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BAREBACK CITY, AZ is a fictitious  western ghost town located north of Maricopa city just off Arizona State Highway 347 also referred to as N. John Wayne Parkway.  This abandoned town and several hundred acres of dry desert land was recently purchased by Jason Johnson and a group of ex U.S. Service men and friends.

 The old abandoned town was first used in the 19th and 20th Century as a trading post for early Arizona miners, settlers and nearby Indians from the reservations.  It had a small creek and springs used for water supply  but when these dried up the town people began to abandon the area.

 Since the 20th century Arizona has directed water canals through the area on its way to Maricopa and the nearby community for farming and  local uses. Bareback City has made arrangements to use this water for their purpose and has built a water purifying system for their use. They also have a contract with a electrical company to let them use part of the area for Windmills to generated electricity for that area and gives BB City free use of electricity.

The main purpose of the city was for ex service men to renew and enjoy  their life and gay lifestyle. All the men have 'come out' and are well adjusted gay men and have found this rugged outdoor activity therapeutic from their unsettled and disturbing life in the past.

Jason recently made arrangements for his 18 year old half brother, Clint to be living with him in BB City.  Clint was a Los Angeles City boy and lived and studied in a private school for boys since he was abandoned by his parents when he was only 12.  Jason has been compensating Clint's schooling, room and board for several years, unknown by Clint. Now Clint has completed his schooling he is to report to his older brother in Arizona until he is secure enough to make a life of his own and perhaps go to college.

For those people that are shocked at Brotherly Love or Incest I would like to explain to you that Jason and Clint are not blood related.  Jason's Mother first husband was a workman on an oil rig and was lost at sea during a storm. 

Clint's mother died of child berth when Clint was born. Clint's father married Jason's mother. Thus Jason and Clint are from different parents. WHEW! Hope that makes things clear.


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