I would never be able to piss. Gradually I emptied my bladder, shook my cock a few times, and joined Jason in the shower.

We had yet to experience our morning sex, and as I showered next to him, his dick immediately became rigid. Without uttering a word, I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock. He usually fucked me each morning, but I feared my well used ass might be a smidgen sensitive, because of the gang bang fucking I’d received at the Jail house the day before. If I recalled I ‘took on’ seven different guys but lost count of how many guys came back for seconds or thirds. I was such a slut, but enjoyed every one of the men.

I had all intentions of telling Jason what happen yesterday, but had to find the right time, before I broke the news to him.

I’d become very skilled at sucking his cock, and before long he gave me a tremendous load of his manly fluids. After he came, he guided me up to his lips, and we shared his remaining cum. We kissed for a few minutes and then he said he had a surprise for me.

“I want you to go back to the urinal and stick your cock through that Glory Hole in the toilet wall. You have a shy anonymous fan that wants to suck your cock.”

“Huh?” I said.

“Just go over there and stick your cock in the hole. I’ll go with you. I know this is unusual, but this guy is very shy and he’s wanted to blow you all week. It’ll be fun. Have you ever gotten sucked off through a glory hole before?”

“Yeah once, but I was so nervous and excited that I came the minute he wrapped his lips around my cock.”

“Come on. You can relax here with me and enjoy his talented warm mouth. He’s a good cocksucker, I know from experience. Some mornings he would sneak in the back door before I took my shower, and give me some good head. Now scoot your body over to that hole and give him a hot ‘skater boi’ load.”

I walked up to the hole and placed my hard dick into the hole. Jason stood behind me and firmly caressed me while kissing the back of my neck. I felt a strange warm hand cupping my balls and pulling my dick firmly into the hole. He kissed and licked my cock and sucked on my balls. The mystery of an anonymous person sucking my cock was an awesome experienced.

Jason continued kissing my neck and nibbled on my ears. He kissed down my back side until he was on his knees. He parted my ass cheeks and licked up and down my crack until he reached my tender fuck hole. He kissed and licked my anus with tenderness and eased his firm wet tongue into my hole.

I was not as responsive as I thought I would be. It was thrilling to get my cock sucked by a stranger and my ass rimmed by Jason. I spread my legs giving him full access to my hole.

The guy sucking my cock, reached under my balls and stuck his finger into my moist ass hole. Jason continued rimming me as the guy’s finger entered me. I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer. I was going to drop my load. I felt my balls tighten. The cocksucker started longer and more definite strokes up and down my cock. I began to cum.

I gripped the top of the toilet booth wall and let out a deep moan of pleasure. The guy took my cock deep and swallowed my full nine inch cock. I gasped and stayed at the hole to give him my last spurts of cum. He licked me clean and swallowed every drop of my sperm.

Jason had stood behind me during my orgasm and held me tight. I thought he was going to fuck me again, but he waited until I had finished being sucked and took my place at the hole. The guy immediately took Jason’s cock into his mouth and started sucking him off while we kissed.

He was so excited and hot from the experience that he only lasted a few minutes before he started to shoot his load into the anonymous cock suckers mouth. We paused to catch our breath while the cocksucker left. I heard the back door open and shut. Our anonymous cock sucker had fled without being seen.

“Wow! That was fun.” Jason said after we finished cumming.

“I gotta get. I have a group of men coming into town to set up our show for the tourist. Larry, from the food store is the main stunt men and will be teaching us some ticks. You remember Larry don’t you? You met him at the Jail house yesterday. He’s a good friend of mine.” Then Jason suddenly realized what he said about the Jailhouse. He quickly turned and headed to the bed room to dress.

“Hey. Hey. Wait a minute. You knew about the Jailhouse orgy? You knew I was arrested and was being used by….by all those guys? You stinker!”

I said as I followed Jason around the room. “How did you know about this?”

“Sure I knew! Who do you think set this whole thing up? You told me a couple days ago that you wanted to be fucked by several men, over and over again, so I thought I would arrange to have your fantasy fulfilled. Why? Was there anything wrong? Do you have something else to tell me? They didn’t mistreat you did they? I’ll beat the shit out of them if they did you wrong.”

“No. No. Nothing like that. I have to admit I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I kept thinking about you and how wonderful you have been to me, and if you would be annoyed with me for enjoying it so much.”

Jason was setting on the chair putting on his boots while I was confessing to him how much I loved the Jail house gang bang. He listened with interest then he looked up and smiled.

“Come here and set on your big brothers lap. You’re my love and I want to help fill all your pleasant desires in life. I know we are secure in our love for each other and since you are still exploring your sexual life, I want to be your mentor, your teacher, your lover, and your friend.

Now get your clothes on before I throw you across that bed and fuck the hell out of you. I’ve got about 12 men waiting for me in the street and I don’t want to keep them waiting. Oh by the way, Sheriff Buster didn’t know about my plans. I’m anxious to see if he tells me about fucking you. Ha. Ha. I can hardly wait to see his face.”

Jason headed out the door just as our house keeper, Sam came in. He waved to me and started fixing me some breakfast. I was still naked but needed some coffee to get me going again. I was still astonished that Jason know only knew about the Jail house orgy, but set the hole thing up. I was relieved that I didn’t have to explain to him about the fucking I got. I realize now that is why he didn’t fuck me this morning. He must have thought I would be too tender to take get fucked.

“Hello Sam. How ya doing this morning? How was your day with your bartender friend yesterday?”

“Good morning Clint. You’re looking good this morning. I heard you had a good day yesterday too.”

“Does everyone know about the Jail house arrest?”

“Not everyone, but my buddy Arin, the bartender, was one of the men that you serviced. I think he told me you ate out his ass and came all over your chest while Larry was fucking you. He was yearning to fuck you, but your ‘dance card’ was all filled up. He wants you to come over to the bar and have a beer with him sometime soon. He’s a sweetheart. I really like him.”

“We spent most of the day painting and fixing a glory hole at the end of the bar. I was the first one to try it out and got sucked off by Palms, one of the other bartenders while Arin was having sex with you.”

“Breakfast is almost ready, so set your ass down, and drink your coffee. I’ll give you some head later if you’re still in the mood. I love sucking your cock. It is so beautiful and you cum so nicely.”

I had my breakfast with Sam and while I was having my last cup of coffee, he scooted under the table, spread my legs apart, and started licking, and sucking on my balls. He was proficient at getting a person turned on before having sex. Every day I’d been living in BBC he had blown me at least one time. I looked forward to his expert cock sucking and pushed my chair away from the table and let him work me over. After he got me real hard he crawled out from under the table, looked at me and said.

“Clint. You’re always the one getting fucked around here. How about you fuck me for a change? Jason fucks me all the time but you’ve never fucked me. Now that I have you horned up, I’m gonna set on your cock and let you fuck me until you shoot a big hot load up my ass.”

“I’m already lubed up because one of the cooks fucked me while I was in the storage room getting supplies this morning. I usually suck him off, but he was in the mood to fuck me instead, and now I’m in the mood to get fucked again, so what do you say?”

Sam didn’t wait for me to answer. He straddled me like a horse’s saddle and used my dick to impale his ass hole. It felt so warm and juicy. The cook must have shot him a big load, because as soon as my dick started in his asshole, some of the cum trickled down my cock shaft.

Sam closed his eyes and guided my dick into the warm fuck tunnel. I positioned my hands under his buttocks and lifted him up and down on my cock. It felt awesome. No wonder guys like to fuck my ass. Sam was the first person at BBC that I’d fucked. Now that I knew how great it felt I was going to do more fucking.

It felt excellent and after a few minutes of hot fucking, I started to cum. Sam jacked on his cock and shot his load on my abs and chest. I could feel the warm cum oozing out of his ass, down my cock and onto my balls. When he came, the muscles of his fuck tube tightened around my gushing cock. It was so tight. Wow. What a great feeling.

Sam slowly pulled off my cock, got down between my legs again and licked all the remaining cum from my cock and balls, then dried me with a cloth napkin from the table. I sat for a few minutes, finished my cold coffee, and headed to the bed room to get dressed. It was going to be an interesting day watching all the hot studly stunt-men strutting their stuff in the street.

While Sam and I were taking care of the horses we heard shouting and a few loud gun shots. The action had begun.

We went around the building to the street to see what was going on. Several of the workers from the hotel were standing outside watching the action. There were about 12 men taking part in the performance. I wasn’t quite clear what was going on all of the time, but I gathered they were going to perform a ‘fake’ bank robbery.

A few men were on horses and a few were on the top of the near by buildings to shoot at the bank robbers. Right in the mist of the action was Jason and Larry.

Jason always looked outstanding his tight form fitting Levis but Larry was looking pretty hot too. He had on tan colored jeans that showed off his big hanging cock. The gun belts pushed down on their groin area causing them all to look like they had a ‘partial hard on’, or just big cocks. I was beginning to realize most of the men here did have big cocks.

While all the commotion was going on in the streets, I notice two men come slowly up the street on their horses. They were not dressed like the rest of the men at BBC, but were in some sort of military uniform. They stopped their matching brown horses at the end of the street and dismounted. Jason walked up to them, shook their hands, and started a conversation. He was explaining to the men about all the action that was taking place.

Both men were in their late 20s or early 30s, trim, wearing brown brimmed hats, and carrying side guns. A big shinny gold badge was pined to their tanned shirts, so they were obviously some sort of lawmen. Larry soon joined them and continued with the conversation. I moved in closer so I could hear the conversation. I overhead them explain they were Arizona Desert Rangers or Border Patrol. They’d heard all the shooting and came closer to find out what was going on.

Jason gave a motion for me to offer them some fresh bottled water from the container next to me. This would be a good chance for me to get a closer and take a better look at these two hunky Desert Rangers.

As I approached Jason and the Rangers they were talking. Jason was explaining what the stunt men were planning and the action they were taking. He explained about the fake bank robbery they were planning and that lots of shooting with guns would be fired, but they only used blanks in all the guns.

“Thanks for the water, Clint. Ranger Blake, this is my younger brother, Clint. He’s part of staff here at Bareback City and has been very helpful in numerous ways. If you need anything just talk to him and we will see your needs are filled. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to work. I’m part of the bank robbery, but I’m one of the good guys. You men stick around and have some lunch with us at the Country Kitchen Cafe down the street. Treats on me. See ya later.” Then Jason left me and Ranger Blake standing on the board walk in front of the Fire Station. His partner had taken the horses to the watering trough for a drink.

“Great little city you’ve got here Clint. They’ve improved it since I was here last, but still have kept the original old town look.” He said as he looked around, then over to me and said. “I need to take a piss. Do you have one close by? I hope it’s been improved too. I hate those old stinking out door shitters.”

“Yeah. In fact there’s one right down the boardwalk between the Fire Station and the Tailor shop. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Just a few feet between the buildings was a door that looked like an old out house. It had a wooden door with a large moon carved as a window. On the door was crudely painted sign that said. ‘Men’s Outhouse’.

Inside it was quite different than you’d expect. It was not a small single booth but a large 12 by 12 foot room with two toilet booths, two sinks, and a floor trough urinal. The two sinks were refurbished blue porcelain pans and hand pumps for water. Inside the toilet booths were old fashion toilets with pull chain overhead water containers.

Every thing was very old fashion but clean. The walls were covered with plank board just like the booths, but large glory holes were cut between each booth with one overlooking the urinals. It’s just what you would expect from designers of Bareback City. They tried to make everything modern yet had the feel of an old city.

When I opened the door to the toilet, Ranger Blake stepped inside, looked around, and laughed. He paused for a few minutes to look the place over then headed to the large floor trough urinal. I stood beside him while we dug out our cocks to take a piss. I’d already started getting a woody trying to get my penis out of my tight jeans.

Blake was a handsome smooth talking guy about 30, well build, with dark hair, sparkling brown eyes, a deep tan, and sun ruddy skin. He was wearing a Ranger’s short sleeve tan shirt and matching pants. He carried a hand gun and a pair of hand cuffs hung from the back of his belt. He unzipped his pants and dug out a large uncut penis and aimed at the urinal and cut loose with a large stream of golden piss. He sighed as he released his load. I’d manager to get my semi-hard cock out of my tight jeans and was still trying to piss before I started to get harder, but it was too late. I already started to get hard.

Ranger Blake looked over at my cock and noticed I was getting hard.

“I have a hard time pissing when I get hard too. Just relax and it will go down or better still…” then without hesitation he reached over and grabbed my semi-hard cock.

“My you’ve got a nice hunk of meat there, buddy. Ya want me to jack it off for you? There’s no dishonor in helping a buddy ‘get off.’ Blake said as he was still pissing in the trough.

Here I thought I was going to make a pass at him, but instead he was hanging on to my hard cock. He finally stopped pissing and shook it a few times then squeezed down the last few drops of piss from his long foreskin. I reached over and touched his cock as it started to get hard.

“Wait a minute. Why don’t we go into one of the booths. I don’t want us too be interrupted while we have some fun.”

I nodded and went into the nearest booth by the urinal. When we were inside we shut and locked the door. I set on the toilet seat as Blake faced me. He unbuckled his gun belt and hung it on the wall hook, then unbuttoned the top of his pants while I pulled them down to his knees. He was wearing a jock strap but no underwear. It’s better protection for your balls when you’re ridding a horse. I took a whiff of his musky piss stained jock strap. He pulled his cock and balls from beneath the strap. His uncut cock was getting firm and the foreskin was gradually pulling back over the cock head. A light indication of sweat, piss, and smegma scented from his nine inch cock.

I placed my tongue under the foreskin to experience his manly taste. His cock kept getting harder and before long it was full length. His cock was not only thick and long but it leaned slightly to the left. Small drops of clear liquids began forming at his piss slot. I positioned my mouth over his cock and ran my tongue around the sensitive glands. He placed his hand to the back of my head and gently pulled me down on his hard cock. It was too thick for me to go very far down on him, but I continued trying. I caressed his low hanging balls in one hand and guided his cock deeper into my mouth.

“Clint. I wasn’t aware you were a cock sucker. Your mouth feels great. It’s been a long time since I have an affectionate mouth over my prick. My ole lady won’t suck cock. Mumm yes. That feels so good. Suck it buddy. Make me cum.”

I continued sucking the best I could, him but I didn’t feel I was going to ‘get him off’ this way. I slowly stood, turned my naked ass to him, and suggested.

“Blake. I love sucking your prick, but I think you’d enjoy fucking my ass even better. Would you mind?”

“Hell no! I’d love to fuck your hot looking ass. Man you are full of surprises. Do you think you can take my thick nine inches in your tight hole? It’s been a long time since I fucked some boy pussy. Wow! You really do know how to make us feel at home. I don’t get this good of service at home.”

“Yeah. I just happened to have some K-Y lube with me. Let me wet you down first then put some lube on your prick and some in my ass. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble. I’d rather take you up to my loft for a good fucking, but perhaps we can do that some other time. Right now I just want you to fuck the hell out of my slutty asshole. You think you can manage that Blake?”

I turned to suck on his thick cock again. He was almost as thick as Jerry’s cock. I put some lube up my ass and on his cock. I stood up again, bent over, and guided his big prick to my love hole. He gripped my hips and moved closer until the head touched my anus. He waited as I spread my butt cheeks and moved back on his dick. It started in slowly, then when it passed the spot of no return and slid all the way in, we both gasped as the same time.

“Damn! That was easier than I thought it'd be. That ass hole must get some good use around here. You’re so warm and wet like a hot pussy. Damn that feels great. Oh yeah. That feels great. Hold on pussy boy, I gonna give you the fucking of your life. It’s been a long time since I’ve has a good piece of ass.

Mum huh. Good. Damn good.” Blake kept saying to me. He eased his cock in and out of my welcome hole. We were enjoying every motion. He was very thick and different than most cocks. I am fond of a long cock, but a thick cock has a special and different feeling. He was rubbing places I’d never felt before. It was an excellent feeling.

We fucked for a good while. Neither of us seemed to be in a hurry to cum. However, Blake realized he had been gone for sometime and his partner would come looking for him soon. He started pumping me deep and hard. I treasured the feeling of his big balls slapping against me as he plunged all the way into me, then pull almost all the way out. I held my cock tight so as not to cum too soon, but when he started humping me hard and rough, I knew we were both going to cum soon.

All the time he pounded me, he talked to me telling me how good his dick felt in my ass and that he would like to do this the next time he came through town. He fucked me, and fucked me until he started to moan and slap my buttocks. Suddenly I felt his prick swell and a warm gushing load of his cum was shooting deep into my canal. I jacked on my cock a few strokes and shot a big load on the toilet seat cover. He lost his balance and grabbed the toilet pull chain to catch himself, and the stool flushed. Just then the door opened to the Outhouse and someone came in to piss at the urinal.

Blake leaned over my body with his nine inch cock still buried deep in my body. I could feel his cock still twitching as he continued to unload his last few shots of cum. We remained in this position while the person at the urinal continued to piss. I was curious about the person who was standing at the urinal. It was the other Desert Ranger, Blake’s partner.

He continued to piss, then saw me eying him through the hole. He stood there for a few moments then started pulling on his cock. He had a nice cut cock and was growing from a soft six inches to a good seven or eight inches of hard cock. I daringly motioned for him to stick his cock through the hole. He stood closer, put his dick into the hole, and gripped the top of the booth and waited for me to service him.

Meanwhile, Blake’s prick remained in my ass while I started sucking on his partner. I wasn’t in the best position to suck at the hole, but managed to get a hold of his balls and pull him closer. I went down on him several times, deep throating him and giving him some good head. He was getting into it and fucking my mouth through the hole. He was hot and juicy with pre-cum. He tasted so sweet and yet salty.

I suddenly realized Blake’s cock was getting hard again as he began moving in and out of me. He was fucking me for the second time without pulling out. His previous cum was squishing around his cock. Small amounts of cum was escaping from my hole and running down my balls. He was getting excited watching me suck his partner while his cock was in my ass. I didn’t want his partner to cum too quickly and hoped Blake would shoot at the same time his partner came in my mouth.

Blake didn’t seem to care if his partner heard him moaning and groaning as he fucked me. I was in cloud nine, having these two hunky Desert Rangers at one time. One was fucking my ass as I sucked the other one. It was awesome.

Soon I tasted more and more pre cum juices from his dick. He started pounding his body against the wall anxious to cum. Blake was banging me hard and fast, then he started to cum. He gasps and shot another full load deep in my love canal just as his partner started cumming in my mouth. I got excited and shot another load all over the wall and floor while I swallowed a big load of cum from the Rangers’ shooting cock. It was a wild scene of fucking and sucking. We were all spent.

We rested and began to catch our breath and get our composure. The Desert Ranger at the hole, slowly moved away from my mouth and wiped his cock dry, then went to the sink to wash. He quickly dried his hands and left quickly leaving Blake and me still in the fucking position in the booth.

Blake’s cock started to soften and I thought he was going to pull out, but instead he gripped onto my hips. I felt something warm squirting into me. He was pissing in me. I tried to move away, but he held me tightly and kept pissing. It was an unusual feeling but not much different than a warm water douche. I’d never had a ‘piss douche’ before but figured it wouldn’t do me any harm. I began to feel full and squeezed my anus tightly hoping not to release the cum and piss from my ass. He slowly pulled out. I turned quickly to set on the stool and unload a big fill of liquids from my body.

“My daddy always told me to take a piss after you fuck to clean out your piss track. We accomplished two things. I cleaned out my piss track and you cleaned out your ass canal.”

Ranger Blake pulled out a red neck scarf from his pocket and gave it to me to clean off his cock. After I wiped him clean, I went down on him again to make sure he was clean. He was soft and I went all the way down on him.

“Damn Clint. I see you’re a good cocksucker as well as a good piece of ass. You can be sure we’ll stop by here very often on our routine desert check. That was great. I think we better make an appearance before we’re both missed. You want to meet me later or shall we go out together?“

“I’m not ashamed of what we did, besides I’d like to see your partners face when we both show up together.” We straightened up, washed, and went outside to the street.

There standing at the entrance to the boardwalk was his partner. He took a quick look at the both of us realizing what had just happened. His face turned red and he looked away to watch the men in the street.

“Clint. I’d like you to meet my partner, Ranger Hank.” He nodded and shyly smiled realizing I was the one that sucked his cock in the Men’s Outhouse.

“Come on Hank, Don’t be embarrassed. I didn’t know you had such a nice prick on you, and if you think Clint’s a good cocksucker, you should try his ass sometime. Whoopee! Talk about hot stuff. Now let’s go find that lunch cafe and eat some grub. I’m starving. I need to get my strength back after all that fucking.”

Continued Story,

By Dick Clinton,

Word Count 5,085, 11/21/2008