Cowboys and Mates

 Jesse will take you for a ride.
and I mean a RIDE.

 You might want  to go into the Stables with Mac.
  He has a BIG surprise for you.
I will give you a sample of my tasty cum.

 Guess what is under his hat. All ready for you. Loves to get a lap dance from you...go for it dude.

 Spend some hot time with Ray in the Hay. 
Looks like a softy but he can get rough when he wants to.
Ray and you.

 Bartender Bob can do more than serve you drinks.
  Let him serve you with his pants down.  Nice.
Yep. That's me. 
Good for a night or two in bed?..or three.
Damn. We didn't even get the logs on the hearth. We have started a fire of our own.  Hope this chair will hold these two Construction cowboys.

 You think that log is big?  Wait until he shows you his big log in his pants.
Surprising isn't it.  You never know what is in his pants.

 Just watching some action in the barn and waiting for their turn with the new young stable boy. Everyone deserves a brake today.

Next !
Poor boy. He'll have to rest after this fuck session.This is number 12 and there are 12 more cowboys ready to fuck the new stable boy. 

 Got to give it some air now and then.
 He is drying it off after a good session with the new stable boy.

 All right, all right.  You can be next.  
Looks kind of big but that's the way I like em. 
 Ken is new to BBC and needs some action.

 Jake just made a delivery and ready for a quick blow job or a hot piece of ass before he heads back to the city for more supplies.  Would you like to help him out before he goes?

Sucking off one of the delivery men in the office. 

 He is such a tease. He has already cum two times this morning but is ready for more.  I think what is is waiting for is a good hard fucking to calm him down.

 Speaking of teasing.  Kurt is so tempting and enjoys a good lap dance with some of the breeders here. Love his hot body.  

 Now this is a good way to soak his ass get ready for his next session of bareback fucking.
"I took on 10 big cocks today. Love it here in Bareback City."

 Bobby is such a hot dude.  I love to sucking him off each day. He's a grower and now a shower. 
See what I mean. Nice dick, Bobby

 What can I say? He is one of the new men that will be watching the hotel lobby. He is really hung big.  Almost too much for a virgin like me. and yet I keep trying. 

 George is ready for anything and is a good worker.

Give Me your load, George.!

His mean look if just a bluff but he fuck a mean ass.
"FUCK me cowboy. "

A night out on the range is not so strange.  Just hope you get some sleep after a full night of being gang-banged by 6 or more cowboys each night. 
Love this place.

Sucking a new worker, just for pleasure.

One of the new instructors for men wanting to get their GED or College degrees. This is Jimmy sucking Mr Adams to get a better grade today.  It works too. 

Young worker getting a nice blow job. 
Nice way to end the day.
Giving one of the straight visitors a blow job.  His father works here. He comes by every week since he is on summer vacation from school. Shoots a big load. 

Straight fire truck driver Randy relaxing after a hard day. This is one of our 'suck boys' whose job is to suck off some of the firmen each day or night. 

It's nice to have a good blow job when I come home from the fire house.  Never thought this would happen when I took this job at BBC. 
My x-wife never gave me this much attention. Damn. I love it here. 

Another Fireman getting a restful blow job. 

"Yeah do it  fag boy.  I love being one of the straight guys here.  I get to chose who I want to suck me off each day.  This guy is one of the better cock suckers.  Tomorrow I' m get to fuck one of the younger dudes.  Never fucked a guy before and I'm looking forward to it. Wow. Getting sucked and still getting paid to be a fireman here is great." 


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