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Bareback City, Part 10, Firetruck Arrival

Bareback City, Part 10

Fire Truck Arrival

The two Desert Rangers attended their horses and left the city to return another day soon. Meanwhile Jason had received a letter from an anonymous donor, offering to present us with two used fire trucks for our use and protection.  They were older trucks but had been kept up to code and were still in excellent condition for use.

Jason had informed the board of directors about the trucks and they decided to build a presentable fire station, but since it didn’t blend in with the older buildings, it was placed behind the Warehouse at the end of the block and near the Employees Bunk House.  It was still within access of the entire city incase of a fire. All of the present buildings had been equip with water sprinklers and fire hydrants were scattered thru out the back of the buildings.

They were told that the two fire trucks where shipped by train and would arrive today with a 10-man crew and a Fire Chief. Jason, Jerry, and I saddled up our horses and were to meet them at the entrance of road, two miles from Bareback City.

 No autos or trucks allowed in the city, with the exception of electrical supply, repair trucks and emergency vehicles, but would not be allowed after the main city was opened for tourist. All employees had to leave their personal cars at a parking lot provided for them at the entrance where a security guard kept watch. They were to either walk or take the horse drawn carriages or electric cars offered for them.

When we arrived at the main entrance the fire trucks were just pulling in.  Aboard were several young college student firemen to operate the trucks and equipment. The fire trucks were more than we’d expected. They had been rebuilt and restored and were both very handsome. (See pictures on Fire Truck Page) Some of the men arrived in a R.V and some in the trucks. I counted ten in all.  It was more than we first expected but since they were training college students, and their service was free,  we had no complaints.

The owner told us in his first letter  that when they  bought the truck, he was told that it was one of 18 that were built in 1936 Seagraves and that there are 8 that are still around. Of those 8, there were only three that were in operating condition and this is one of them.

They also said they spent well over year sand blasting, scrapping, sanding, painting, and vanishing. It does need a speed-odometer cable and a dome glass cover. It has good rubber on the tires. Asking Price $33,000, but it was on personal loan for $1.00 a year until either we could afford it or they had another buyer for it. He also included a smaller 1949 Ford F5 Pumper truck.

Jason, Jerry, and I greeted the crew and the Fire Battalion Chief. They seemed very happy their journey had ended from the train station at Maricopa.  They were to follow us to their new firehouse in Bareback City.  We would give them more instructions after they were settled in their new quarters in the new Firehouse and the Employees Bunker Quarters next to the Firehouse. I was offered a ride on the big truck and quickly accepted.  I’d never had the chance to ride on a fire truck before, especially with a fire truck full of hunky young college guys.  Jason took the reigns of my horse and headed back to the city with Jerry.

I was soon welcome aboard the truck and was introduced to some of the guys on the truck.  I was really impressed with the handsome men that were to be added to our city for the next 3 months.  I was already fantasizing on which one I would bed first.  It would be a hard choice so I guess I will have to try them all out and decide later.  What a fantastic ‘gangbang’ that would be, ten hot, and hunky firemen ready to use their hoses on me.  Oh my Gawd, I all ready  had a hard on.

One of the men setting beside me asked.  “What is this Bareback City anyway.  We were told we were the chosen few that would be working and training in an ‘all man city’.  Is that correct?”

“Yeah. That’s correct, but Jason and the other men will explain all the details later. We have built a new firehouse for 2 trucks where some of you will bunk and the remainder of the time you will live in the employees bunk house. I think you will find everything to your liking.”

“My name’s Clint.  I’m the brother and lover of Jason, the guy you met at the gate and the other guy, Terry is the head of the ‘Stuntmen In Action’ group that perform street shows, bar room brawls, shootouts and entertainment  for our tourist.“

“I understand you guys are here to train for your Bachelor of Science in Fire Science Management.  This  should be interesting. Did you men volunteer for this job?”

 The men’s ages varied from 18 to 30 or older, but all were hot looking and well built men. I was setting next to this awesome looking guy abut 30 who introduced himself to me. I think we made a connection right away. 

“Hi Clint. My names Kevin and after we’ve arrived at the firehouse, I’ll introduce you to the other men.  We have a teacher and instructor with us to help us with our final training. That’s him setting by the driver. Chris Reynolds our battalion fire chief who teaches courses in disaster management, fire management, and terrorism. We’re all students from A.M.U., American Military University in West Virginia. Our Fire Chief is the one that recruited us for this 3 month training.  He’s  a great guy and like a father to us. I understand he and Jason were in the Military together. He talks about him all the time.  They must have had a ‘connection’ when in the service together.”

“Awe ha! That explains a lot.  Chris and Jason knew each other from the Military. This could be an interesting 3 months with these hot young college students and their instructor.

We had about 2 miles of dusty road before arriving at Bareback City and the BBC Firehouse. As we drove thru the edge of town, I heard one of the guys utter. ‘What the hell? This is nothing but an old rundown firetrap. Where’s the action in this place?”

“After you’ve been here for a few days you’ll get all the action you can handle, believe me.” I pointed to the Employees Bunk House and after they left off their bags, I told them we would go to the cafeteria to eat.  That brought on a welcome cheer.  We left the trucks in front of the fire station and I led the way to the cafe’ for lunch.

When the 10 college men arrived in the cafĂ©, most of the men eating turned their heads and some even uttered comments to each other, but they were gentlemen enough not to hoot or whistle at the new members of Bareback City.  I can’t say that there were not a few smiles from the firemen as they felt the sexual tension in the room.  I directed them thru the food line and found a group of tables for them to set .  Jason, Terry, and Fire Chief Chris had inspected the fire trucks and were joining the men at the tables. 

“This place is cool, so far.  I guess we’ll have to get out of these city duds and put on our boots, jeans, and cowboy hats like the rest of the men.” One of the men said as they ate.  ‘Yeah. I think this place is gonna be more fun than we expected.  Did ya ever see so many good looking men in your lives. This is better than college campus.”

The firemen were starting to relax and come out of their closet.  I thought there might be more than one reason the Fire Chief Chris had chosen all these guys.  He must have known they were either bi-sexual or gay.  We will soon find out, I supposed.

After everyone had eaten, Jason directed the firefighters to go back to the firehouse where he would assign them their new quarters.  He had also asked ten of BBC men to volunteer to learn about the fire procedures along with the college students.  Then we all went back to the firehouse.  The volunteers from BBC were there eager to meet the new men. 

After a short speech about the founding and reason for Bareback City, he had a drawing to team up each fireman to one of the BBC team of volunteers. Each couple of two men was to share a room at the Employees Bunk house and help each other learn. 

The Firemen were to teach the BBC men as they were learning, and the BBC men would show them around the city and be an escort and friend while they learned about fighting fires.   Nothing was said about sexual contact, but I’m sure everyone was wondering how that would develop.  It was understood that if you wanted to change partners during the learning procedures they were to contact Terry and he’d try to straighten things out.

The rooms at the Bunk House were nothing special.  Four men would share each room and everyone was assigned cleaning jobs and other special duties. They would share the same showers and toilets in the building.  There was a curfew during working hours. So far, the BBC men had been organized well, and now that the new college men had been assigned rooms, it would probably be okay for them too.

The new Firefighters and the BBC volunteers found their assigned rooms in the bunkhouse and put away some of their cloths and made up the cots for later use.  There was a large room at the end of the building where the men could watch TV, DVD movies or play pinball on two machines along with a cooler, coffee maker and small microwave for popping corn or heating up coffee.

Some of the men showered, chatted or took a quick nap before the evening party that was prepared for them later on this evening.  Almost all of the men went out to inspect the fire trucks and the present firehouse.  Chief Chris inspected his new office, the fire equipment and upstairs bunkhouse that slept 10 men and the small fully equip kitchen on the first floor. He said he was more than pleased and looked forward to the following months in BBC.  

That afternoon Jason, Sam and I were preparing the welcome party for the new firefighters and the firefighter-trainees at our upstairs Firehouse Loft. There would be twenty guys, Sam, Terry, Jason, the Fire Chief Chris and I.  Twenty-five in all.  Sam and I would help serve snacks and drinks, and Jason, Terry and Chris would try to keep order. A couple of the bartenders also volunteered to help if needed.  One of the cooks at the restaurant sent over a bunch of sandwiches, homemade chips, deviled eggs and a bunch of other food item.  

 We had plenty of room, including the large living area, the huge bedroom, the work-out-room and the large head and shower room that could service six people at one time. Jason had some great movies of our city and some very hot shots of many of the men working around in various locations, plus some hot x-rated movie that he would show when he thought the guys were ready. He was sneakie that way.

Jason and Terry corralled the men and led them up the back stairwell of the Firehouse where they were to strip and take a relaxing shower after their long trip to Bareback City.  There are several remaining lockers in the shower room where they could store their clothes.  I gave each of them a large red towel for after their showers.  They were to remain covered only with the towels and to go into the main house for snacks and keg beer provided for all.

After the student firefighters showered and were drinking, the other ten BBC volunteer men would arrive by the back stairs, strip, and shower before joining the rest of the party in the main room. I gave them white towels so we could tell them apart from the student Firefighters.  When everyone had showered and had a few beers the towels began to drop and before long more than half of the men were naked.  A proud bunch of hot looking men set around and enjoyed each other’s bodies and company.  It was a good way to relax and get to know your friends.

Jason, being the devils advocate, slipped in a few fuck movies into the DVD overhead projector and a large viewing screen dropped from the ceiling for every ones viewing enjoyment. Soon a few hard cocks began to appear and hands began to wander.  A few of the guys were pairing off and sneaking into a quiet corner of the room. Jason, Terry and Chris had already stripped naked and were observing and salivating over the young man’s orgy that had begun. One of the younger guys was on his knees licking on Larry’s balls as he rested on a barstool while talking to Sam.

Jason grabbed me as I walked by and kissed me while Chris pulled my towel from my waist.  He caressed my balls and slid his callused thick finger into my ass.  I sighed at the sudden entry but enjoy it anyway.

 Chris had a nice body with a sensational tattoo down his left shoulder and torso.  His cock was cut, and a set of nicely shaped balls supported his firm thick cock. Small pearls of precum oozed from his cockhead.  Before I had, a chance to taste him, one of our fire trainees, Chad, had his mouth around his cock head savoring his manly juices. One of the student firemen was now sucking Jason’s cock while he kissed me.  Someone dropped behind me and started kissing and fondling my ass and quickly buried his face into my ass crack, licking and sucking, and rimming my ass hole. Wow. The party had begun.

I was wondering who was eating my ass and as soon as Jason withdrew his kiss from me, I turned to see the student Kevin going to town on my hole.  He took a quick breather and looked up to see me watching him.  He stood and for the first time I saw his naked body.  He had a firm hairy chest with solid rippling six-pack.  His cock was partially uncut and surprisingly hung about 10 inches.  I turned to kiss his thick soft lips and received his tongue that was gently searching for mine.  I reached for his thick cock and gave him a firm squeeze.

 “I’d like to fuck you Clint.  Do you think Jason would mind if we had a go at it?”

Jason was near within hearing distance and commented. “Hell no I don’t mind if you fuck him, if he doesn’t mind.  I’d like to watch you throw that big fire hose up his fuck hole.  He’s a wild fuck, believe me. Let’s move to the bedroom area. I’m gonna take this stud Chris with us so I can reacquaint my cock up his warm moist ass hole.  Wouldn’t you like to watch your instructor gets royally fucked?”

“Hell yes.  I didn’t know Chris liked to be fucked otherwise I’d been fucking him long ago.  He’s usually the one that does the fucking.  He’s fucked every dude in our class, except Rod and me.  I’m ready and willing to go.”

As we slowly moved thru the mound of male flesh to the bedroom, one of the guys was laying across the heavy wooden coffee table in front of the fireplace.   Another guy was fucking his ass, as another one was face fucking him.  The guy fucking him seemed to have no concern if he was hurting the guy or not. He was very rough and would pull his cock all the way out and then shove it back in deep.    He seemed to be only interested in getting his rocks off.

Terry kept moving around the room making sure everyone was okay with the action that was going on.  Now and then, a guy would lean over and suck on his dick.  Terry would stand and let the guy enjoy sucking on his cock, and then he’d move on to another guy waiting to suck on him.  None of the guys were willing to have Terry fuck them because of the size of his cock, but they loved trying to swallow his hard member.  Terry had fucked me two times in the Jailhouse last week, and it was sensational.  I wanted him again, but right now, I was more interested in having Kevin fuck my ass.  I liked Kevin from the moment we met on the fire truck and was pleased that he chosen me as his first fuck this party.  Most of the other guys were hot looking guys, with big hard cocks and sexy looking ass so I was faltered.

On the couch, three guys were laying back enjoying three guys sucking them off.  The guy on the coffee table was still getting his ass fucked but by a different guy.  I was tempted to go over and get some of that ass myself later.  I liked fucking a guy with a load of warm sperm filling his hole.  I liked being fucked by several guys, as well and hoped tonight would be one of those nights. 

By the time we reached the bed it had two guys in a 69 position and one guy sucking off another on the other end of the bed.  Jason looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.  He started kissing me again and soon we were on the bed with my legs in the air.  He easily shoved his big cock deep in my hole and started fucking me.  Kevin was down between our legs touching and licking Jason’s balls and cock as it entered my hole. Chris got on the bed and put his cock to my lips.  I sucked on his cock as Jason sucked on his balls.  He had a hot tight body and his cock was hard as his abs.  Jason came in me and slowly pulled out so Kevin could use my wet cum filled man pussy.  I was pleased Jason had fucked me first and lubricated my hole. Chris took Jason’s cock in his mouth and cleaned the remaining cum off his deflating cock. 

Kevin crawled right in between my legs and guided his cock right into my man pussy without any hesitation.  His cock was thick and the minute he hit my ‘Go Spot’ I shot a big load all over the place.  He paused until I shot that entire load then leaned forward and licked the remaining cum off my face and lips, then started kissing me again.

 His cock felt so good in me.  It was as if it belonged there.  He started to move in and out of me.  Slowly at first, then he would thrust in and out.  I could feel the moister of Jason’s cum easing around Kevin’s big cock.  The cum was easing out of my wet ass.  Chris had been sucking Jason. Chris had not been fucked by anyone yet but Jason was ready to fuck again.  He mounted Chris, lifted his legs, and aimed his cock to Chris’s anus.  I liked watching my well-developed brother fuck.  He was graceful as a deer prancing thru the woods until he got started then, watch out.  He could be rough and wild, but a considerate fucker. He always got his partners to cum.   

 He turned Chris to the other end of the bed where I could watch his cock going in Chris.  They messed around for a while then Jason lifted Chris’s legs to his shoulders, guided his cock to his hole and tried to put his cock into his opening.  Chris’s hole was too dry for entry so Jason motioned for a nearby observer to come over and rim Chris so it would be nice a wet before he entered.  It was one of our trainees.  He nodded to Jason then buried his face in Chris’s ass.

 While this was happening Jason waited patiently jacking on his beautiful hard cock now oozing with pre-cum juices.  Jason pushed the guy away from Chris’s hole and once again tried to enter Chris’s tight fuck canal. This time he was more successful and the head of his cock disappeared into the moist brown anus.  Jason only paused for a minute then he lifted the leg more and moved his whole cock deep into Chris’s hole.  There was a sound of painful pleasure from Chris.  Jason only paused for a brief moment then started fucking without mercy.  

Kevin was very gentle but continued to fuck me by pulling his cock almost all the way out, and then move back in slow and easy.  It was a smooth and passionate fuck.  Kevin liked to kiss and I liked kissing him back.  In between kisses I turned to watch my Jason fucking the new Fire Chief, Chris.  I assumed they had fucked many times when in the Marines together.

I looked around and notice almost every one of the 20 guys had partnered up, if not with one person but two or even three at a time.  Everyone seemed to be having a great sexual time.  I looked around and wondered where Sam was, and if he was enjoying himself.  I heard the showers running in the other room and the sounds of moaning and groaning coming from everywhere.

Kevin and I were still fucking and loving every move.  I knew by the heavy breathing that Kevin was about to have an orgasm.  He pumped harder and suddenly grunted, held my legs apart and shot a big load into my welcome hole.  I could feel the warm juices squirting against the lining of my love canal.  I almost came at the same time, but managed to hold off until later.

 He lay on top of me, kissed me softly and whispered in my ear.  “Man. That was the best fuck I’ve had in years.  Your lover was right, you are a great fuck.  I hope we can do this more often.  I’m a horny bastard and love to cum at least 4 times a day, so if you’re ass is available, then let’s do this again soon.” The he kissed me again and let his cock ease out of my man pussy.  I tightened my inter muscles to hold in his warm juices.

 Just as he got off the bed I notice Terry was standing by me jacking on his cock.  “You ready for another load of cum.  Now that you are wet and filled with several loads of cum, I want to fuck you right now.  These young punks are afraid I’ll split them open with my thick cock, besides you’re the best fuck around.”

He got on the bed, lifted my legs to his broad shoulders, and started to guide his big cock to my sloppy wet hole: the way he liked it. Then he looked back at Jason and Chris at the other end of the bed.

 “Jason. Move over to the left so I can watch that horse cock being shoved into that hot mans ass.  You look great, man.  I’m gonna fuck your sweet brother's man pussy, and give him more lube so we can ‘gangbang’ him tonight.  What do you say?” He looked down at me wondering if I was willing to take on a few more cocks. “Are you ready to be a good host to your new Firefighters tonight? They are a hot looking bunch.”

“Sure Terry.  I ready to be a good host to everyone.  Now ‘shut the fuck up’ and give me some of that big cock of your.  Fuck me good and fill my ass with your cowboy cream. I feel like being a used whore tonight.”

Kevin placed his cum coated cock to my mouth so I could clean the cum from his cock while Terry was guiding his meat to my moist hole.  Jason was still humping his buddy Chris but was about to empty his cock into his anus cavities.  After I cleaned Kevin’s cock, he bent down, kissed me, and then joined the other men in the showers. 

I parted my buns and helped Terry guide his hard thick cock to my fuck hole.  He sure had a thick one, but I had taken him before and remembered how fantastic a fucker he was.  Jason was still going wild fucking Chris and was now dumping a load in his friend.  One of the BBC men had been standing by the bed watching Jason fuck and as soon as Jason pulled out, the man started licking his semi-hard cock until he was clean.

 Just as soon as Jason moved off the bed, the BBC man got between Chris’s legs and shoved his dick into him.  Chris wasn’t expecting another fuck so soon but me didn’t seem to mind and grabbed the guy’s buttocks and pulled him closer to enjoy the full size cock buried in his asshole.  Jason’s cum was still oozing from Chris’s ass so it was easy for the guy to go in quick and easy.  It seemed Chris was enjoying himself and the openness of the party.

Terry had gotten his huge cock deep in my body and was moving his cock in and out of my hole.  I think I enjoyed his cock more than most of the guys that fucked me, except my hunky brother Jason, but Terry seem to rub against spots that very seldom got touched.  I knew I would shoot my load while he fucked me. 

Jason leaned over and kissed me then joined Kevin and a few other guys in the shower.  Meanwhile Terry began to fuck me harder than most of my other fuckers.  Gawd, I had really loved to have men fuck me like this.  I was still wondering how Sam was doing.  I know he loved to be fucked almost as much as I did.  I would have to compare notes later after the party.


This was not the end of the party, but I’ve decided to continue it in another chapter.  Keep watching.  I hope I have it finished by next weekend.  Your storyteller Richard  

Continued. Story by Richard Barber
12/18/2008 Word Count 4,494

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Bareback City, Part 09, Taking a tour.


Taking a tour.

I took the two Desert Rangers 1st Lieutenant , Blake Bricks, and Lieutenant Hank Hanson, to the employee’s cafeteria called ‘The Country Kitchen’, to eat. My brother Jason, Jerry, the stuntman, and the two Sheriff Deputies Jeff and Bo  were already seated at one of the large tables.  When Jason saw us entering the cafeteria, he come over to the entrance and greeted our new guest. 

“Rangers, welcome to the employee’s cafeteria.  Your meal is on the house, just help yourselves to a variety of some of the best food in the City.  I’ll  have to admit it is the only one open at the present time but I think you’ll find it quite to your liking.  After you fill your trays, please come over to our table and I’ll introduce you to a few of the staff and employees of Bareback City.”

“The employee’s cafeteria joined the ‘Hole in the Wall’ saloon. The food service was presently for the employees, but after our grand opening, we will have several more food establishments ready for use.  We’ll have a small casual restaurant, and a nicer formal restaurant at the ‘Cattleman’s Hotel and Bar across the street.  We hope to be able to sever numerous people at a time.”

The Rangers and I, filled our food trays and join them at a large table. Jason started introducing the Desert Rangers to some of the men at the table.

“I want you Rangers to feel at home here and your meals are always on the house.  I think you’ve met Terry earlier, the head of our Stuntmen team.  We’ll be putting on small western shows as the days go on.  You saw us rehearsing for the fake ‘Bank Robbery’ this morning and we have other shows planned later.  So if you hear gunfire, and lots of noise during the days in the near future, you’ll understand it’s just us rowdy City folks making all the racket.”

“I think you know my brother, lover, and right had man, Clint.  I trust he gave you a satisfying  welcome.”  Every one was introducing themselves, shaking hands and getting acquainted. 

“Oh yeah!” Ranger Blake said. “Clint gave us both a satisfying 'blow by blow' ..umm...description of some of the happenings around town.  We both look forward to repeating our pleasures the next time we visit your city.  I know now how you came up with the name ‘Bareback City’.  Very appropriate.  Clint is a good ambassador and an excellent bareback rider.” Then the men all laughed.

The men talked and joked around while eating, then Jason made a suggestion to the Rangers.  “If you men have some spare time, I’d like to show you around the other parts of the City.”

“We still have a few more hours to spare, but have to get back to the station before night fall.” Ranger Blake spoke for the men. “ We’d love to see more. We’ve already had a good tour of your ‘Outhouse for Men’ and if that’s any indication of the other action taking place around here, we’d love to see it as well.  Come on Hank.  You might be surprised what the rest of the world is like.” 

As the men walked to the main street, Jason was explaining the main scheme of ‘Bareback City’.   A group of ex-Marines and other unemployed Veterans formed a corporation after I purchased 1,000 acres of desert and the old ghost town here.  Some company tried to develop it before, but went broke and owed back taxes, so I bought it cheap. We all own a share of the city now, but I am the chairman and owner.”

“We decided to develop ‘Bareback City’ like the exact cities of the old west. Before America’s frontier was first developed, it was only men that dared to head out west. Women came much later and even then there were few and far between.  We are running this city with Men only and we are having an excellent moment in time.”

“This place is a haven for men that have been through hell with their spouses and had bad divorces. In Bareback City the men can relax, not under lot of pressure, enjoy the company and companion of other men, and enjoy man to man sex without complications.  We’re a very open and understanding group, but still maintain reasonable and unspoken rules that all have contracted when becoming part of Bareback City.  So far we haven’t had any problems and no complaints.  Everyone works together to make it a comfortable and profitable city.”

“Across the street at the ‘Horney Toad Hall’  we have all sorts of  stage shows, male strippers, dancers, and sexual exhibition activity, Today there’s a group of dancers called, ‘Foreman Dick and his Ranch Hands Performers.’  They’re like the Chippendale Dancers only they have 12 handsome, masculine young, well hung studs, cowboy dancers that do more than just dance.”

“’‘Foreman Dick’ the leader of the group, is a few years older than the rest of the dancers but is hung exceptionally well.  I mean like 14 thick inches of man meat.  During the evenings performance he challenges any volunteer from the audience to come upon the stage and he’ll give them $100.00  if they can take his cock up the ass and let him fuck you until he cums.  After he gets a  volunteer, and he usually does, the other dancer stands close to the edge of the stage, masturbate to music, and shoot their jizz on the audience when they cum.  It’s a wild show. Worth seeing sometime.”

“We are setting up similar performances at other Bars with Stages. The ‘White Swallow Bar’ has game night called ‘your turn in the barrel’. I’ll show you that one later.  They’re still drilling holes in a large Wine barrel in the center of the room. You can only guess what happens there.”

“Another fun place is called ‘The hole in the wall.’  It’s a nice place to relax after a hard day.  You can roll and smoke your own while having a nice glass of wine, beer, or liqueur’,  then when you’re in the mood, you buy a ticket with an image of one of your favorite celebrities or heroes. Then you  go to the back room, find a life size picture on the door of a booth, and go into one of  several private booths with Glory Holes drilled in the wall. On the other side is someone to satisfy your needs.”

“I’d like to take your picture, Ranger Blake, and put it on one of the doors.  I think you’d be a very popular celebrity and your tickets would sell like hotcakes.  You’re a very handsome man and I would like to get you in bed with me and Clint sometime soon.  Now on with the tour.”

“We have a nice modern hotel at the end of the block.  It has been upgraded but the hotel guests can still share the large community shower room on each floor. We don’t think we’ll have too many complaints about that.  It’s a good way to meet new people staying at the hotel.”

“We also have a small outdoor pool where guest are required to swim in the nude.  Hot cabana boys serve drinks and pass out towels.  If you tip the cabana boy well, you can spend a few pleasant moments in the Cabanas.  The message and steam room seem to be a very popular place to relax too. Some of our staff have already checked them out. We encourage our employees to mingle with the guest and keep them entertained.”

“At the other end of the ‘Cattleman’s Hotel’ is a small shopping mall that connects with the lobby.  There are small shops with sweets, men’s custom jewelry,  Western Oil paintings, lithographs, flower shop, and other items of interest for tourist. In the center of the building facing the street is a small bank and post office where you can actually do banking and use the post office.” 

“We have an excellent Tailor Shop on this side of the street next to the Fire House operated by an old acquaintance, Tom. If you ever need any western clothes or boots, Tom is the guy to see.  He is also an excellent tailor and could give your pants an extra stitch or two to help you to show off your hot looking ass or some of that cock hanging down your leg. Not only is he a good tailor, but is one of the best cocksuckers and ass rimmers on the street. I met him when I was in the service.  He tailored my uniforms and  the first to work my ass over and drain my nuts.” 

“On the other side of the Fire House, is the Stables and Leather Shop.  If you’re in the market for leather good, belts, whips, pulleys, sex toys  and such, then you should see ‘Mighty Joe’ or his partner Rodger.  If they don’t have it in stock, they can make it for you.  He might want to show you his swing or rack and unless you’re in the mood for some S and M stay clear of the back room or asking for a demonstration because Mighty Joe is another huge man in all departments.”

“We keep most of our horses there at that stable and have an excellent stable master, Mr. Fox, and several capable young stable boys to care for your horses.  You can leave your horses there while you’re visiting and they'll be in good hands.”

The Firehouse next to the Stables has a couple of old fire equipment units that are still in use but are mainly for show and Parades we will be having soon. They’ll be pulled by a couple Clydesdale horses that were loaned to us by a generous donor. They are fantastic animals.”

“Above the Firehouse I have remodeled as  mine and Clint’s loft home.  It was used at one time by firemen and has full restrooms and showers.  A big fireplace was added later.  After the city was abandon by the previous owners, it was used as a storage room.  I found many antiques and they are now used throughout the city and in my loft. Blake, I’ll have to take you upstairs on your next visit to show you my personal California King Size bed.  I made it myself. It has lots of room for playing and excellent for 3 or more people.”

As Jason and Blake continued the tour, the other Ranger Hank and the two Sheriff’s Deputies, Bo and Jeff, wander off to the old Jailhouse.  If I knew those two rascals they would have the Ranger, stripped and cuffed to the bars for further inspection.  I thought I would peek in the Jailhouse side window to see what they were up to.

Just as I had expected, lucky Ranger Hank was handcuffed to the jail bars, with his cock through the bars getting sucked off my a couple inmates. Jeff and Bo had his pants down around his ankles and  were taking turns rimming the Ranger’s sweet ass.  I knew after they got him hot enough they would find a way to get their dicks up his ass and take turns fucking him.  By the look on Ranger Hank’s face I would say he was in ‘Ranger Heaven’.

I thought I’d join them and see if I could get in on some of this action.  I opened the side door to the Jailhouse and went to the back room jails where the action was taking place.  Inside the locked jail were  2 of the young bar waiters from one of the salons. One was licking and sucking on Hank’s big nuts and the other one was going up and down on his cock.  He was moaning and enjoying this new adventure.

Deputy Bo was down on his knees, spreading Ranger Hanks ass cheeks and was rimming the fuck out of his asshole. Meanwhile Deputy Jeff was standing by his side jacking on his cock. When he saw me he motioned for me to join them.  I kneeled before Jeff and started lapping the abundant juices dripping from his cock. He let out a sigh of pleasure as I continued to suck on his big cock and balls.

 Deputy Bo took a deep breath and took another go at Ranger Hank’s wet asshole.  When he saw me sucking Deputy Jeff’s cock he wink and motioned for me to pleasure Hank’s ass for awhile.  I hadn’t rimmed much ass, but Hank’s ass was so hot looking, how could I resist.  I spread his tight muscular cheek buns and observed his tender brown anus, then I immediately buried my face in his butt.  While I was enjoying my feast of tender butt hole, Deputy Bo whispered in my ear. 

“I think this guy is ready for his first cowboy fucking.  What do you say?  Just stand up behind him and I will help you guide your cock into his ass.  He might be a virgin but I know he can handle it, besides what else can he do, he’s cuffed to the bars and is getting sucked off by those two hungry cocksuckers.  He is ripe and ready.  Go to it Clint.”

I stood, dropped my jeans, and retrieve my already hard cock.  Bo placed my cock in his mouth and got it super wet and pulled my cock towards Ranger Hank’s opening.  He spread his cheeks and guided my cock to his hole.  Hank never protested my attempt, but pushed back towards me welcoming my dick.

 The two cocksuckers paused while I got the head of my cock into his tight wet hole…..and it was tight but we managed to get my dick past his opening. He let out a painful sound and moved back and my whole 8 inch cock slid right into his love canal.  We stood still for a few minutes then he put his cock back thru the bars to get sucked some more while I rested my cock in his warm hole.

Jeff stood next to Hank and started kissing his cheek until Hank turned and started kissing him.  Bo dropped behind me and started rimming my ass.  I assumed when he got my asshole wet, he would fuck me while I fucked Hank. 

I moved my cock slowly in and out of  Hank until he got accustomed to my cock, then I reached around and started caressing his nipples.  Bo stood behind me and guided his cock into my ass and started fucking me.   The room had turned into a daisy-chain of sucking and fucking. 

Ranger Hank was about to cum.  I could feel his ass muscles tighten.  This was my sign to fuck him hard and deep.  Bo just stood and let me move back and forth on his cock as I fucked, thus causing him to moan with pleasure.  I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I buried my cock deep into Ranger Hanks hole.  He cut loose with a grunt and started cumming in one of the bar boy’s mouth.  Bo stated trembling and emptied his baby makers deep in my hole.  Jeff had been jacking on his cock while kissing Hank, and when he was ready to cum, he put his cock thru the bars while one of the boys took his load. It was  awesome.

Deputy Bo was the first to break the daisy-chain.  He pulled his cock out of my hole and went to the boys behind the bars and told them to clean his cock. Then when he was clean, I pulled my dick from Ranger Hank’s used hole and told the boys to clean my cock.  Deputy Jeff undid the handcuffs from Hank’s wrist.  He slowly adjusted himself and straightened up his clothes. 

Ranger Hank was the first to speak. “Is this the way you always treat yourlocal Rangers? You molest them, chain them to the jail bars, and take advantage of them.”

Jeff, who is usually very quiet spoke.  “Well Yeah. Do you have a problem with this?”

“No. Just wondering what to expect the next time we come thru town next week. I was hoping this wasn’t just a one time thing. By the way, men, this was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“I think I better go find 1st Lt. Blake.  Knowing him, he’s probably fucking that young stable boy where we left our horses today.  I haven’t been riding with him very long, but now that I see he liked to fuck men, there might be some interesting night on the desert.”

“By the way, if you Deputies have military police service and still have your gun permits, you can take the county/state examines and become full fledged Rangers and legally make arrest if need be.  I would  also like to inform you  that ‘you’re all under arrest for forcible molesting an officer of the law’…but I’ll overlook it this time if you promise to do this again!” 

Continued story by
Richard Barber, 
12/7/2008, Word Count-2,869