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Welcome to Bareback City


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BAREBACK CITY, AZ is a fictitious  western ghost town located north of Maricopa city just off Arizona State Highway 347 also referred to as N. John Wayne Parkway.  This abandoned town and several hundred acres of dry desert land was recently purchased by Jason Johnson and a group of ex U.S. Service men and friends.

 The old abandoned town was first used in the 19th and 20th Century as a trading post for early Arizona miners, settlers and nearby Indians from the reservations.  It had a small creek and springs used for water supply  but when these dried up the town people began to abandon the area.

 Since the 20th century Arizona has directed water canals through the area on its way to Maricopa and the nearby community for farming and  local uses. Bareback City has made arrangements to use this water for their purpose and has built a water purifying system for their use. They also have a contract with a electrical company to let them use part of the area for Windmills to generated electricity for that area and gives BB City free use of electricity.

The main purpose of the city was for ex service men to renew and enjoy  their life and gay lifestyle. All the men have 'come out' and are well adjusted gay men and have found this rugged outdoor activity therapeutic from their unsettled and disturbing life in the past.

Jason recently made arrangements for his 18 year old half brother,
*(See Footnote below.)  Clint to be living with him in Bareback City.  Clint was a Los Angeles City boy and lived and studied in a private school for boys since he was abandoned by his parents when he was only 12.  Jason has been compensating Clint's schooling, room and board for several years, unknown by Clint. Now Clint has completed his schooling he is to report to his older brother in Arizona until he is secure enough to make a life of his own and perhaps go to college.

For those people that are shocked at Brotherly Love or Incest I would like to explain to you that Jason and Clint are not blood related.  Jason's Mother first husband was a workman on an oil rig and was lost at sea during a storm. 

Clint's mother died of child berth when Clint was born. Clint's father married Jason's mother. Thus Jason and Clint are from different parents. WHEW! Hope that makes things clear.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Bareback City, Part 14, "Ole West Mall"

Bareback City,  PART 14, ‘Ole West Mall’

As the hunky Desert Ranger, Randy was getting his ass plowed in the sling, I notice two of the new Firemen walking by the barn door.  They noticed a few naked men had gathered around some action taking place, and came in the barn to see what was going on. It was Lynn and Michael.  After they got over the shock of the orgy taking place, and saw the hot looking Desert Ranger getting fucked, they decided to join in.

Lynn was a quiet type until you got him in bed and Michael was one of my favorites because of his hairy body and sweet tasting cock. I sucked him off at the ‘Party’ when they first arrived and I remember Lynn fucking me in the showers.  I wanted to stick around to watch and participate in more sexual activity, but Jason was expecting me to meet him at the Wells Fargo Bank on the other side of the street.

Wells Fargo Bank is going to bring in one of their original parade wagons and park it in front of the Bank for Advertising purposes.  It would arrive by train, then be driven in from Maricopa by a team of horses, two drivers and a couple visitors.  I’ve seen the bright red and yellow horse drawn wagon in parades and it is a sight to be seen.  Jason has connections and knew the two drivers from his previous Marine activity. 

I left the Feed Barn and Stables at the south end of the street and crossed over to the east side of the main street.  At the south end of the street is the ‘Ole West Mall’ is a Boot shop, an Indian Souvenir shop, a home made candy and ice cream store, Men’s western ware, an Antique Clock and watch and men’s custom jewelry, Western Oil paintings and Lithographs shop.  A Drug and Herbal store,  a US post office, and a Wells Fargo Bank. A Chinese Laundry just opened just opposite the south end of the mall, run by a real Chinese friend of Jason, and the old two room school house has been converted into a grocery market. 

At the south  end of the ‘Ole West Mall’, is a bar called ‘The White Swallow’ with a small stage show and game night called ‘Your turn in the barrel’ which is very popular.  I though I’d check that one out before I went any further.
They have a huge empty wine barrel buried in the center of the room with holes drilled in it.  It serves as a stage when the games are not in session.  The main bar is also made up of several smaller wine barrels with hole drilled in them also.  I’m still wondering how and when these will go into service.

At the north end of the street is the two stories, 20 guest room ‘Cattlemen’s Hotel’ and the ‘The Horny Toad’ bar.  The hotel has been upgraded but the hotel guests can still share the large community shower room on each floor. We don’t think we’ll have too many complaints about that.  It’s a good way to meet new people staying at the hotel. A few men are already staying there until the rest of the employees’ barracks are being finished.

There is a small, but tasteful restaurant named ‘The Stake Out’  on the first floor of the hotel. I love their slogan; ‘You can’t beat our meat’,  and out side the north hotel lobby is a small restful garden. A  small and rustic looking ‘water hole’  is being built for cooling off under a 16 foot water fall. A hot pool or Jacuzzi  sets at the end of the pool and best of all a sign is posted. ‘NUDE SWIMMING ONLY’!

Other stores will be opened as the demands arise. It’s amazing how fast the stores had been leased and most were already open for business. We were all still waiting for the announcement of the ‘Grand Opening’ by invitation only. That should be a fun week.

As I came up the inside mall hallway, I saw ’The White Swallow’ bar had a few customers drinking and enjoying themselves. I had only met the head bartender Arin one time but we seem to get along quite well.  He was in charge of the management of all the bars at BBC. He would go from one bar to the other to make sure they were being kept clean and stocked properly before going to the next one. He always seemed so serious but was a good and fair businessman.  Jason knew he could depend on him.

Arin waved and motioned for me to come inside the bar.  There was a young man painting on the top of the large wine barrel/stage.  I set down at the bar as Arin placed a cold drink for me and offered his hand to shake.

“Hey partner. How’s it hanging Clint? Looks like you’re gettin a little color in your cheeks.  Guess this Arizona sun agrees with ya.  Gettin enough loving these days?  I just saw Jason and told him when he got tired of ya, I’d like ta saddle ya in for a couple weeks, but I don’t think he’d give ya up for nutten.  That Dude really thinks the world of ya, but thought I give it a try.  He said ta talk to ya about being one of the cocksuckers in the barrel one night.  See that stage out thar?  When we ain’t using it for a stage, it’s used as a game table.  There’s a dozen holes drilled around the outside where dudes stand and  poke there dongs in the hole.  They make bets on the top of the stage to see who will be chosen 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and win bets they’ve made on the top.

Meanwhile the cocksucker or two, will suck a few cocks while he’s  inside the barrel and make a choice which one is the best.  After each round the dudes make more bets and change holes or leave to come back later for another round or two.  Catch on?  The cocksucker can suck them off or suck them all off during his turn in the barrel.  Wild, huh?”

“I can see this will be a busy place.  Umm. I might consider it.  What’s in it for me, besides getting a few loads of cum for the evening?”

“Oh forgot to mention.  The guy in the barrel will get a percentage of the bets, plus tips from the participants.  It could be an easy and fun way to make some easy money and a chance to suck a lot of hot cock. No one knows who’s in the barrel and the cocksucker inside won’t know who he’s a sucking. Just like a ‘Glory Hole’ only you can be guaranteed a constant round of cock to suck, and make money at the same time. What do ya say, Clint?  There is one more thing.  I’ll need to try ya out before I hire ya.” Then Arin laughed and took a sip of his beer.  “Ya interested ?”

“When do we start?”

Arin turned to the other bartender at the end of the bar.  “Hey Palms. Watch the bar while I show this young calf around.”

“Yeah boss.  Take your time.  Some of the volunteer Firemen should be in here soon, but I can handle them.  They’ve been out there most of the morning and they’ll be thirsty. They usually drop by about this time of day.  Go ahead.” Palms yelled back.

  Palms was another hot looking bartender.  He  had his shirt off as he worked and  I couldn’t help admire his hairy sexy chest.  I’ve never made it with him yet.  My good friend Sam and Palms have been fucking around since I arrived but Sam said he was fair game….and good sex.

Arin led me over to the large round wine barrel stage.  A young man was giving the stage some finishing touches.  He was another one of the young bar waiters working at the bars.  His name was Will and I was told by Jason that he was the shy cowboy that would often come up the back stairs of the Firehouse loft where we lived, set in the toilet by the Glory Hole and give Jason and me a fantastic blowjob.

 Jason told me he was very shy, but Jason would let him blow him on Sunday mornings.  I couldn’t help but remember the blow jobs I’d gotten from him either.  Jason would often fuck me as I leaned against the Glory Hole to get sucked while he plugged me from behind.  I had never had the chance to  meet him.  He would usually sneak out the same way he came in after he sucked us both off.

“Clint.  This is Will, one of our bar waiters and possibly one of the dudes that will work in the barrel. Say ‘hi’ to Clint.” I nodded and tipped my cowboy hat.  He lowered his head and shyly nodded back. He was about 18, dark hair and a great body.

 Jason said Will just showed up one day and asked him if he could work here.  He explained his dad kicked him out of his home after he found out he was ‘queer’.  Tom, the tailor said he knew his asshole dad, and had been abusing him for years.  When one of his dad’s buddies told him he was a ‘fag’, he was afraid to have him around any more and kicked him out.

 He was like a beaten puppy when he arrived and Jason sent him to Arin to put him to work.  He lives in the back room of the bar and is starting to adjust to living around an understanding and loving bunch of men that treat him kindly.  No one has abused him since he moved here.  He is a ‘hottie’, and would find someone to care for him like Arin has been doing. I had to admit Jason and I enjoyed his Sunday morning visits and the fantastic blowjobs he has given us.  Now that I’d met him face to face, I know I’d like to take him to bed, make wild passionate love to him, and fuck the hell out of his hot looking ass.  I’m sure Jason would enjoy a three way with him as well.  I’ll have to work on that activity.

“Will. Take Clint into the barrel and show him how it works.  Meanwhile I’ll be your test subject and have you suck me off.  What do ya say to them idea’s?”

I smile and shook my head in agreement.  Great idea. This would give me the chance to suck Arin off and try out the new game room. 

Will wiped his hands, put the lid back on the paint can, and rested his paint brush on the edge of the stage.  He still hadn’t said anything to me.  He opened the small door at the back of the barrel and went down a few steps. 

I followed and discovered it was tall enough for us to stand and be eye level with the large glory holes drilled all around the barrel. I counted 12 large smoothly drilled holes ready for men to stand on the outside of the barrel, and place their dicks thru the holes. There was plenty of room for the balls as well. 

The barrel still had a slight smell of wine, which was rather pleasant.  Setting on the floor was 2 buckets to spit out the cum, if you wanted to do so, a couple of towel racks with some towels hanging on them, and some sanitary cleaning wipe containers just incase. There were also 2 stools you could set on while sucking cock.  It was well thought out and looked like lots of wild action and fun could be had here. 

As I was looking around the inside of the barrel, I saw a semi-soft dick coming thru one of the holes.  I assumed Arin was ready to me to ‘try out’ for the job.  I looked at Will and he smiled and motioned for me to ‘have at it’.  I stood next to the hole and caressed the balls and pulled his dick into the hole.  Arin has a nice size cut cock with a beautifully tulip shaped, deep purple head.  His cock was all ready oozing a small amount of clear nectar.  I licked it, and it tasted sweet.  He moved against the barrel wall and let me do him at my own pace. 

I was really enjoying sucking on his manhood.  It began to grow and grow until he expanded to a good 9 inches.  It was a beauty and I was going to take my sweet little ole time before I drain his big hairy balls.  I was so engrossed in sucking Erin’s cock that I had almost forgotten that Will was still present: that is until I felt him undoing my jeans and rubbing my hard cock.

 He soon had my hard cock out, my pants down, and was licking my balls.  I knew he was a good cocksucker because Will would come up the back stairs of our loft and into the restroom each Sunday morning and give Jason and me  blowjobs thru our bathroom Glory hole. Gawd this guy was a good cocksucker.

 I kept on sucking Arin and hoping I could hold off from cumming until Arin was ready to shoot his load.  Will moved up and down my cock with his talented mouth and tongue.  Then he got behind me, spread my ass cheeks, and started rimming my ass.   I was wondering if I should  tell him I still had two loads of cum still buried in my love canal from that hot fuck that I got from Kevin the fireman in the cafeteria restroom, and the load from the Kirk the stableman.  He suddenly stopped rimming me, came up behind me, and whispered in my ear.

 “Have you been fucked recently?” I nodded and held up 2 fingers while continuing to suck on Erin.

 “Good.  I’m gonna suck that sweet cum from your fuck hole.  Wow! This is more than I hopped for.”  He said, as he got back on his knees and started rimming and sucking the cum from my cum filled hole.

I continued to give Arin one of the best blow jobs I knew how.  It wasn’t difficult sucking him off because he was a hot dude and had a perfect cock to suck on.  His cock began to send out signals of pleasure.  More and more sweet juices were beginning to flow from his shaft and then he began to cum.  I held on tight as he gave me load after load of his cum.  I swallow and swallowed until I drained his balls.

 He stood quietly for a few minutes as I milked down every precious drop of his cowboy cum.  I cleaned his balls and semi-soft cock before he slowly released his cock from the hole.  I took a deep breath as Will got in front of me and downed my cock a few times  and caused me to cum for him.

As I was enjoying my orgasm, I noticed two more men had placed their cocks into the holes to be serviced.  Eric put his mouth to the hole and said to me.

“Fuck man. You’re hired.  Here’s a couple more customer just for fun.  Enjoy and when you’re tired of sucking off a few of the men, come back to the bar and we’ll set up a time schedule for you to start work.  Very good work!  I’ll talk with ya later.”

Will went to one of the dicks sticking thru one of the holes and began servicing him.  Even though I had just had a great orgasm, I went to one of  the other holes and started to lick and enjoy a nice uncut cock presented to me there.  We had no longer finished sucking off these two men, when a couple more nice cock were being placed into some more of the holes for sucking.  It was awesome. Cock, Cock, Cock, then more cock. 

When I finished off the first man’s cock, he dropped some money thru the hole and left.  This went on for almost an hour, sucking and drinking down manly nectar.   I noticed a familiar cock come thru one of the holes.  It was Jason’s cock, my sweet hunky brother, and lover.  I gave his cock a few loving kisses and started giving him a good blow job.  Will just finished off a few men and joined me on Jason’s cock.  He licked his balls as I sucked, then we’d switch and he’d suck cock while I licked the balls.  We continued this for a good while before Jason started to cum.  My mouth was over his gushing cock but I let Will share a few squirts as Jason’s came.  We kissed for the first time and shared Jason’s cum. Once again, it was awesome. 

I was looking forward to  my new job as one of the ‘Cocksukers’ at this new bar, The ‘White Swallow’.  And by the way, Will and I made over $200.00 that hour of sucking cock in the barrel that afternoon.

 Story by Richard Barber,
Word count, 2,912, 6/16/2009