Just Horsing Around

Copied From: ©“Lumbering Jacks”Chapter 09

Author: Richard Barber

   Duke got up from our shared bedroll and pulled out a joint from his shirt pocket. He lit it from the embers of the fire, took a deep hit, and handed it to me. I didn’t smoked weed that much, so this was a treat for me. It was smooth and nice. I could feel the sensation after the second puff. I sat crossed-legged on the blanket still nude and still half-hard from that last fuck.  Rodger, my ranger friend, began telling me about a herd of horses that were being driven down the valley to the nearby town. This coming week was ‘Frontier Days’ and most of the town’s people were preparing for the annual rodeo, the center of entertainment. “Lots of cowboy meat,” he said.
   My interest suddenly perked up. I loved cowboys in all their tight jeans showing off their big dicks and tight asses.
   “There’s a herd now heading down the nearby valley and I need to check to see if they are okay, and to remind them about fire hazards. Would you like to drive down there with me to check them out? I want to take them some extra drinking water and other supplies. If you are interested I’ll be leaving as soon as we dress and load up the jeep.”
   “Yes, I’d like to go along but I need to contact the lumber camp to let them know of my plans,” I said. “Wow, this could be fun,” I thought to myself as I dressed.
   It didn’t take long for us to load up the jeep and to give a quick call to the lumber camp explaining my intentions. Rodger took along some extra water, food, and medical supplies. We headed down the narrow dusty road over small grades. At one point we had to go through a small creek with water as deep as the middle of the rim on the tires.
   We arrived at a small clearing by the edge of a large meadow where they’d set up camp for the evening. It was a scene out of the ‘Old West’. They even had a covered wagon stored with supplies, and where the cook prepared the meals. A small campfire was burning, and a coffee pot hung from one side while a small rabbit was roasting on the open fire. The cook was dressed in a white apron and a small white cook’s hat placed on his head. Two men were squatting near the fire, and another one was sitting on a downed tree. They looked up in surprise as we pulled up to the side of the wagon. One of the men, probably the boss, stood and came towards us as we stopped the jeep.
   “Howdy, Ranger. What can we do for you?” the boss man said with a thick cowboy drawl.
   He was an older, well-built man, about 50. There was a hint of a beard on his weathered face. He was wearing a plaid checkered shirt topped with a brown leather vest, dirty tight jeans and scuffed brown western boots. There was a definite large bulge showing under his jeans as the heavy belt holding a holster and gun emphasized the image and size of his dick. A small piece of an unlit cigar hung from one corner of his mouth.
   “Howdy,” Rodger echoed back at the big man as we hopped from the jeep and started to unload the supplies. He motioned for me to help him with the water bottles.
   “I thought maybe you could use some fresh drinking water and a few supplies. I know you should arrive in town in the next day or so but I figured they might come in handy.”
   “That’s mighty kind of ya, stranger,” the boss man said.
   I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I guess there are still real cowboys out there after all. He held out his hand to help Rodger while the cook came over to unload the other boxes of food. He headed back to the covered wagon and set it down, sorting through and looking at the fresh supplies.
   “Thanks,” he said as he continued his exploration of the box.
   “I understand you and your men are taking some horses down through the valley to town for the rodeo this week. I wanted to see if I could help and wanted to remind you that it is very dry this time of the year so be very careful of fires. I don’t want anyone hurt,” Rodger instructed in a friendly way. “I’m Captain Ross, the local ranger, and this is Lance Woods, Jack Woods’ youngest son from Lumber Camp #1, just over that hill a few miles. He wanted to see what real horsemen looked like. They have a few horses in their stable at the lumber camp where he lives. He is a pretty good horseman himself. ”
   The older man explained to us that he was the crew boss and had five other men with him including the cook. Two were out now watching over the herd of 50 horses. His name was Sam Huston. He told us they called him ‘Big Sam’. I think I knew why they called him that by the looks of the big impression in his tight jeans. Perhaps I’d have the chance to find out someday.
He introduced us to the other two men now at the campsite, Cliff and Clint, who were twin brothers.  They were polite young men of about 25 years, and they both stood to shake our hands as we were introduced.  Although they were not identical, they looked so much alike that it would be hard to tell them apart, even in the daylight.  Except for different color bandannas around their necks, they dressed very much alike.
   We all sat around the campfire as the sun was going down and a bright full moon lit up the evening sky. It was quiet in the valley except for the sounds of birds and the cry of a coyote in the distant hills. A soft warm breeze moved through the nearby trees like a soft whisper in the night.
   I was engrossed in conversation with the men when Rodger looked at his watch and suggested we head back to the ranger station for the night. Sam looked over at me and asked if I’d like to stay the night and ride with them in the early morning. They could use another good rider, and I could go as far as the highway overpass. Rodger thought that I might like to stay and suggested that one of the rangers could leave my jeep by the side of the road for my ride back to the lumber camp.
   I was all excited over the suggestion. Rodger could see how much I wanted to join them. So we all agreed on the plans. Rodger started up his jeep and headed up the hill to the tower. Sam said he could fix me up with a riding horse and saddle the next morning and I could share one of the bedrolls with some of the men.
   They kept the fire going as we chatted and told stories. It was getting late and I could tell the men were tired and ready to hit the sack. They were sleeping on the ground in bedrolls and because I didn’t have one I was to share one with Cliff. I didn’t mind that at all because both of the twins were real hunks.
   We all headed to the edge of the camp to take a piss before returning to the bedrolls beside the fire. We took off our boots, and then Cliff stripped off naked and crawled under the double bed roll where we were to sleep together. I gladly took off my clothes too and slid under the cover. It wasn’t too cool yet and our naked bodies felt nice as quietness fell over the camp. I was looking forward to tomorrow’s ride and fell asleep looking up at the bright stars twinkling in the black sky above me.
   Cliff awakened me as he curled his arms around me as if to keep warm. I welcomed his warm body and pulled his arms closer to me. It wasn’t very long after our body contact that I felt a hard dick pressing against my buttocks and a slight nudge of his rough beard against my shoulder. I moved slightly backwards to meet his body, as I knew he wanted to fuck my ass. I moved back once more as his arm curled around my body and his hard dick searched for the opening of my ass. I pulled my buttocks apart as the head of his dick found my hole and moved in slowly. His oozing pre-cum lubricated my anus just before it went all the way to the hilt. It went in very nicely and felt great. I trembled a bit and he held me still, enjoying the warmth of my body. I was wondering if this was something that he and his twin brother would perform each night before sleeping. If so, I thought it was exciting. I slid back on his dick and once again, it went all the way in. It felt like a nice dick. He continued to move out to the edge of my asshole, then all the way back in with a slow but gentle move.
   I was afraid to look over at the other men sleeping very nearby. I wondered if Sam would be upset if he knew what was going on but I was enjoying the feel of Cliff’s nice dick in me. He moved slow and easy so as not to cause any disturbance. I let him use my ass as he needed because I was enjoying his long deep strokes. I felt his heavy warm breathing in my ear as he fucked me. His breath was sweet like the coffee he had been drinking that evening. His lips softly brushed my ear and his tongue would wander down my earlobe while his rough beard rubbed against my neck and shoulders adding to the pleasure. His body movements increased and I knew he would soon unload his warm juices into me. I moved along with his bodily rhythm, pulling his strong body against me with every thrust. We were moving together with such excitement I knew someone was bound to hear us. Then he started to tremble and released his manly sperm into my willing body. I could almost feel the gushes of cum hitting my insides. After several deep penetrating thrusts and several gushes of sperm, his breathing subsided and he fell asleep with his semi-hard cock still in me. The warm juices remained deep inside me. I felt good in his arms and once again I too fell asleep.
   I woke again when I felt Cliff pull his soft cock out of my ass. He got up and put on his jeans, shirt, and boots and went into the darkness. He was talking with the other man that I had not met yet. Cliff was relieving him from his watch. I heard him saddling up his horse then trot away from the camp.
   The other man, about 40, quietly came into the camp and sat by the fire for a moment and smoked some weed. He took a few puffs and kicked off his boots and unbuttoned his shirt. His stomach muscles glistened in the light of the campfire. I could make out a tattoo on his dark arm muscles as he removed his shirt. He had a strong face and deep cleft in his chin. His face was sunburned making his teeth look as white as snow. He never once looked my way as I watched his every move. He was a rugged-looking man, one I would not like to start a fight with.
   He unbuttoned his pants slowly and pulled them down exposing his tight white boxer shorts. He placed his jeans by the bedroll and crawled next to me.
   I froze, not moving a muscle. I wonder if he knew I was a stranger in his bed.
   He lay on his back and placed his strong muscular arms behind his head and took another puff on the joint. I could sense the manly odor of his armpits along with the smoke. I wanted to bury my face in his arms and lick the sweat from his body. He had long hair under his arms and down the center of his chest. He closed his eyes and took a deep sigh. This man was very sexy and he smelled so great. What should I do?
   I started to turn away from him but could not resist looking at his body as he lay next to me. I could feel the excitement in my groin and the throbbing of my hard cock.
   He kicked back the bedroll exposing his body down past the waistband on his boxer shorts. I wanted to see what kind of dick this hunk was toting between his legs. I waited for what seemed forever then I put my hand next to his leg. He did not move. Once again I waited then I moved closer to him but he did not stir. I was very excited but thought I had better turn over and get some sleep.
   Just before I started to turn over he reached down to my hand and pulled it over to his groin area. I once again froze but now he was aware I was here. I moved my hand to his dick and found it was already hard. And what a dick!! It was big around. I moved under the covers place my mouth to his dick but he turned towards me, took my hips, and flipped me over on my side with my back facing him. He was so strong and did it so fast I was dizzy from the spin. I thought perhaps I had offended him but I was totally wrong. He pulled my body close to his and with one quick movement he found my asshole. He placed one of his rough fingers in my moist ass as if to inspect it, then pulled his dick from the opening of his boxer shorts and placed it to the opening of my asshole.
   He was about to shove his cock into me. I held onto his arm as he then carefully put the remainder of his thick cock into my ass. I almost blurted out in pain but his hand quickly covered my mouth. He held me tight while keeping his dick deep in my ass then carefully and slowly released my mouth. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. He paused, and then started to fuck me with long deep thrusts. I knew he was enjoying the rape of my ass and I was enjoying his strong arms holding me tightly. I began to bite him gently on his hand and arm. He seemed to be surprised at my response and stop plunging his cock into me. He suddenly turned my head around to take a quick look at me.
   “Oh my Gawd. Who the fuck are you?” he said in a deep whisper. He immediately stopped his movement and started to pull out of my ass.
   I quickly pulled his body back to me and said, “It’s alright, and it’s alright. I’m Lance. Just a stranger in the night.” He leaned back to look at my face again and slapped his forehead.
   “I thought you were someone else. What the fuck? Where did you come from?”
   I backed into him and said, “Let’s continue with this great fuck and I will explain later.”
   He looked around at the rest of the men in the camp realizing we might have woken someone. Then he relaxed and held on to me once again but did not move. I started moving back into him and he chuckled and started to fuck me again. He started slowly at first but knowing I was enjoying his thick dick, continued his movements. He started feeling my body as he fucked me, knowing now I was not Clint the other twin. I guess Clint and Cliff were the ones getting fucked all the time. I was now in Clint’s bed and this hunk thought I was he. I didn’t care at this point because this man knew how to fuck. Man, I was enjoying this stranger fucking my ass.
   The flicker of the fire had gone down so it was hard to see the other men in the camp. The moon had gone behind the clouds making it much darker. This cowboy pulled back the bedroll, and pushed me to my stomach. I arched my ass up to meet his hard pounding thrust as he started to fuck the hell out of me. I could feel his balls hitting mine with every stroke. I knew by this time he was enjoying my young hot ass and he didn’t care if the whole camp knew. He fucked me hard and long and much to my disappointment he shot his hot load into me too soon. I took every inch and every drop squeezing it down with the muscles of my ass. He sighed deeply and dropped his body on me. I gasped at the weight of this hunk that took my breath away. He lifted off me and sat back on my legs with his cock still in my ass. He rubbed my buttocks then gradually pulled his cock from me and gently patted my butt and lay next to me. I opened my eyes to look at my exciting Marlboro man that just fucked me good. He was still sighing after releasing his load. He looked at me and shook his head and smiled.
   “I thought you were Clint until you started biting me. Who are you anyway? Cliff never told me we had company, that son of a bitch. Wait until I see him tomorrow. I’ll beat his ass. Or better still, I’ll fuck his ass.”
   I quietly introduced myself and explained the situation. “I didn’t know you were going to rape me, but I didn’t mind. You are great sex and I would like to do it again with you when we can really cut loose.”
   “I’m Duke, one of the ranch hands for Sam. I’ve been fucking Clint and Cliff since they were young calf's. I thought something was a bit different but I was so horny tonight I didn’t take the time to check you out. Sorry if I harmed you but I will say you are a good bronco to ride. Would you like to smoke some weed with me? Let me get some and I will be right back.”
   “Does Sam know you are such a good fuck?” Duke said quietly as not to disturb the other men. “You know he has a huge cock and has broken many a cherry with that cherry picker. He especially likes them young, like you. Perhaps he is waiting for us to open you up so he can get his horse cock in you easier. He is a wild fucker. I have seen him put on a damned good show at a bar that made even the old pros look bad. I saw him fuck this young little punk on the pool table one night at a bar. This young punk had been giving us a hard time all night and Sam got tired of it, took the young punk, put him on that pool table, and fucked him for 30 minutes. The young punk was bawling at first but later on he was a moaning and a groaning and asking for more. They performed once again the next week on the same table. The punk fell in love with that horse cock and couldn’t get enough. Even left his girl so Sam would fuck him every week or so. I would like to watch you get fucked by Sam, if and when the time comes.”
   I heard a sound coming from behind the area where Clint was sleeping. He was putting on his boots as he walked towards us sitting on the blanket.
   “Are you two getting acquainted?” Clint said as he walked by us to go take his nightly piss. He smiled as if he knew what had just happened.
   I could hear his piss hitting the ground as he looked back at us. Clint looked so much like his twin brother Cliff that in the dark it was hard to tell them apart. Clint finished his ritual then came up to Duke and took the joint from his lips. He took a deep puff and then sat down next Duke on a log.
   “The two of you made enough noise fucking. It must be some good stuff. Can I get some of that ass before I take my shift?” Clint asked without hesitation.
   I guess we did make a bit too much noise but I was so lost up in the pleasure of Duke’s dick up my ass, I didn’t think about the noise. I know Duke didn’t seem to care either.
   “That is up to our partner here but if you think he will be happy with you after I gave him a good fucking, you must be crazy,” Duke joked as he looked at me and winked.
   “Yeah, you might have a thicker cock and are a good fucker but I am a better cock sucker. I will drain that dick of his until he passes out from pleasure.”
   Then Clint kicked off his boots, pulled down his already unbuttoned jeans, and flipped his semi-hard at Duke. He looked over at me and said, “Hey, Lance. Let’s 69 and show Duke how to suck some dick.”
   Clint came over to the bedroll where I sat, took the back of my head, and pulled it towards his dick. I was surprised at the sudden action but I gladly opened my mouth and took Clint’s dick. I went all the way down on him right to his hairy balls. Clint gasped and held onto my head as I serviced his dick and balls. I didn’t think Clint was expecting that and let me do it my way. He looked over at Duke, now engrossed at my performance and said, “Man, if this buckaroo keeps this up, I’m gonna come right away.”
   He sighed and started rubbing his chest and nipples while standing bare-asses on the blanket. I got up to my knees. I was performing before Duke, my cowboy fucker. He was still in his boxer shorts and boots. He was really a hot-looking dude sitting there in the moonlight as it glimmered off his body. I was enjoying performing before him and I could see he liked it too because his dick was now sticking out of his shorts fully hard. He had managed to pull his hard cock and his hairy balls through the hole.
   I heard the sound of another horse nearby and the shuffle of a man walking towards us. It didn’t seem to disturb Duke or Clint while we were performing sex, so I continued pleasuring Clint. I thought it was probably Cliff returning from his watch but now realized it was the last ranch hand, the one I hadn’t met yet. I assumed we would not shock him so I kept on my dick sucking. Duke motioned for him to keep quiet and join him. I could see him out of the corner of my eye. He stood there quietly as Duke handed him some weed to smoke. Duke and the other ranch hand’s occasional whisper could be heard over the sighs of Clint as I sucked on his cock.
   Duke had put a small log on the downed fire and it was beginning to shed some light on us as we gathered. I saw the other ranch hand pull out his cock and walk towards Clint and me as we remained on the blanket in the firelight. He seemed to be excited at our performance and reached to Clint’s ass with one hand, placing his finger into his ass. Clint sighed slightly then backed into his finger. The man then positioned himself behind Clint and placed his dick to Clint’s ass. I reached around to spread Clint’s buttocks apart to make better entry for him. He bent over slightly towards me then I could feel Clint’s dick harden even more as the man shoved his dick into Clint very roughly and hard. Clint gasped then sighed as the man roughly fucked him. I kept on sucking Clint but eased up because I did not want him to cum before his fucking partner had cum. It was hot sucking on Clint as this other man was fucking him. We kept this up only for about five minutes before the cowboy started to fuck faster and harder. He pulled on Clint’s bare hips hitting his bare ass with his still clothed body. Only his dick and balls were exposed as he fucked. I reached behind Clint to feel this man’s dick rapidly plunging into Clint. He was about to cum so I started sucking Clint with more intensity. They both sighed and moaned as they both reached their climax at the same moment. Clint emptied his sweet load into my mouth as his fuck partner emptied his load into Clint’s ass.
   Duke was standing there watching all this and jacking on his huge hard-on. Clint’s fuck partner pulled out of his ass and stood still for one moment while his dick was still pulsating. I just had to taste this man. I pulled him towards me and went down on his sensitive wet dick tasting his remaining cum and the juices that had not flowed into Clint. He gasped as I cleaned and licked on his still hardened dick. He shoved my head down on him and held me there as I went all the way to his balls, still tasting and licking the juices from his hard dick. He did not push me away; instead he let me suck on him. After a few long downers on his dick he shot another load into my mouth. He came very quickly considering he had just cum in Clint’s ass. He gasped as I quickly looked up at his rugged unshaved face. He slowly pulled away from my mouth and wiped his cock on my face. He put his dick back in his pants and went over to get a drink of water, said something to Duke and headed back to his horse.
   Clint had fallen to the blanket in ecstasy from the blow job I had given him and had fallen asleep. His beautiful body and ass were exposed to the glimmer of the firelight as he slept. I looked up at Duke, still holding onto his hard dick and he motioned for me to use Clint’s ass. I immediately crawled between his masculine legs and placed my finger to his moist ass. I kissed his buttocks and licked his ass crack with my tongue. I then pulled his cheeks apart and placed my dick to his asshole and then with one slow push I went all the way into Clint. He only moved slightly then wiggled his ass as if to say he was ready for another fucking. I gladly fucked his nicely moistened ass as Duke came over to me and placed his hard dick into my mouth. He tasted so good.
   I fucked away on Clint, enjoying the warmth of his body in the cool night air. The joy of sucking on Duke was making me even hotter. I knew after a few minutes I could not keep from cumming. I sucked greedily on Duke then let my cum flow into Clint as he backed into my hard cock. I leaned forward to kiss Clint on the back and gradually pulled my dick out, leaving a small stream of sperm dripping from his ass and down his balls.
   Duke was so hot watching me fuck Clint that he quickly crawled on top of Clint’s ass preparing to fuck him. He reached for a nearby blanket, rolled it up, and placed it under Clint’s ass. He leaned forward as I guided his hard, thick dick into Clint’s well-used ass. Clint backed into it giving Duke full access to his body. Duke was a wild fucker and made no bones of his pleasure fucking. He pumped and humped and shoved his dick into the ass now serving him. He pulled me closer to him and told me to eat his ass. I went behind Duke and crawled between his strong legs, placing my tongue into the cheeks of his ass. The manly sweat from his body was like that of musk. I placed my nose on his balls and took another deep whiff of his body. As I looked up from this position I could watch his dick going into Clint. My tongue was in Duke’s ass and my nose was rubbing his balls. He was going wild as I licked and tasted his sweet and sweaty asshole.
   I continued to jack myself off then I realized Duke was about to cum. I wanted to see his face so I came up for air and to watch him gasp and shoot his load into Clint. I leaned over kissing him on his chest and stomach as he came. He roughly pulled me to kiss him on the lips while he came. I was so excited I started shooting my cum all over his chest. It ran down his stomach muscles and onto Clint’s backside joining Duke’s cum now oozing out of his ass.
   I held him as he relaxed and pulled his cock from Clint’s ass pulling my head down to lick his now-spent dick. I gladly licked and cleaned off his dick still tasting his warm cum as I milked down his big thick throbbing dick. As I was finishing him he pushed my face into Clint’s ass. I licked and sucked on Clint’s ass. I sucked out three loads of warm, sweet cum. It was so hot and wild. I fell beside Duke as he laid his head on Clint’s back still watching me suck ass. As I looked up at him he pulled my mouth to his and deep-tongued my mouth to savor the juices I had sucked out of Clint’s ass. His rough bearded face rubbed against mine as we continued to kiss for a few moments.
   Needless to say none of us got much sleep that night. The next morning the bright sun shinning through the trees and the sounds of the cook woke us as he prepared breakfast for the men. The smell of fresh coffee and bacon scented the morning air. We were still sprawled out in every direction.
   The cook walked by, looking down at us shaking his head and said, “Looks like I missed out on some good fucking last night. Just for that one of you fuckers is going to have to give me a good blow job after we finish breakfast.”
   No one said anything as they started searching for their boots and jeans. We gathered our gear together and I followed the men down to the nearby lake to take our morning splash. Clint and Cliff had both joined Duke and me. Then the other cowboy that I sucked off last evening after he had just fucked Clint was joining us too. I saw him for the first time. He was a rather short solid man, about 35. As he stripped his clothes off before jumping in the lake, I could see he too had a solid firm body. A few tattoos were on one arm and one on the cheek of his ass. All of these ranch hands or cowboys were built solid and firm and none of them had small cocks. I hadn’t seen Cookie or Big Sam’s dicks yet but I had already heard about the size of Big Sam.
   I had volunteered to help out the cook later so I would give him the well-deserved blow job he requested after breakfast. The cook was younger than most of the other men and was cuter than and not as rough as the other cowboys. I wondered how he fit in with this crew. I was anxious to talk with him but knew I would get that chance later.
   Everyone splashed around in the water briefly because the water was too cool to stay in much longer. Everyone quickly slipped into their jeans and boots and headed back to camp to get some hot coffee and have some early breakfast. I was still shaking from the chill of the water as I hurried up the small hill to the camp. I was hungry. I guess all the night air and the good sex gave me an appetite. I was always hungry for good sex though. I was anxious to have another session with these hot and sexy cowboys. They seemed uninhibited and hungry for sex and I was going to try to satisfy their manly hunger.
Story by Richard Barber at eyeMrich1@msn.com
Word Count, 5668, 02/10/2005

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