Horny Men of BBC

New Pictures added in !0-2017
Horny Men of BBC

 We hired this dude to be the welcome driver.  You can see why now.  That is not even hard yet.  Sweet  tasting cock. He will gladly share it with you.

Stable boy sucks his boss. 
New 2-2016

 Waiting for their turn at the Ranger getting fucked in the barn.

Ranger getting fucked,

 One of the horny bartenders that is ready to serve and be served.

Sucking the bartender at the glory hole.

Stable man ready to serve you...any way you want.

Sucking off one of he local delivery men from the local area. We get fast and reliable service and give the delivery men the same. 

Good worker as well as cock sucker.
Nice ass too.  Jim is welcoming one of the new workers.  Its Jim’s job to suck off all he new guys each day. At the end of the day Jim likes to let the men fuck him as a bonus  for a good days work. 
Stable boy and Stable Master. 

 Austin is a hot bartender and loves to serve you nude. There is a Glory Hole at the end of the bar where you can suck his cock while he serves you a beer.
Face Fucking Austin by one of local Cowboys

 This hunk is bisexual and will fuck your girlfriend and let you watch.  Sometimes he fucks the husband or boyfriend as well.  He is always ready to breed and will save a load for you to enjoy later.

Line Up to Fuck some ASS today 

 Saddle him up and give him a ride.

Good fucker for a straight dude. He likes to eat your ass after you've been fucked by another dude...and he says he's straight. 

 Our faithful handy man...and is he every handy. WOW!!
What's your name again?

 Can you imagine having him as our cook.
Good cock sucker as well. Ask for them to 'cum on the salad for an extra taste. They will jack off right at your table and shoot his load on the salad.  
More cum on your salad Sir? 

 What a night being gang banged by some of the cowboys last night.  I have to rest up for tonight’s outside camp out with 6 new men.  Wow. I love getting fucked by these hot men. Cum join us.  Meanwhile would you like to eat my ass and suck out some of the cum from last night?

You taste so good.  I'll eat your ass out every time you get the other cowboys to fuck you.  Please take it bareback. Love to eat all that cum out of your ass.

Sucking off one of the straight men that work for the Electric Company.  Nice cock.
"OH YEAH! Suck my cock."

 I love taking cum and usually get several loads a day here at BBC.  I love this place and all the hot and horny men.

 One of the hot Desert Rangers that cums by quite often.

 These straight Desert Rangers love sex with us men here at BBC.
  It is nice having cops as friends.

 Nice cock to suck on even thought he claims to be a straight Desert Ranger.

 What a sweet ass to eat and fuck...Damn these Rangers are hot.

 One of the local deputies  getting sucked by 2 of the jail birds.  Part of their duties. You wonder what the jail is always full.

 One of the Cowboys that runs the feed store.  I love this dudes cock.  Always gives me a big load. Some of the older men are really hot and have big cocks.  Love these 'Daddy' Types.

 Two men in the horse barn  waiting for a horse.  I think the LAP DANCE started this way. 

 Not only does he have a BIG thick cock, he is a good mechanic as well.

The Garage Mechanic will shoot a load for you after you are serviced.

 Car trouble or just waiting for a blow job from the help at BBC? He lives near by and comes by several time a week to be drained. .

 Daddy Who?
Good to be nice to your teen age sons and their friends.
Lunch Break for some of the office staff.

I just fucked your brother but I saved the load for you.

Nice way to end the day at the garage. 

Come on men.  Wait until you get inside.  Leave the biker boi alone.
I know he has a sweet tender ass.  Are you going to share him with the other men at BBC?

Fuck that dudes ass.

 Brotherly love.

This cowboy will test your hole and leave a nice load.  Some of the older men send their new workers to Jack off to lube the fresh hole.  He usually fucks about 3 young studs a day.  Some just come by to get fuck a second or third time.

Nice way to end the day .  Wait around and you can fuck this visiting lumberjack. He says he can't get enough fucking at the lumber camp so he comes over to BBC to get his weekly fucking.  After 10 loads or more he is okay for the day.

Lick my cock clean. I know you love my cum.

Lunch Break. BBC cock suckers give the Construction men a blow job or a piece of ass for fringe benefits. Surprising how good this works. 

Mike making his first payment to the Mechanic for fixing his car
Only 6 more payments, (fucks) to go.

Two on one of the construction men.


CJ said...

where is BBC located

Richard Clinton said...

Read, "Welcome to Bareback City, AZ." You should find most of your answers there.