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Bareback City, Part 13, Still Cruising


Still Cruising the Board-walk.

I left the Cafeteria after a nice lunch and a rough fucking by one of the new hot firemen, Kevin. I started early this morning to check out the shops and places along the West side of the BBC Boardwalk but I wasn’t even at the end yet. I have been sucked off once, fucked Tom’s new stock boy, sucked off one of the cowboys in the Glory Hole store, and gotten banged by Kevin in the Cafeteria men’s room, and I still had two places to go before I crossed the street to the other side. What a day. I just love it here at Bareback City.

My next visit was to the Jail-house where I could always depend on some hot sex with either the Sheriff, one or more of his 3 Deputies, or even someone already locked in the jail for breaking some misdemeanor law. Sometime Bo or Jeff would just throw a dude in jail because they were horny and needed some sex. No one ever resisted being arrested by these hunks because they usually had a good time. I recall the time when Bo abducted me and took me to jail for no reason. I was gang-banged by Bo, Jeff, some of the inmates and Sheriff, Buster. It was the first time I’d taken on more than one man at a time, and I loved it.

When I was about to enter the Jail-house, who should ride up on his horse but First Lieutenant Blake Bricks of the Arizona Desert Rangers and another Ranger, I had never met. Blake told me he had several other young trainees that he would bring around during his cruise through the desert. He hadn’t been by here for several weeks and I was excited to see him. He was a handsome hunk, great sex, and I enjoyed being with him.

They dismounted from their horses and tied them to the rail. Blake was happy to see me. He grabbed me, picked me up, and hugged me, like a long lost brother.

The other Ranger just watched as we greeted each other.

Damn Clint. You’re looking better each time I see ya. How’s my favorite little fucker?” He said as he grabbed my ass.

You’ve been without too long, I can tell. Who’s taking all that cock these days, you big hunk?” I joked back at him.

I’m not getting any. I’ve been saving it up for you, you hot little fucker. I’ve gotta talk to Sheriff Buster for awhile, so why don’t you go along with my young Ranger friend here, Randy, and water the horses and cool them off. It will give you two some time to get acquainted. Now be nice to him. He’s still pretty naive about things, and I’m not sure how he’ll take Bareback City. He's a good man. Treat him like you do me when we are alone”

Randy, this is my good buddy Clint. He’s a damn good host and will show you around town. I’ll check back with you two later. I need a drink and a cool shower, and…..whatever comes next.” Blake laughed again and slapped me on the butt. “See you men later.” He said as he went into the Sheriff’s office.

Hi Randy. My name’s Clint. We can take the horses over to the Feed Barn where we can water and take care of the horses. They also have a nice place to take a cool shower in the back of the barn.” I said as I took the reigns of Ranger Blake’s horse and led them to the barn next to the Sheriff’s Office. I took a quick look at Randy as Blake was talking to me. Randy was about 24 or 25, He had dark hair and a trim goatee, sexy eyes and a trim firm body and a hot looking butt.

We guided the horses up to a watering trough and while they drank, we took the saddles and gear off their back and placed them over the railing. We found some brushes, oil, and towels to brush down the horses. We took off our shirts and went to work.

We talked small talk until we finished and guided the horses into a nearby stable and let them eat. I directed Randy to the shower and locker room and we started to strip down. He already had removed his shirt so I got a good look at his sparsely hair covered chest.

His arms were firm but not overly so. His stomach was tight with muscular abs and very sexy when he was covered with sweat. He had a cute face and a boyish smile. He was struggling while removing his boots. I backed up to him, grabbed first one boot, and then the other as he pushed against my ass. Then he did the same for me.

He didn’t seem shy as he removed his Ranger pants, and hung them on the nearby hooks, then he removed his jock strap and out flopped a nice size soft cock and balls. The shower was large enough for about 3 men but only had two large shower heads.

After I adjusted the water temperature to warm, we both wet ourselves down to a refreshing shower. I usually get an immediate hard on when showering with a hot number, but under the cool water I stayed soft for now, but as I started soaping myself down I started to get hard. Then I started to soap Randy’s backside. He didn’t seem to mind.

I hope you don’t mind me washing your back.” I said

Gnaw. You get use to man to man contact when you grow up with four older brothers and the Rangers always to shower together too. It’s cool. Now turn around and let me wash your back.”

He turned around quickly. I had started to get a hard on and he looked down at my cock and smiled.

Lt Blake told me you liked men, but you sure fooled me. You don’t look ‘queer’ or is the term ‘Gay’ now. Gee, you have a large cock. You make me look small.” He said as he kept looking at my hard 8 inch cock.

I slowly caressed his soft cock. “Well if we work on yours a-bit I’m sure it will grow.” He didn’t pull away but let me play with his growing cock.

I must tell you, I’ve messed around with my brothers before, but it was never my idea. I was forced to do things with them I’d never done with any one else. First they made me jack them off, then it was sucking them, until finally they started fucking my ass.”

It first began as an unpleasant experience getting raped by my four brothers day after day, but after a while I got use to it. One day our pop, caught my oldest brother fucking me in the shower. He turned around and left without saying anything to us, but when my brothers were gone, he’d come into my room and took his turn fucking me. He had the biggest dick of all of them. It’s been several years since I left home and I have never messed around with another man since.”

Then he paused as his seven inch cock got harder and harder.

I think I miss it now. Would you fuck me up the ass?”

I was flabbergasted at his request. Here this hunky Ranger was asking me to fuck him. Wow.

Still looking down at my hard cock, he took it in his callused hands and jacked it back and forth slowly. He acted like a kid with a new toy or discovered a renewal with his long lost friend again. He was anxious to get fucked again and I was the one he had chosen. He turned his back to me, looked over his shoulder, and tenderly said.

Please be gentle. It’s been a long time. I want us both to enjoy this. Let me guide it to my anus, and let it go in naturally. Please don’t ram it in.”

My hard cock was soaped up and ready for action. I placed my hand on his shoulder and leaned him over. He braced himself against the cool shower wall, reached around, and guided my cock up and down his butt crack until we found his butt hole. I moved in slowly as it eased into his anus. He cringed, but moved back on my cock some more. Suddenly it was going in, fast. It slid past the half way mark and went all the way in. He cringed again and then sighed.

I think you’re in Cowboy. Hold it right there for a minute until I get use to it. Then we can fuck like men. Oh yes. Ride me Cowboy. Your big cock feels nice in me. Okay, take your time at first, then do what men do when they fuck.”

Gawd, His ass was so warm and tight. I was afraid I would cum immediately, but waited so he could get use to my cock. I wanted to fuck his hot muscular butt. I left my one hand on his shoulder and the other on his firm hard buttock. He was a hot dude, and here I was fucking him instead of him fucking me. What a switch.

I braced myself under the water and started to move in and out of him very slow but deliberate. He was begging to relax. I began fucking him faster. He would gasp and moan each time it went in, or I pulled it out. Soon I was pulling almost all the way out, then shoving it back in harder. He seemed to adjust to my fucking and soon we were really going at it.

We were so into the fucking that I didn’t see or hear Dirk, the stable man enters the shower room and started taking off his clothes. I had sucked Dirk off earlier this morning at the Glory Hole store. We soon discovered who was on the other side of the GH during our session. After I had sucked him off, he said he wanted to fuck me sometime, and by the looks of his hard cock, he was ready to have a go at me now.

I turned and put my finger up to my mouth motioning for him to be quiet. He understood and quietly got into the shower with Randy and me. I was anxious for him to fuck me but didn’t want to scare Randy.

Randy. We have company, but don’t get shook up. It’s just Dirk, one of the stable men. He’s gonna join us. He gonna fuck me while I fuck you. Just relax while I get his cock into my ass.”
Come on Dirk. He knows you’re here now and I think its okay.”

Dirk smiled and soaped up his cock as he felt my wet buttocks. He quickly moved behind me and stuck a couple of his finger in my hole. He sighed, spread my cheeks, and directed his big cock to my anus. I slowly moved backwards, still holding onto Randy’s body. Dirk moved in closer and his cock slid into my welcome hole. I still retained Kevin’s load from my ‘lunch time fuck’, so it went in pretty easy. I moaned and waited before moving.

Dirk grabbed my buttocks and leaned forward. I turned my head and as his cock was sliding in we kissed. My cock pulsated. I had never had a 3 way this way. I was being sandwiched in between two hunky studs. I was in Cowboy heaven.

The fresh shower water was continuously running over our bodies as we fucked. Randy kept his face towards the wall, not once looking around at Dirk. I think he was still shy. I continued to fuck him as I was getting fucked at the same time. I could feel myself getting ready to shoot my load up Randy’s sweet ass. I moved faster.

The three of us got into a rhythm: as I went in Randy, Dirk pulled out of me. It was a wild sensation. Dirk and I was trying to kiss in-between movements. Dirk’s cock swelled within me as he started getting closer to his climax.

We all knew any time now we would explode in a fantastic crescendo of hot and pleasant orgasms. I was ‘jacking’ on Randy’s cock and he started to cum. His ass muscles gripped my gushing cock then my muscles tightened around Dirk’s gushing cock. We were ecstatic with sexual pleasure. Randy’s ass muscles seem to milk down my cock as I came. It was awesome.

As we slowly came down from our moments of pleasure, we remained silence. Dirk slowly pulled his semi-hard cock from my cum filled hole. I slowly eased my cock from Ranger Randy’s tight hole.

Randy shyly looked around at the two of us and smiled then introduced himself to Dirk. They shook hands then we continued showering.

Dirk rubbed his hands over Randy’s body and eased his finger to his wet hole. Randy was surprised at the sudden entry but stood his ground. Dirk gripped Randy’s body, turned him around, dropped to his knees in the shower, and buried his face in Randy’s ass, sucking out the juices I had just dumped into Randy.

I grinned when I saw the shocked look on Randy’s face as Dirk started rimming his asshole. I took Randy in my arms and held him tight. He turned his face towards me and softly kissed me on my lips. I responded by kissing him back. He would quietly slightly as his ass was being loved. He whispered softly to me.

That was a good fuck, Clint. Do you think I could get Dirk to fuck me as well. Oh gawd getting my ass eaten is hot. I think I need to get fucked again while I have the chance. This may never happen again for a long time and I want to remember this day. Oh Gawd. He feels so good. Would you ask him if he will fuck me?”

Why don’t you ask him yourself. I’m sure he’d be more than willing. Go ahead and ask him.”

Randy turned his head and looked down at Dirk. He touched his head and pushed him deeper in his buttocks.

Dirk. That feels amazing. I’d like for you to put your dick up my ass and give me another Cowboy fucking. Would you fuck me? Please fuck me cowboy. I need more cock.”

Dirk couldn’t believe his ears. He was more than willing to fuck this hot Ranger’s ass. Indeed! He stood and spread Randy’s cheeks and put the head of his cock to his tight sensitive fuck hole ready to fuck, but suddenly he stopped.

Let’s go into the stables. I have an idea. Put on your Ranger Hat and booths. I want you to be comfortable while we have sex. Follow me.”

Randy and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Randy put on his boots and hat as Dirk requested and we went into the stable. We followed Dirk into an empty stable except for a large sling handing from the ceiling. Dirk explained the apparatus to us.

This is a support sling where we place horses when they have problems standing. I’ve placed a soft horse blanket in the sling and I want you to lie down here, and place your hands to the end ropes and your legs here.” Dirk directed Randy into the sling. I knew already what kinky thing he had in mind.

Dirk helped Randy into the sling, took his wrist and tied them to the end of the sling, then lifted and spread his legs to the other end of the sling. Dirk put on his cowboy hat and boots and stood at the end of the sling. Dirk had a container of horse rub and used it on his hard cock for lubrication, then he slid his cock directly into Randy. Dirk took off a red bandanna he was wearing around his neck, tossed it to me, and motioned for me to blind fold Randy while he was getting fucked. Dirk motioned for me to come to him. He told me in a low voice so Randy couldn’t hear.

Go to the Sheriffs office and get Bo and Jeff. I want them to share this hot numbers ass. If that other Ranger is still there….ah Ranger Blake, bring him along too. I’m sure he would like to get in on the fun.”

I slipped into my jeans, put on my boots and went to the Sheriff’s office. When I told Bo and Jeff what we had in store for them, they immediately came running to get some ass. They could never turn down a tight man pussy. 
Sheriff Buster and Ranger Blake were deep in conversation and didn’t hear the conversation between me and the two Deputies.

When I returned with Bo and Jeff, Dirk was still fucking Randy. It was very kinky but so hot to watch this hot looking cowboy fucking the sexy Ranger’s ass. The sling was just perfect height for a man to stand at the end of the sling and guide his cock into his fuck partner.

Bo and Jeff quietly undressed and stood closely by watching the fucking action. Dirk was a sexy handsome man and had excellent physical movements. I liked watching his firm muscular ass and his low hanging balls slapping against Randy. I wanted to get fucked by Dirk again sometime soon. His big cock fit well in my anus.

I leaned over to Randy’s nipples and ran my tongue around one of them and massaged the other with my finger tips. He responded to the sensuous touch of my mouth and fingers and uttered a sound of approval.

Dirk started fucking hard and deep. He held Randy’s legs to keep the sling from swaying too much. I got closer to watch his cock sliding in and out of Randy’s ass. Dirk motioned for me to kiss him while he shot his load of cum into Randy. Dirk started to cum and muttered moans of pleasure as he used Randy as a cum dump.

Cum was dripping out of Randy’s ass. Bo and Jeff stood quietly jacking on their cocks waiting their turn at the Ranger. I started sucking on Bo to get him wet before he fucked. I liked sucking Bo’s nice firm cock. When he was wet and ready to fuck, I guided his cock to Randy’s asshole and held onto his balls as he pushed in. Ranger Randy didn’t know another cowboy was going to fuck him and he seemed surprise when he felt another hard cock entering his ass.

Hey guys. What’s happening here? Take my mask off. I want to see what is going on.” Just then Bo shoved his cock deep in the cum filled hole causing Randy to grunt. “Oh that feels good. Who’s fucking me now?”

Shut up, Bitch, we’re using you for our ‘cum dump’, so shut up and enjoy it.” Dirk surprisingly said to Randy.

Yeah. We are gonna make you our ‘pussy man’ today and use your hot Ranger ass until we get our nuts off, so just be quiet and enjoy.
Bo said.

Randy realized he was in no position to argue, besides he was really getting off on being used. It reminded him of the times his four brothers would take turns at his ass. He wondered who was using his hole but something told him to relax and enjoy his new found friends. He was theirs to use as they pleased.

Randy’s cock stayed hard as his asshole was being used. I leaned over and sucked on his hard cock while Bo fucked him. Bo wasn’t very gentle as he fucked. He pulled his cock in and out fast and hard, then he’d pause and start over again. Bo gave out a gasp and shot his cum deep in Randy, paused and slowly pulled out, wiped his cock on Randy’s leg and stood back so Jeff could take his turn.

Jeff was hard and quickly pushed his cock deep into Randy. He was a good fucker and would move in and out, then around and around, then back in hard. Randy fucked for a few minutes then gave Randy another hot load. He remained in Randy for a few minutes and when he pulled out of his hole more man juices ran out of his cum filled anus. Dirk had placed a large tin cum on the ground to catch the over flowing cum easing out of Randy’s hole.

I couldn’t wait much longer and had to have another turn at fucking Randy. I put my dick to his moist cum filled hole and shoved it. His hole was so warm and wet and overflowing from cum. It was hot knowing that 3 other dudes loads were in him and my cum was going to be mixed with the others. I was so excited I only fucked for a few minutes when I came. More cum eased out of his hole and ran into the metal cup on the floor.

As I was enjoying my last fucking, I heard Lt Blake and Sheriff Buster as they came into the other end of the Barn. I had just finished and was pulling out my wet cock when I heard the Sheriff deep voice.

What the fuck are you horny studs up to this time? Oh my Gawd. You’re using the sling again Dirk. What lucky bastard are you using this time? Why the hell didn’t you call me? You know I always enjoy a good piece of ass.” He said as he looked over the naked guys waiting patiently for another round at Randy’s fuck hole.

Hey Sheriff. We knew you’d smell out some sexual activity but you were talking to Lt Blake. Hey Blake. Would you like to fuck some hot man pussy?

I know you’ll enjoy this one. He’s one of yours.”

What the hell. Did you cowboys abduct my partner? Let me take a look. I knew if anyone would break him in, it would be you horny bastards.” Ha Ha. 
Wow. Never seen a horse sling used in this order. Good idea.” Blake said as he kicked off his boots and started to take off his shirt.

He leaned on my shoulder as he started to pull off his pants. 
There’s my little fuck buddy. Forgive me but I think I better have a go at my trainee’s hot looking ass before he gets all used up. Um Huh. I knew he looked good but he’s looks even hotter tied up and blindfolded like that. Woo wee. Get me wet, Clint. I’m gonna get me some hot man pussy. Yes indeed.”

I gladly dropped to my knees and took Lt Blake’s big cock into my mouth. He tasted great, hot and musky and warm sweaty balls. I licked his balls and before continuing on his semi-hard cock.

Damn, little buddy. You’re hot mouth feels as good as ever. If I wasn’t so hot for his fuck hole, I’d throw you a long hot fuck. After I fuck Randy, I’d like to give you my next load. Oh fuck. That feels so good. Steer my prick to his wet slutty hole. I’m gonna show my trainee how to enjoy his Lieutenant’s dick.”

I don’t think Randy knew Lt Blake was gonna be his next fucker. Bo had some ammo-nitrate ‘Poppers’ and was about to break open one and put it under Randy’s nose.

I didn’t want to stop sucking Blake’s cock, but I wanted to see him fuck Randy. I guided his cock to the wet hole. He moved closer then as soon as he found the opening, Bo put the Popper under Randy’s nose and Blake shoved his fat cock deep into his hole.

Randy felt the effects right away and started to move wildly while tied to the sling. “Oh gawd. Fuck me someone. Fuck me. Gawd. I need a big cock fucking my ass. Fuck me. Fuck me.” He cried out wildly.

Blake held onto the sling and fucked hard and wildly, plunging in and out of Randy’s ass without mercy. Meanwhile Bo put the Popper under Blake’s nose which caused him to fuck even harder.

Man. This is a wild stallion. Oh fuck. Damn. What a wild hot pussy. Mm Huh. Good fuck”

Whoopee, Ride em Ranger!” someone called out. “Ride that hot pussy.”

Story By Dick Clinton at
Word Count.4,119, 4/5/2009

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Bareback City, Part 12, Nice Day for a walk

Bareback City, Part 12

Nice day for a walk on BBC board-walk.

After my breakfast with Sam and Jason in the Fire-house loft, I put on my clothes and decided I would take a jaunt around town to see how the new shops, bars, restaurants, and clubs were progressing. I had been so involved with the new firemen that I had neglected many of the other action going on.

Jason suggested I observe the businesses along the boardwalk and report to him this evening. He wanted to make a report to the Board of Directors of BBC about the progress or needs of the community. We have been growing so fast that the board needed a report. The governing body was a city council consists of Jason, head of the Board of Directors, and 12 other men who had financial interest in the city. BBC didn’t have a Mayor yet, but they were planning on having a ‘mock election’ to select a man for the job. BBC already had a Sheriff and four county enforcement officers. I had been one of the first guests at the Jail-house, and was the main attraction at the Jail-house Orgy.

My first stop was to check the men’s room right next to our Firehouse loft. When I went inside two men were in the booths. One man was giving head to his neighbor through a glory hole. I had to take a piss at the urinal, and when I finished I saw a finger at the hole inviting me to put my cock through the hole. How could I resist an early morning blow job? I put my cock through the hole and after a few good deep sucks, I gave the cock sucker a nice load. 
My next stop was to say ‘Hi’ to Tom the Taylor at his shop. The door bells sounded as I entered the shop. I continued shopping while I waited for Tom to come to the front of the store. I heard some moaning and peeked through the curtains at the back of the shop to see Tom fucking the hell out of his new ‘stock and fuck boy’ he was about to hire during the season.

He motioned for me to come in so he could introduce me to a hot looking teenage blond boy, Lyn. The boy, about 16, was well build, hot round buttocks and a good size cock. Tom held onto the boys buttocks and was slowly enjoy a nice fuck while he nonchalantly talked to me.

Clint. This is Lyn, my new shop helper. We are just getting acquainted this morning for the first time. I am well pleased by his performance, but I could use a second opinion. Stick around for a few minutes.”

Tom said as he continued to fuck the boy’s ass as he leaned over the end of the couch. Tom pulled me close to him as started kissing me while he fucked the blond boy, gave out a few grunts, and pumped a nice load up the boy’s ass. I got hard again, and while kissing Tom, and had taken out my cock and was ready to give Tom a second opinion by fucking Lyn.

As Tom eased his cock out of the boy’s cum filled hole, he directed my dick into his ass. It was nice and juicy from Tom’s big load. Tom and I continued to kiss while I fucked Lyn.

The front doorbells rang again. Tom pulled up his jeans and went to the front of the store to attend another customer. . I heard two men talking then Tom and another guy entered the room while I was still fucking and about to pop my load.

The man was Erick, one of the electricians that worked various electrical jobs around BBC. Tom asked him to drop by today to check on some wiring problem he was having in the back room.

I nodded to Erick but kept my hard cock buried deep in the boy
Don’t let us bother you, Clint. Erick’s gonna check on an electric plug problems I was having. Erick. Do you know Clint?” Tom said as he introduced me to this tall hot looking electrician. He made a good impression with his shirt open and exposing his hard rippling abs. He had a stern face and never blinked an eye as I stood with my pants down and my dick still in Lyn warm fuck hole.

Nice to know ya. Don’t seem like you are having any problems plugging your fuck partner, but maybe I should take a look at that hole your plugging before I leave. Is that okay with you Tim?”

Oh sure, Erick. A 3rd opinion would be fine with me. Now about the electrical problem. Over here.” Tom continued with Erick as I got back in the mood of fucking.

Erick was working on the electrical problem but kept a close eye on me as I fucked. “I see what the problem is and with a new plug in its place your problem should be over.” He replaced the plug then walked back over to me.

You have a hot looking ass Clint. I wouldn’t mind throwing my rod up your tight little buns. Would it distract you if I gave you a nice rimming while you fucked?” Erick said as he pulled off his work belt and dropped behind me, spread my ass and started licking my ass crack.

His beard was rough but added to the sensation while his fast moving tongue probed my ass. I was almost ready to cum when he first arrived but his appearance was distracting, but now I was receiving a great rim job from this hot electrician. When he had me wet, he stood, took out his hard cock, and rubbed it up and down my ass crack.

I stopped fucking Lyn, reached behind me and helped Erick ease his hard firm cock into my hole. He wasn’t large like some other dick I’ve taken, but it felt good. I was almost ready to cum but let him fuck me a few hard deep strokes. He was about to cum already, gave me a big hug, held me tightly, and plunged his gushing cock into my asshole. He rubbed my prostate and I shot my load up Lyn’s ass at the same time. It was a perfect end to a nice fuck.
Wow, Clint. Youre ass is great. Now move over and let me drop my next load in Lyn’s wet hole. I promised Tom I’d give him an opinion on Lyn’s fuck hole.”

I eased my still semi-hard cock out of Lyn as Erick guided his cock into the boy. I started to clean myself, but Tom dropped to his knees and started sucking, licking and cleaning my semi-hard cock. Tom was an excellent cocksucker and cleaner. I let him clean me good while Erick fucked Lyn. Erick leaned over and started kissing me. This must have turned him on again and soon he was banging Lyn’s ass until he shot his second load.

Lyn just rested on the arm of the couch and received our cocks like a good boy. He seemed to enjoying being fucked. I notice he had cum during one of our fucks. Tom was well pleased with his new employee and planned on keeping him around. As I was about to leave the shop, Tom told me I could use the boy anytime I wanted because I was one of his favorite people.

My next stop would be the book store and adult video store along the boardwalk. They had installed about a dozen video stall in the back room where you could watch a variety of adult-x-rated movies. I had never visited the back room before so thought I’d look it over. The clerk gave me a handful of free tokens for the movies, smiled, and told me to have fun.

It was still early in the day but I noticed several stalls were filled with men watching movies. I found myself a room, set on a small stool, dropped a few coins in the slot, and on came the movie. On each side of the room were large glory holes for viewing or having sex.

I had just set down when someone stood and placed their big cock through the hole for me to service. The cock looked familiar and was an extremely nice and suckable. I pulled his balls through the hole and gave them a good tongue bath. He tasted so good. I licked up and down his 9 inch cock, around the big cock-head, under, some of his foreskin then engulfed as much of the cock as I could. He sighed and slammed his body again the partition.

I could see his belt buckle through the hole, with the name ‘DIRK’ and realized it was one of the stable men, Dirk. This was the first time I had the chance to suck his cock and I was going to give him a good round of cock sucking. I would rather get him into a bed sometime where we could fuck, but a good blow job would have to do for now. I decided to take him off and try to get more personal with him another time. I worked his cock until he started pounding his firm body again the wall.

Oh Fuck man. Suck my cock. Take my load, cocksucker. I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh Fuuuuck! He uttered.

He was starting to cum at any time. The juices were flowing and his body tightens and he groaned with pleasure and released load after load of cowboy juices in my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed until he finally stopped cumming. I licked him clean and dry as he slowly withdrew his penis from my mouth. He looked into the hole at me and said.

Damn Clint. I didn’t know you were such a fucken good cocksucker. We’ll have to do this again. I’ve been wanting to fuck you for weeks now but never had the opportunity to get with you. Come over to the stables sometime this week so I can fuck that pretty little ass of your. Damn that’s a talented ball draining mouth you’ve got there Clint. Thanks. See ya later dude.”

Dirk left by the back door of the book store while I left by the front. It was a new experience for me using a glory hole to suck a cock. I liked it and found it exciting. I knew where I would spend some time when I wanted to suck a few anonymous cocks. That was stimulating.

It was about lunch time so I went to the Cafeteria for something to eat. The Cafeteria was a very popular eating place for the firemen, so I knew I would find some of my new buddies there. I filled my tray and set amongst a half a dozen firemen at one of the tables. I pulled up a chair and joined Robin, Kevin, John, Kyle and Berry at one of the tables. They were wearing their new firefighting uniforms, and they looked hot. The uniforms were tailored to look like 1890 firemen and were trimmed with extra gold braid trim on the collars and shoulders. I could tell they were proud about their new look.

They all looked so sexy but my favorite was Kevin. He was the oldest of the five, bigger in all departments and looked especially hot in his new uniform. I set across from him and gave him a smile and quick wink. He lifted his booted foot and rubbed up and down on my leg, winked back and makes a clicking sound with his mouth.

I remembered that wild fucking he gave me at the party we threw at the Firehouse loft. He grabbed me from the crowd and dragged me outside on the balcony and started kissing me, turned me around, bent me over the railing and rammed his thick cock up my ass. Thank goodness my ass was lubed by a couple other fucks earlier than evening.

We never spoke during the whole time of sex. He gave me an immediate fuck, pulled out his ramrod, and left me leaning over the balcony in the dark with his cum dripping from my well used ass. I hardly had a chance to enjoy the fucking but was looking forward to trying it again, only slower this time.

One of the firemen pointed out the two new bus boys. They were identical twins and were hung like ‘forever’. They were sons of Austin Powers, one of the hot sexy bartenders at ‘White Swallow Bar’. They would entertain on stage by having wild sex with each other and could give themselves a blow job. Their dicks were so long they could fuck each other at the same time. This I had to see.

I had to go to the restroom and excused myself. Inside the toilet were a couple urinals being used by two men, and two unoccupied toilet booths. I went to the last booth and took a short piss. When I finished I opened the door and Kevin was there. He pushed me back inside the booth and began roughly kissing me, turned me around, pulled down my jeans, bent me over the toilet bowl, stuck his hard fat cock into my wet hole, and filled me with his cock, just like he had done on the balcony that night.

He enjoyed forcing me into having sex with him, even though I would willingly gave him anything he wanted. I had to brace myself against the wall and take his brutal attack of my fuck hole. He roughly fucked me without mercy, shot a big load in me, pulled out, and left me standing with my pants still down. Not even a ‘thank you’ this time either. I guess he felt I was there for his use anytime or any way without question. That son-of-a-bitch. I’ve heard of ‘wham bam, thank you Mumm, but this was ridicules.

I composed myself, pulled up my jeans and went to the sink to wash. Another man must have been using the urinal when I was getting banged in the toiled. He looked at me and grinned. “That was sure a quickie. Huh? Does he always attack you like that? That guy was hot. Wish he’d do me that way sometime. Wow.”

Yeah. You know those firemen, always in a hurry to another fire.” Then we both laughed.

I went back to the dinning table and finished my lunch. Kevin was setting there talking to the other guys as if nothing had happened. I said my good byes to the men and headed on down the board-walk to continue making my inspection. 
Word Count, 2,389, 3/21/2009

Story by Dick Clinton at