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Bareback City, Part 11, Party Games

Bareback City, Part 11
Party Games.
Continued from previous chapter 10

Jason leaned over and kissed me then joined Mark and a few other guys in the shower. Meanwhile Terry began to fuck me harder than most of my other fuckers. Gawd, I loved to have men fuck me like this. I was still wondering how Sam was doing. I know he loved to be fucked almost as much as I did. I’ll have to compare notes later after the party.

Continuing story

Terry had me all to himself for the first time. He leaned forward and started kissing me. He was more passionate this time than he was at the Jail house. He became gentler with me in a loving sexual way. He wasn’t lustfully fucking just to get his nuts off, but had become more affectionate than before. Even his kisses were sending me messages. I liked Terry very much. Not only because he was a good fucker with a fantastic cock, but also he was just a nice person. Even Jason had comment on their sincere friendship.

I returned his kisses and then he started to fuck me hard again. He spread my legs like a wishbone and was about to cum. He threw his head back, gave out a pleasant sound of sexual enjoyment, and dumped a big load deep in my love canal. After he came, he lay back on top of me and gentle kissed me again. We rested after a wonderful orgasm.

I saw one of the BBC men standing by the bed jacking on his cock as he watched Terry and I fuck. Terry looked up at him and grinned.

“Clint. I’d like you to meet my brother, Mark. He’s been anxious to met you for several days now. I told him about our meeting at the Jail house last week and he was all keyed up to meet you. Mark. This is Clint, one of the best fucks in BBC.” Terry slowly let his flaccid cock ease out of my cum filled ass. He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed the body sweat on my abs and chest, and then kissed me on my forehead.

“Why don’t I go check out the action in the showers while you two get better acquainted? I gotta keep these studs under control you know. Check with you dudes later.”

“Hi Clint. I’ve been anxious to meet you personally, although we have said ‘hi’ in passing. I think you are one of the hottest cowpokes here. Your brothers pretty hot too, but I’ve never had the opportunity to get close to him either.”

Mind if I set?” Mark said as I leaned up on my elbow to get a better look at him. I could see the brotherly resemblance right away. I didn’t get a chance to check out his cock before he sit down, but if he was anything like his older brother Terry. Wow! Two hunky brothers with big thick cocks.

He put his hand on my chest and stroked one of my nipples as he talked. He was a nice looking guy. His hair was cut short in a military fashion, like Terry’s, and he had beautiful blues. His body was very firm and had a sexy hairless chest.

I was about to go to the head and shower before we were introduced, but now I was curious about the size of his cock. I just had to feel it for myself, and when I did, I was very pleased. I was beginning to think his cock was exactly like Terry’s, thick and long. Oh boy! I wondered if he could fuck like Terry. Wouldn’t it be great to have both brothers in bed with at the same time?

I needed to go to the head and unload some of the last three loads of cum gurgling around inside me, but I didn’t want Mark to think I didn’t want to have sex with him. He was a real hot number and I definitely wanted us to get together.

“Mark, I need to go to the head to deposit some of you brother’s love juices. That guy sure can shoot a big load. Why don’t you go to the showers and I’ll join you there. I want us to make love and fuck up a storm that is if you’re still willing. “I leaned over, gave him a quick kiss, and eased off the bed to go to the toilet.

“A. a. a…. sure. I’d like that if you really want to.” I took his hand and led him to the shower room were five other men were still sucking and fucking. One guy was leaning into the Glory hole and being sucked off, so I used the end toilet.

When I came out of the toilet Mark was setting on the bench just watching the other men have sex. One of the guys was my brother Jason. He had this young guy pressed against the shower wall and was fucking the hell out of him. Jason was a wild fucker when he wanted to be. I set beside Mark on the bench and took his hand. I realized he was inhibited but he would soon get over it around this wild bunch.

My brother Jason was having a wild orgasm and was slapping the guy’s ass as he came. When he finished he just pulled his cock out of the boys ass, looked at me smiled and winked, then got back under the water to wash up. The boy stood there for a few minuets trying to retrieving his composure, washed quickly and headed to one of the toilets.

“Come on Mark, I need to shower. Join me.” I took his hand again and led him to the showers as they were being emptied one by one. Jason was still under one of the showers and pulled me close to him again while Mark started showering at the other end.

“Clint. You know I love you so much. I trust you know that. When we have sex together it is more than just sex, it is sincere passion and deep love. I just fuck these cowboys for their pleasure as well as my own…but it’s just sex for the feeling of a climax.” Then we kissed long and hard.

“I know Jason. You don’t have to tell me. We have something special, and you know I love you deeply as well. You taught me the joys of being fucked and now I love it, but you are still the best fucker around. I know it’s because we love each other so much that we don’t have to worry about either of us having casual sex with other dudes.” Then we kissed again.

Meanwhile Mark was showering at the end shower giving us our privacy. I took Jason by the hand and directed him to Mark.

“Mark. I’d like to introduce you to Jason, my lover and my brother. Jason I don’t know if you know this or not, but Mark is Terry’s younger brother.”

“Oh my gawd. I knew Terry had a brother and he told me you’d be here this week, but I had no idea it was you. You look so much like your brother, who is my best friend here in BBC. Man the four of us are gonna have to get together soon.”

“I see you’re hung big like your brother too. Terry sure likes my little man here, and would move in with us if I’d let him. He's a swell guy. I’ll let you guys get better acquainted while I dry off and go into the other room. Terry and I are setting up an interesting game in the other room, which, by the way Clint, you might want to be involved. See you guys later and have fun.”

“Wow. You’re lover, brother is really a good-looking guy. What a body and beautiful dick. You guys make a great looking pair. I’d love to watch you to getting it on sometime. That would be so hot.” Mark finally was getting over his shyness.

“I’ve never been around so many hot looking guys. All of them are so open with sex it still overwhelms me. It’s great that you and Jason have such a good relationship. I’m afraid I am very possessive and would only stick to one guy at a time. This place takes getting use to, but I think I’m gonna love it. I love sex but never had a chance to express myself back in Texas, and now there are so many opportunities to make friends and make love. I love it already.”

I took Marks hand again and led him back to the bedroom area.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom and see if we can find someplace to lie down. I want you to fuck me while I’m on my back so I can make love to you and watch your face when you cum. Damn if you and Terry don’t look so very much alike. You’re cocks even look the same and I bet it will feel as good too.’

We quickly shook the water off our bodies and went back into the bedroom to discover it was empty. I lay on my back and directed Mark to join me. He lay on top of me and we started kissing. He had nice thick lips and a sweet breath. We only kissed for a short while before he started kissing my chest, down my abs before he took my hard cock in his mouth and started licking and sucking on me.

He was a good cocksucker. He almost made me cum but stopped long enough to lick my balls, lifted my legs and buried his face into my ass. He was an excellent ass rimmer as well. His tongue darted in and out of my hole like a rapid vibrator.

He wet my hole well, then lowered me to the level of his hard cock, rubbed his oozing cock head juices and guided his cock to my hole. As soon as he was in my anus, he moved forward and buried his full 11-inch cock deep in my body. Gawd it felt fantastic. I almost came but he stopped moving and let me get my composure.

“You feel so good, Clint. I don’t want you to cum just yet. I want to fuck you for a few minutes so we can cum at the same time. Wow. You’re still so tight. I don’t know how you can control your inter ass muscles so well. You almost feel like a virgin ass.”

“You feel so good in me and the reason I feel so tight is because of the size of your dick. Man. You and your brother sure had nice size cocks. I like the way they feel. Let’s stop talking and fuck.” I said as I adjusted to his cock up my ass.

He was lubed well enough and moved effortless into my hole. I had emptied most of the previous cum from the other fucks today and had lots of room for another full load. We fucked slowly and kissed.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him tightly against my body. Mark fucked me for about 15 minutes until neither of us could hold back any longer. He was a good fucker, just as his older brother, and we both shot such a tremendous load that we almost passed out. We lay together for a few minutes then got up to join the other men in the main gallery.

Most of the new firefighter men and BBC’s volunteer fire trainees had coupled up with a favorite partner and were setting around and enjoying the beer, food and each other’s company. Now and then, another suck or fuck began, but most were now sexually content. This was sure a perfect way to introduce the new firefighters and their chief to our men.

Sam was helping the two volunteer bartenders, Arin and on young bar waiter, Spud. He had a ‘thing’ for bartender Arin and was down behind the bar sucking on his cock while he served beer to some of the men. I could understand his attraction. Arin was a very hot looking guy with coal black hair and dark brown eyes. His cock was perfectly cut and hung down so nicely, even when soft. He was masculine but very polite and kind to everyone. He was an excellent bartender.

One of the local BBC bars had special entertainment and a few of the guys were arriving to entertain our new Firefighters. Some guys danced and sang but tonight they sent over a cute hot guy that danced and did special tricks with guns. He was dressed in Chaps, cowboy hat, boots and nothing else. He was an amazing acrobat as well. His final act was a split on a bench where he exposed his sweet looking ass hole to the audience. It was very sexy.

One of our men couldn’t resist, (or it was planned before hand) grabbed him and started rimming him now. Everyone thought that was sexy, but suddenly a hot and well-hung guy, pushed rimmer away and guided his hard 10-inch cock right up the dudes ass.

The cowboy dancer tried to resist but was overcome by pleasure fucking he was receiving. Soon two other guys tired the dancer’s arms and legs ‘spread eagle’ between two supports while the guy fucked him. He groaned and shot a big load up the dancer’s ass. As soon as he pulled out, another guy plunged his cock up the dancer’s ass. A few guys were already lining up to take their turn at the hot young dancer’s ass. It had turned into another party favorite for the evening.

Jason and Fire chief Chris had gone to the main living area and were waiting for the guys to settle down so Jason and Terry could give the men another welcome talk. One of the finance directors of BBC was going to explain to them the way we used and spent money for objects and entertainment.

Today, Wells Fargo Bank set up shop in our bank and offered checking, savings and a special credit card for use for employees of BBC. It was suggested this special credit card or cash card would be used for everything in BBC and would be used as an identification picture card as well. Everyone seemed to think it was an excellent idea. No cash money would be used except ‘Bareback Paper Dollars’ that could be used at various shops through out BBC and could be cashed in at the Bank at a later date. We had a few details to work out but that would come later.

BBC has also set up a free clinic for employees. Two volunteer medical doctors and a couple male nurses were to be running the clinic. We had been very careful to screen everyone before they were allowed to work or play in our city and were free of any ‘sexual transmitted diseases’, and had a waiting period before entry and becoming a citizen of BBC. If a person would leave BBC for any period and wanted to return, they had to go through another strict and through screening again. This is why no one had to worry about STD and could enjoy bareback sex without any worries. We insisted on a free STD city.

The party was a huge success. The Firemen returned to their assigned dorm rooms and would start their training early tomorrow morning. New friends were made and a few new romances had begun.

Jason and Larry were discussing plans to build some better stables and larger corrals for the new wild horses that were to arrive next week. We had been chosen by ‘Oklahoma Inmate Wild Horse Program’ to adopt a few dozen wild horses. They were to be shipped either by trucks or by train from Oklahoma to BBC for our use. It was understood that several cowpokes and saddle buster cowboys were coming along to herd the horses along the way.

Just what we need; some new, hot, legitimate cowboys’ guest to be added to our new city. I would be anxious to see what these new cowboys would be like and how they would respond to a new way of life we offered in BBC.

Story by Dick Clinton
Word Count 2,757, 1/7/2009